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WFC:Work from cabana

WFC: Work From Cabana

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Summer is in full swing—time to take advantage of summer hours and embrace the “Work from Cabana” mentality. Not only is working outside the office a great way to mix up your routine, studies have shown that people who spend more time in natural lighting versus artificial lighting see an increase in productivity and alertness.1 Ready to give it a try? Here are a few things to consider so you can work confidently, wherever you find yourself this summer.

Mobile-ready devices

Business can be demanding, both in and out of the office. You're enjoying an afternoon at the beach when suddenly a presentation needs revisions or a client needs a new proposal. To be ready for anything, focus on mobile-ready business devices such as professional tablets, 2-in-1s, or mobile workstations. Their powerful and portable designs help you cover any workload, anywhere your wanderlust takes you.

Extra battery life

One major thing missing from a cabana or beach blanket is an outlet. To ensure you have enough power for the workday, adjust your notebook settings to enhance battery performance (start by reducing screen brightness), or use an extended battery that will help you be productive longer than if you used the primary battery alone.

Internet access

Access to the internet has become essential to the way people work. While Wi-Fi hotspots offer one way to connect to the office server, they can be expensive and don't always offer a secure connection. For convenient, reliable access to the internet outside the office, opt for a notebook or tablet with built-in data connectivity.

Print capabilities

Sometimes you just need to print a hard copy—whether it's a form, contract, or other important document. Rather than rush back to the office printer, consider traveling with a battery-powered mobile printer for easy wireless printing from a notebook, tablet, or smartphone.2 This is particularly useful if you travel a lot and want to enjoy some downtime in between appointments.

Access to office workstations

Working remotely often means dealing with inconveniences like delayed connections or the limited capabilities of a notebook or tablet. But if your office has an HP Z Workstation with Remote Graphics Software (RGS), you can take that computing power off-site by connecting mobile devices to the more powerful servers and workstations back at the office. What does this mean? Instant collaboration, faster decisions, and better communication—even on a tablet.3 Watch this video to learn more about how RGS works.


You want to be sure your business's data is secure when working outside the office in case you lose your computer or have to work over a public Wi-Fi network. Business-grade PCs often come with advanced security features right out of the box, requiring little to no setup to activate. Businesses looking for a broader solution can implement IT management software to monitor computer health and security—and even lock down a computer remotely if it's lost or stolen.


There's nothing like kicking sand into your keyboard to put a damper on your day away from the office. HP Care Pack Services offer additional protection from problems that might occur at the beach or on the road—including accident protection, tracking and recovery, travel coverage, and defective media retention.

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