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Top 5 HP Laptops for Writers

Top 5 HP Laptops for Writers

Linsey Knerl
Reading time: 6 minutes
Creative writers juggle a lot these days. From managing multiple projects to working on-the-go, the day of a novelist, blogger, or journalist can change at a moment’s notice.
Flexibility is a necessary trait of the creator, which means the right laptop isn’t a luxury; it’s a must-have tool for success.
No matter what your next writing assignment looks like, this essential list of HP devices showcases several contenders for the best laptop for writers.

What writers want

First, it’s important to know the must-have features a writing laptop should include.
Compact and portable laptop workstations are a necessity because work gets done in a coffee shop, at the home office, in a plane, or wherever your creative vision takes you.
Also, because it may be a long time between pit stops, the battery’s charging capability must be top-notch as well. It’s not enough to just hold a charge, though; lightning-fast charging speed is key.
Unlike other professionals who may rely on touch screen gestures and tablet functionality to get work done, writers are almost completely tied to the keyboard.
While they may use some of the perks that a convertible laptop offers, a sturdy and full-sized set of keys is non-negotiable. Backlit keyboards with a full array of buttons can keep writers working faster and longer without the discomfort of a cramped workspace.
Writers also research and save quite a lot of data. For that reason, writers tend to favor laptops with high storage capacity.
Whether the creative professional chooses to store everything on a high-capacity hard drive, back it all up to external devices, or keep copies of their work stored on the cloud, data transfer must be secure, efficient, and free of bugs.
Writers work hard to create their assignments, and they depend on their laptops to keep their information safe from crashes and corruption errors.

Best laptops for writers

Now that it’s clear what writers need in a portable workspace, let’s take a look at some of the top laptop models showcasing these must-have features.
Whether you’re getting ready to launch your blog or you just started the final draft of that manuscript, these HP laptops can take your profession to the next level.

1. HP Pavilion x360 14t Convertible Laptop

HP Pavilion x360 14t Convertible Laptop
The entire line of HP Pavilion x360 convertible laptops is made with creative professionals, including writers, in mind, and the HP Pavilion x360 14t laptop shines as the most affordable of the line.
From the full-sized, backlit keyboard giving you plenty of space to work, to the USB Type-C™ data port that allows for lightning-fast file transfers, this portable workstation is ready for your most demanding assignment.
Take it on the road all day or night with a battery life of up to 11 hours with normal use. The hard-working memory capacity up to 12GB DDR4 ensures you can work in multiple programs without lag.
It’s also secure and allows for video login through the Windows Hello platform, or you can take advantage of the fingerprint login button on the side of the case.
Many consider this the best laptop for writing a book because of its 14-inch screen and four-position configuration options. You can use it in traditional laptop mode for writing long manuscripts, tablet mode for taking handwritten notes with the HP pen, tent mode when exploring research apps, or stand mode for video interviews or long-distance workshops.
Because today’s writer does so much more than write, the perfect laptop should be ready to meet those versatile demands. The HP Pavilion 14t touch does all this and more with a genuine Intel® Pentium® processor and Intel HD Graphics 620.

2. HP Pavilion x360 14-inch Convertible Laptop

HP Pavilion x360 14-inch Convertible Laptop
For a bit more of an investment, you can get all the features of the HP Pavilion x360 14t plus the powerhouse 8th Generation Intel Core™ i5 processor. The storage capacity is upgraded to a 1TB HDD, and you also get the impressive 16GB Intel® Optane™ memory for storage acceleration.
Similar to the above model, the HP Pavilion x360 14-inch laptop comes loaded with ports and features a classy metal finish that helps protect your work while projecting unparalleled professionalism.

3. HP ENVY x360 13z Touch Screen Laptop

 HP ENVY x360 13z Touch Screen Laptop
If you’re not familiar with the HP ENVY line, there are two words that you should remember: sleek and stylish. All of the HP ENVY models, especially the 13.3-inch devices, are as beautiful to look at as they are to use.
Impressively thin and light thanks to the aluminum design, these laptops feature a micro-edge display that maximizes screen space and still leaves room for a full-sized writer’s keyboard.
The HP ENVY x360 13z laptop wows with an AMD Ryzen™ 3 processor and AMD Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics. It comes standard with 8GB memory and 256GB SSD storage, which is more than enough for all of those writing projects you’ll be cranking out.

4. HP ENVY 13t Laptop

HP ENVY 13t Laptop
Want to do everything the HP ENVY 13z does, but faster?
There’s no comparison to the HP ENVY 13t laptop, which gives you all the writing, research, and creative power you need (and probably more) via an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor.
You can also upgrade to the optional 1TB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD to keep everything you need for your most compelling work right at your fingertips.

5. HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2 Laptop

HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2 Laptop
If you’re looking for one of the most secure laptops for writers, look no further than the HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2 laptop. It performs as well as the others, and it also features a suite of security solutions that can keep your project under wraps until you decide to share it with the world.
Those features include HP Sure View, which lets you thwart visual hacking with the touch of a button, in addition to the self-healing BIOS solutions.
Weighing just 2.5 lbs, it’s a breeze to stash this laptop in a purse or backpack so you can create your best work wherever you feel most inspired.
There’s a story inside every writer just waiting to get out. Do you have the portable, reliable laptop solution designed to help you meet that challenge where it finds you?

About the Author

Linsey Knerl is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Linsey is a Midwest-based author, public speaker, and member of the ASJA. She has a passion for helping consumers and small business owners do more with their resources via the latest tech solutions.

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