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best rgb gaming desktops

Best RGB Gaming Desktops from HP

Anna-Marie Brittain
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Gaming PCs get hyper-scrutinized by gamers for a reason, there’s a laundry list of must-have features. For example, without the right graphics, performance, and RGB lighting, the gaming experience may not be as immersive as expected.
Whether you’re a first-time PC gamer or looking for an upgrade, finding the best gaming desktops should be a smooth search - and many gamers seek out RGB gaming desktops. What’s the big deal about RGB lighting? Serious gamers prefer autonomy in their setup. That means any tools that help gamers customize their rig may be the deciding factor.
As with any PC gaming unit, if the desktop falls short, that’s an investment that will impact future choices. Future-proof your gaming rig with one of the high-performance and customizable RGB gaming desktops from HP.

Customizing the right look

Any gamer interested in creating a truly immersive gaming experience takes customization seriously. The old adage “looks aren’t everything” isn’t overlooked by users. Still, combining exceptional performance with eye-catching aesthetics will contribute to the overall gaming atmosphere.
Why not invest in the ultimate gaming PC that you actually want? If you’re looking to enter the PC gaming world and want all the bells and whistles, customizable RGB lighting options are the way to go.
When upgrading, it’s more likely that you want something that will stand out. You might want a computer that is noticeably different from your previous setups. Regardless of whether it's your first gaming laptop or an upgrade, aiming for the right look that fits the ambiance of your gaming space will have a positive impact.

Top gaming performance and RGB lighting

PC gamers typically experience a better session thanks to a more personalized gaming environment. RGB lighting is also known for improving the style of gaming equipment. By customizing the colors and being more creative with their gaming tools, users are essentially able to enhance their gameplay. The right RGB gaming desktop isn't the last step either. Be sure to consider some gaming keyboards and a durable mouse as well - which can offer their own RGB lighting options to match your PC.
But, getting new equipment doesn’t exactly mean you will raise your game. What makes the difference is improving your immersive gaming environment while simultaneously using software, apps, and similar resources to bump you to that next level.

OMEN Gaming Hub

Now that you have an idea of why RGB gaming desktops influence the gaming experience, learn about why the software matters. HP OMEN Gaming Hub delivers a simple, user-friendly breakdown of how to optimize and customize your gaming rig.
The leading highlight, of course, is modification options with OMEN light studio customization. Gamers can really get into finding the right aesthetic. Create custom RGB lighting according to the audio visualizer, and easily harmonize the lighting with game sounds. You can choose from around 16.8 million colors - the possibilities are endless.
The gaming hub offers a long list of perks that make the OMEN computer line that much more appealing. These benefits include cloud gaming integration with NVIDIA® GeForce® NOW. It offers game challenges and rewards along with a network booster. There’s also performance control optimization and game coaching. Users have access to Oasis Live Watch Along, an invite-only streaming service. It allows you to share your live-gaming session in real-time.

Top HP Gaming Desktops with RGB lighting

In addition to customizable RGB lighting, each one of the OMEN gaming desktop options below is known for elevating the gaming experience. It’s all thanks to the OMEN Gaming Hub. These desktops are specifically designed to provide a top-notch UX. Because these choices include OMEN Gaming Hub, users can quickly integrate their social media platforms. For instance, connect platforms like Discord or Spotify. Enjoy your favorite gaming music playlist while consumed in Minecraft or Fortnite.
For enthusiasts looking to interact with the gaming community at large, simply share your profile or link on Twitter or Reddit. If you’re a gamer that has an audience, the gaming hub makes socialization easier. You can even record or live-stream the action to share it with your fans.
This hub gives you the freedom to explore world-building games for one session, then quickly transition to action-packed first-person shooter games for the next. Whether you’re busy with Borderlands 2, battling in BioShock, or surviving in Fallout 3, an HP OMEN Gaming Desktop can handle whatever you throw at it - and provide the RGB lighting to bring the excitement up a notch.

OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop (GT22-1470e)

The OMEN 45L Gaming Desktop (GT22-1470se) has the ultimate user-friendly design. It features easy, tool-less upgradeability with industry-standard components. It’s crafted for expansion, allowing users to upgrade and expand their memory, storage drives, and interior expansion slots. It’s perfect for meeting the needs of beginners, novice, and professional-level gamers - and provides the RGB options to match any play style.
Gaming can get heated, literally. Fortunately, the OMEN Cryo Chamber™ enables the liquid cooler radiator to pull in cool air from its surroundings. This keeps the CPU from overheating and prevents the internal fan from operating in overdrive. The 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor provides outstanding computing power while the NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti delivers unparalleled graphics. It also features an Intel Z790 chipset, allowing fast communication relay between the CPUs and any connected storage and expansion devices.

OMEN 40L Gaming Desktop (GT21-1005m)

The OMEN 40L Gaming Desktop (GT21-1005m) features just as many impressive graphics as other HP OMEN computers. It's equipped with a powerful processor, the AMD Ryzen™ 5 7600X RGB Liquid Cooler. That configuration is capable of up to 5.3 GHz max boost clock speed so users can expect continued performance during heavy tasks.
You won’t have to worry about running out of hard drive space or memory either. Low memory capacity is a contributing factor in slow-running computers. This one is built with a Kingston FURY 8GB DDR5-5200 MHz XMP RGB Heatsink RAM. You also have the alternate options of 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB.

OMEN 25L Gaming Desktop (GT15-0245m)

For a cutting-edge modern DIY-class gaming tower, consider the OMEN 25L Gaming Desktop (GT15-0245m). It features fully controllable RGB lighting. Easily personalize the desktop and upgrade it to your liking using the OMEN Gaming Hub. Users get tool-less accessibility to internal components.
The design includes immersive audio features, such as the 5.1 surround sound. It utilizes the OMEN Audio Control Support DTS:X® Ultra. The wireless tech includes Realtek RTL8852BE WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 combo. There’s an audio in/out port and a microphone. Perfect for those gaming sessions where you need to operate as a team. Just connect your gaming headset and get started.

Victus 15L Gaming Desktop (TG02-0325m)

The Victus 15L Gaming Desktop (TG02-0325m) is a head-turning gaming desktop. The sleek RGB-lit “V” logo is hard to miss. Of course, that’s only the beginning. If you’re looking for a gaming PC that can double as your work computer, this is the one for you. It’s designed to seamlessly switch from streaming to work. It features the latest Windows 11 OS, along with Bluetooth connectivity, and 9 USB ports.
It offers massive storage options, including 256GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD. Users can also get up to 2TB of storage in this compact gaming machine. You can also connect an additional screen using the single HDMI 2.1 port. This Victus is great for gamers that need dual screens or want to share their gaming session with an audience.

Measuring up your RGB options

It’s common for high-end gaming equipment to be expensive. But, a reliable, gaming PC doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Any of HP’s gaming desktops above present unique features that meet the needs of users of differing budgets.
Even if you have a high budget and are a seasoned pro looking to upgrade, take the time to explore all the technical details of an RGB gaming desktop beforehand. The most expensive piece of equipment doesn’t mean it will be the best or top-performing choice. Besides, finding the most compatible rig for your wants and needs is more valuable than getting a complex, frustrating setup. Should any technical issues arise or you have further questions, users have access to expert support.


The benefits of HP’s customizable RGB gaming desktops speak for themselves. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, PC builder, or tech lover who values aesthetic customization and performance in their desktops, then consider these select HP OMEN desktops with RGB lighting.
Powerful processors, immersive graphics, and the latest in modern internal components play a role in each one. Looking for a gaming PC that can do it all while meeting a modest budget? Take a closer look at the Victus 15L gaming desktop. Need a gaming rig that’s specifically crafted for expansion? Consider the OMEN 45L gaming desktop.
Regardless of which aforementioned RGB lighting desktops you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the performance and lighting customization of each one.

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