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Reinventing the workplace

Reinventing the Workplace

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Radical changes that are transforming the work environment and workplace experience

“HP has really transformed the device that we make, the experience that we expect, and to some degree, the environment in which it’s deployed.” - Stacy Wolff, HP Global President of Design.

As a new generation enters the workforce, the workplace is evolving to better fit their style and preferences. Millennials who have grown up with technology have radically different expectations than previous generations – not only about what their technology can do, but also how it looks and its role in the modern workplace.
In this video, HP Global President of Design Stacy Wolff discusses workplaces of the future, and the role devices such as the HP Z2 Mini fulfill the technology – and aesthetic – demands of the next generation of professionals.

The workplace goes where you do

Reinventing the workplace isn’t just about what happens in the office. These days, work goes wherever you do, and working outside the office raises an entirely new set of concerns, particularly around security and privacy.
HP Sure View, available on select HP EliteBooks, eliminates the need to carry additional tools to guard sensitive information by reducing up to 95 percent of visible light when viewed at an angle. It prevents prying eyes from viewing things they shouldn’t.
Given that 91% of all visual hacking attempts are successful, and 52% of sensitive information is visually hacked, security features such as HP Sure View help keep sensitive data protected – from all angles.

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