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How Sustainability is Core to HP's Business

How Sustainability is Core to HP's Business

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Check out our video showing how environmental sustainability is core to HP®

Take. Make. Reuse. Sustainability has always been at the forefront of what we do at HP® in our mission to creating a better world for today and tomorrow. Taking part in environmentally-friendly business practices is critical to HP®, its customers and employees.
See how the HP board of directors views sustainability for HP®:

Video transcription:

Aida Alvarez: Sustainability is really important to HP’s growth. It matters to the success of a company that they conduct business in a manner that is good for the employees and it’s good for the company. And it’s also important to the planet.
Chip Bergh: Because it does touch on so many different aspects of the business from supply chain to customer interactions to all the different sites and locations that the company has around the world.
Stacy Brown-Philpot: Sustainability has been a founding principle for HP®. We know that we can do it without compromising quality or our integrity as a company.
Chip Bergh: The board has a definite responsibility from a governance standpoint, but also to ensure that it’s embedded into the business practices around the company.
Stacy Brown-Philpot: We spend a lot of time thinking about Millennials who are our consumers. They care about what the company’s doing more than just making money. It’s also enterprises and businesses who care.
Chip Bergh: One of the great things about sustainability when you define it very, very broadly is the impact that it can have, really, in creating a complete circular economy.
Stacy Brown-Philpot: They’re going from take, make, dispose to take, make, and reuse. So it’s less about ownership, just like the sharing economy. People are only using what they need. A specific example around that is device-as-a-service (DaaS). HP is creating the platform so that people can use the services around the devices that they want, and just reuse them, and it’s sustainable for everyone.
HP circular economy strategy:
  • Materials recovery and reuse
  • Reuse/refurbishment
  • Product-as-a-service
  • Maintenance/upgrade model
  • User
Aida Alvarez: A great example of value to the company, the customer, and the environment is what can be done with 3D printing.

3D Printing

  • Superior, consistent part quality
  • Breakthrough productivity
  • Lowest cost-per-part
  • Less waste
Aida Alvarez: The fact that you can have this phenomenal process, it’s just going to change the way things are done. It’s going to reduce the cost. It’s a creativity that hasn’t existed before.
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