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Meet the New HP OMEN Mindframe Gaming Headset

Meet the HP OMEN Mindframe Gaming Headset

Jolene Dobbin
Reading time: 7 minutes
HP® collected consumer insights from more than 400 gamers and found that comfort, not sound quality, was the number one pain point about headphones.
Gamers complained that after a while, headphones hurt their ears and that their ears got sweaty. This is due in part to the fact that many headsets suffer from a lack of ventilation.
This opened the way for the HP OMEN Mindframe headset is the world’s first gaming headset with active earcup cooling technology.
HP OMEN Mindframe Active Earcup Cooling Technology
It was designed to be the most comfortable gaming headset on the market with features such as Virtual 7.1 surround sound, on-headset audio controls, a self-adjusting headband, and more to help gamers stay cool, contented, and focused for longer periods of time - even when the competition heats up.

How does the HP OMEN Mindframe differ from other gaming headsets?

The HP OMEN Mindframe does not compare to any other headset created. It’s the most advanced, innovatively-built headset that we’ve produced. The technology, comfort, design, and software are much more advanced than previous headsets. No other gaming headset in the world has cooling “FrostCap” technology, so technically, no other headset can compare!

How the patented cooling technology works

FrostCap is the world's first active earcup cooling technology. Developed in-house at HP Labs, this proprietary and patented technology uses a thermoelectric device inside each earcup that cools the speaker grille plates and transfers heat away from the ears - allowing you to stay comfortable during long gaming sessions to concentrate on the win.
There are three components that make the FrostCap technology possible: the cooling plate, the thermoelectric cooler (TEC), and the external heatsink. This is possible thanks to a phenomenon known as the Peltier effect [1].
According to the Peltier effect, when voltage is applied to the TEC, it will interact with two dissimilar metals. In the earcup, applying voltage to the TEC cools the aluminum speaker grille plate near the ear. Then the heat that’s inside the acoustic chamber is transferred to the outside.
One side gets cold while the other side gets hot. To take advantage of this, the HP OMEN Mindframe is positioned with the cool side on the plate in the earcup and the hot side to the outside.
The results for those wearing the headsets? It maintains a neutral, comfortable environment and prevents your ears from overheating; so your ears are neither cold nor hot. To find your optimum comfort level, you can also control the intensity of cooling through the HP OMEN Command Center. Read on to learn more about this innovative headset.

How the headset sound compares to other gaming headsets

The HP OMEN Mindframe has Virtual 7.1 surround sound enabled via Windows Sonic, so it’s competitive with any leading gaming headset. It also supports DTS Headphone: X® technology, which is capable of reproducing up to 11 channels of surround sound, simulating the 3D environment of the audio’s original mixing stage.
HP OMEN Mindframe Gaming Headset
The surround sound enables you to experience an immersive soundscape with realistic positional audio and 3D spatial awareness that enhances sound localization. Because of this, you can accurately pinpoint exactly what you’re hearing in-game, whether it’s far-off weapon fire or an enemy’s approaching footsteps.

On-ear volume control

There are easily-adjustable volume controls right on the headset’s earcup, so you can stay fully engaged in the game. And the earpads provide great noise cancellation.

Unidirectional folding microphone

The HP OMEN Mindframe headset also features a noise-canceling, unidirectional microphone for crystal-clear communications. Simply fold down the microphone to activate it and fold up the microphone to mute it.

What makes it comfortable

The HP OMEN Mindframe makes it pretty easy to find the perfect fit with a self-adjusting, suspension headband. The headband displaces some of the weight of the headset so that it feels lighter on your head. Combined with the flexible frame, this helps keeps your head in the game for hours.
In addition to the comfort from the FrostCap technology, the HP Mindframe headset has earcup cushions that draw inspiration from modern athletic gear with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. As a result, gamers stay cool and dry during extended use.

Customization: Choose your lighting and animation

You can select different lighting modes and animations for the RGB LED outline around each earcup. Customize external earcup lighting to your own personal style with animated effects and 16.8 million color options.
You can also control the intensity of FrostCap by choosing among three different levels of cooling settings to find your ideal comfort level. All of these options, which are available directly on the HP OMEN Mindframe headset, are powered by HP OMEN Command Center software.

Software optimization and personalization with HP OMEN Command Center

Software optimizations can make a vast difference in your overall gaming experience. HP OMEN Command Center software lets you make the best possible use of your devices.
From its humble origins of a simple lighting control application a few years back to today’s touchstone of the HP OMEN ecosystem, the HP OMEN Command Center is an all-inclusive software suite. It entails game-enhancing services in addition to performance optimization, and PC and accessory customization.

Check up on system vitals

The dashboard displays the key metrics of your HP OMEN systems and accessories dynamically. This includes utilization and temperature of your memory, graphics processing unit (GPU), and central processing unit (CPU).

Boost the network

With Network Booster, you can choose which applications you want to prioritize over network traffic. For instance, you can select specific games to be first in line. Split network traffic over two connections simultaneously with Dual Force functionality. And set your gaming traffic to travel via faster connections that are available; these are most often wired connections.
At the same time, your background traffic can download while your Windows® updates move through the slower connections, which are typically wireless. As a result, you can maximize throughput and reduce latency.

Control overclocking and performance

On select laptops, you can control performance to increase both fan speed and performance. Furthermore, you can improve CPU performance by simplifying the process of overclocking on select laptops and desktops thanks to HP OMEN Command Center’s intuitive interface.

Immersive by design

HP OMEN Command Center is for more than improving performance; it’s an important piece of the effort to allow a more immersive overall experience. The HP OMEN Mindframe joins the family of PCs that boasts audio, visuals, and controls to help gamers escape from work and everyday life.
Desktop gaming computer visuals are especially important. When you use your HP Mindframe headset with HP OMEN Obelisk gaming PCs, for instance, you can customize up to two lighting zones on the via chassis lighting controls so the computer can coordinate with your headset. In addition, it gives you the option to select amid five different lighting modes. And with RGB lighting effects on the front logo (for all configurations), you can choose the color that you actually want.

I can see clearly now

The HP OMEN Obelisk gaming desktop has additional RGB lighting inside when it’s configured with the optional tempered glass side panel. Customize this separately from the front logo, while mixing and matching color schemes and animations.
What’s more, every tempered glass panel gets a clear EMI protective coating to help reduce risks of magnetic or electrical interference with other devices. Both case manufacturers and system integrators can often miss this important step, to the detriment of your performance and experience.

OMEN gaming accessories

Outfit your HP OMEN gaming system with the HP Mindframe headset along with HP OMEN gaming PCs and accessories.
HP OMEN Mindframe Headset, Sequencer Keyboard, Reactor Mouse Gaming Accessories
Check out this full line of gaming gear, including HP OMEN custom gaming desktops and HP OMEN gaming accessories, that both gaming neophytes and experts alike are using.
To help you escalate your game to the next level, we offer the HP OMEN Obelisk gaming computer.
This easy-to-customize and powerful new gaming computer features top-notch specs and high-end components. It was designed from the ground up to be do-it-yourself (DIY)-friendly; it also provides you with an industry-standard upgrade path.
Choose from the latest GPU and CPU architectures, and every configuration is shipped with high-performance HyperX® memory - signifying the HP OMEN commitment to performance for the gaming community.
The HP OMEN Sequencer mechanical keyboard has individually backlit keys with your choice of up to 16.8 million RGB colors - all with uniquely customizable effects.
Industry-leading optical-mechanical switch technology is foundational to the HP OMEN Reactor gaming mouse.
Benefit from faster in-game response and extended durability with a 50 million-click lifetime. And light beam detection enables a 0.2ms click response time, which is three times faster than a traditional mechanical mouse switch.

About the Author

Jolene Dobbin is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Jolene is an East Coast-based writer with experience creating strategic messaging, marketing, and sales content for companies in the high-tech industry.

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