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The right HP laptop battery for you

When your battery is new, you can rest assured that you have a dependable power source for all your on-the-go computing needs. This is the case whether you buy a replacement laptop battery or simply have one in your new HP laptop.

However, age and regular use cause all laptop batteries to slowly lose their ability to hold the level of charge you have come to expect. Several factors, such as individual design and the materials used, can impact how your battery ages. But under normal circumstances, even with moderate use, a decline in capacity may be visible in as little as a year.

Fortunately, replacing an old laptop battery doesn’t usually require asking questions about taste or design. Unless you’re working with an older laptop or having connectivity issues, settling on the right battery for your HP laptop can be a cinch.

It all boils down to what you need and how you use your device. There are plenty of laptops on the market and at least as many options for power sources, but not so many that you’ll end up flustered by the available options.

To make sure you can always easily settle on exactly what you need, we’ve produced extensive supplementary material describing these components and their relationships to our various laptop models.

To help you shop with confidence, we’ve also developed an in-depth and straightforward search tool to guide you through your search.

Using HP’s Laptop Battery Finder for replacements

Now that you’ve begun looking for a replacement battery, you’ll want to start by consulting our Laptop Battery Finder. To look up the right type of battery for you, find your laptop’s model or product number and then click through to the corresponding tab.

In order to get started, you have two options for how to locate your laptop’s model number.

First, for complete certainty or to dampen doubts, you can download and install our HP Support Assistant software to find a comprehensive guide to your particular hardware needs.

Otherwise, assuming your laptop’s product label is intact, you can easily find the necessary information there as well. If you’re still having trouble finding the product number for your old laptop, click through to our video and how-to for extra help.

Still working on an older laptop you’d rather not replace? If you’re curious about using our available laptop batteries with older laptop models, you can also consult our handy compatibility guide covering devices from 2011 to 2013.

No more adapter hassle

Tired of cross-checking manuals or message boards for insight into the elusive world of adapters?

With our Laptop Battery Finder guide, compatible adapters are displayed right alongside the associated battery information in a variety of formats. In most cases, you’ll choose between 65W and 90W options, with both available in either a compact Slim design, or an adaptive Smart variant that reduces cumulative stress on your battery.

Whatever your usual routine, we have the right battery or adapter to keep you working. Just line up your laptop model and go.

How to check your current battery

Before you decide to buy a new laptop battery altogether, you may want to check up on your current battery’s performance every now and then.

Lucky for you, HP® provides a tool for checking just that, as well as diagnostic software that can catch hardware failures.

If you’d like more information on these topics, click through to HP Customer Support and read our comprehensive guides to both checking your battery and extending battery lifespan.

Consistent and long-lasting power with HP Laptops

Thinking about upgrading more than just your old laptop battery? Swap out your aging rig for a new and affordable HP laptop and you may end up more than a little surprised by just how much more battery life you can wring out of every charge.

Start with our powerful and varied line of HP ENVY Laptops, because even the most affordable entry model comes loaded with a 3-cell 52 WHr Lithium-ion battery offering up to seven hours of life on a single charge. And with 8GB of memory and 1TB’s worth of HDD storage, what’s not to love? You can also customize well beyond those specs without a serious hit to your power consumption.

Want even more lifespan and the reassurance of our quick charging battery tech? Then shop from our HP Pavilion Laptops line and their powerful built-in 3-cell 41 Wh Lithium-ion prismatic battery, which can quick charge up to 50% capacity in roughly 30 minutes. During regular use, it can boast more than seven hours of life from an HD display and more than six with FHD.

You’ll get compact performance computing without the anxiety of squandering your charge every time you dip into heavier duty applications or go off the grid for more than a couple hours.

We’re proud to offer products with the durability and support you need to keep your laptop working just as well on-the-go as at at home. Whichever model you choose, you can sleep easy knowing it’s powered by a laptop battery that embodies HP’s ongoing commitment to quality.