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Cool Gadget Gifts for PC Users

Cool Gadget Gifts for PC Users

Jolene Dobbin
Reading time: 10 minutes
Gadget gift shopping for PC users can be difficult with so much technology in our laptops, phones, car, home, and everywhere else. If this rings true for you, then we have a gadget gift guide for your relatives, friends, or co-workers that you’re sure to appreciate.
Read on to discover cool gadget gift ideas for any holiday or gift-giving occasion.

Cool new laptops

HP Spectre Folio 13t laptop

The HP Spectre Folio 13t laptop is a perfect blend of craftsmanship and design. True to its name, it’s actually made from 100% durable, full-grain, and chrome-tanned leather. Not only does it look cool, but this device is also highly functional.
HP Spectre Folio 13-inch Laptop
It features a groundbreaking thin, light design that easily adapts to your needs to three ways: You can use it in its laptop position for standard productivity needs, fold the screen down to its tablet position to edit photos for instance, or slide the screen to a forward position - a perfect angle to watch movies.
Equipped with a 13.3-inch diagonal Full High Definition (FHD), WLED-backlit touch screen display, it also features a full-size island-style backlit keyboard and HP Wide Vision FHD IR camera with an integrated dual array digital microphone in brown leather.
It has a solid 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD). And laptop battery life of up to 19 hours (as well as a video playback for up to 21 hours) ensures that you’re able to continue steadily working or playing on-the-go.
And built-in 4G LTE lets you connect safely and securely, wherever you are while reducing the threat of someone accessing your information through public WiFi.

HP Spectre Folio 13-inch laptop

Like the HP Spectre Folio 13t listed above, the HP Spectre Folio 13-inch laptop features an elegant, elevated design in a pebbled all-leather finish in cognac brown with a base and keyboard in dark ash silver.
The convertible design switches effortlessly between tablet and laptop form factors, with a simple and detachable display that quickly and easily unhinges from the keyboard. With a weight of slightly over 3.2 lbs and a height of only 0.6 inches, it’s also compact, which makes it exceedingly portable as well as versatile.
This model offers a powerful 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with dual-core, four-way processing for maximum high-efficiency. It features Intel Turbo Boost technology, which increases your processor's frequency by taking advantage of thermal and power headroom to give you a burst of speed when you need it and increased energy efficiency when you don’t. And audio is enhanced with Bang & Olufsen quad speakers.

Laptop cases and protection

HP Spectre 13-inch split leather sleeve

Protect your new HP Spectre laptop with the HP Spectre 13.3 split leather sleeve. This protective sleeve is just as elegant yet functional as the laptop it will hold. It features subtly textured split-leather material, copper hardware accents, and a soft micro-suede interior. The durable exterior provides exceptional protection from rain, spills, and scratches.

HP 17-inch signature slim topload case

Another functional, chic gift for gadget lovers is the HP 17.3 signature slim topload case. This laptop bag fits up to a 17.3-inch laptop with plenty of room for other items like books, accessories, and even a tablet. There are two main full-sized padded pockets, padded walls and divider, and a base that’s reinforced with padding.
The HP 17.3 Signature Slim Topload Case also has extra pockets throughout. There is additional storage for pens, phones, and accessories available in various compartments. This case's contoured design is distinguished by a heather grey exterior and strategic black detailing, while the pockets and interiors are a deep blue throughout.

Groundbreaking printers

HP Tango printer

It’s really frustrating when you need to print something, but you’re away from the office or home. The world’s first smart home printer, HP Tango sets you free from those constraints. With this cool gadget, you can connect, print, scan, and copy documents and photos from any device, anywhere, via a cloud-based, two-way network connection.
HP Tango Printer
Set up is easy; you just need to download the HP Smart app, without having to worry about any drivers or USB ports. You’ll also get notifications when printing, scanning, or copying from your smartphone.
Another cool feature is the voice-activated, hands-free printing, which lets you connect the HP Tango to your Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana devices.
Running out of ink will be an annoyance of the past with the HP Tango when you sign up for HP Instant Ink; the HP Tango automatically orders ink when you’re running low so you never run out, plus you’ll save up to 50% on ink. With HP Instant Ink, you can also print your photos from your smartphone for free.
It has heft enough so that it won’t get accidentally knocked over, but it has a small footprint - about the size of a sheet of 8/12 x 11-inch paper - so it fits in smaller spaces.
Not only is it functional, but it’s also stylish. You can also deck this printer out with fashionable new covers in cork and currant, charcoal, or indigo linen. It will be right at home on your bookcase, desk, or next to that potted plant.

HP Sprocket 200 photo printer

If you want to bring your printer with you wherever you go, check out the new HP Sprocket 200 photo printer (2nd Edition).
HP Sprocket 200 Photo Printer
This seriously fun electronic gadget lets you instantly print 2 x 3-inch photos or stickers directly from your smartphone or tablet. About the size of a cell phone and less than half a pound, it’s light and ultra-portable.
Easily connect smartphones to the HP Sprocket via the HP Sprocket app, so you can customize your photos before you print them. And everyone can view and print from a shared photo album.
Unlike other devices that inconveniently go into sleep mode and make you reboot to reactivate, the HP Sprocket wakes instantly from sleep mode, so you can print quickly using Bluetooth connectivity.
The HP Sprocket app also enables a truly awesome feature: augmented reality photos. If you scan your HP Sprocket with the Sprocket app, you can view your shared print queue in augmented reality. Associate your printed photos with video clips, for instance, and then let others scan the printed image with their own smartphones’ cameras. They can then play the clips on their phones.
Looking to really make it your own? During setup, you can change your HP Sprocket's name from its default to whatever you want. You can also customize the color of the LED lights on the printer itself. Choose from among fashion-forward colors in Luna pearl, lilac, blush, or noir.

Cool laptop backpacks

HP Powerup laptop backpack

Need the right gear to carry one of your new HP laptops?
Check out the HP Powerup laptop backpack, which is both functional and rugged. It has a built-in battery for charging most laptops with up to 17.3-inch diagonal screen size, a tablet, and a smartphone. It provides a full charge to most HP laptops, charges a tablet up to three times, and charges a smartphone up to 10 times. It also features sequential charging, so you can control the order in which your devices charge.
At just under 20-inches long and a little over a foot wide, the HP Powerup Backpack meets TSA carry-on regulations. It’s made of durable material with reinforced handles, straps, and zippers to withstand light rain and snow.
For some extra protection from the elements, it includes a waterproof bag in the bottom pocket. It’s also got pockets with organizers, including a detachable key ring holder, and ventilated pockets as well as organized cable routing.

Cool gadget gifts for gamers

HP OMEN Sequencer mechanical keyboard

A cool electronic gadget for gamers, the HP OMEN Sequencer mechanical keyboard is built with customization and durability in mind. It features individually backlit keys of up to 16.8 million RGB colors that you can choose from with unique, customizable effects.
HP OMEN Mindframe Gaming Headset
It has the speed you need to respond quickly to gaming action with industry-leading optical-mechanical switch technology. This ultra-cool feature enables a 0.2 ms response time, which is 10 times faster than traditional mechanical switches plus it’s got a 70 million-click lifetime.

HP OMEN Mindframe gaming headset

One of the coolest gadgets for any holiday or gift-giving occasion is the HP OMEN Mindframe gaming headset.
This remarkable headset features FrostCap, the world's first active earcup cooling technology. FrostCap cools the speaker grille plates and transfers heat away from your ears, so you can stay comfortable during long gaming, working, or playing sessions at your PC.
You can also choose from among different levels of cooling intensity to find your optimum comfort level. Customization is also available in the form of different lighting modes and animations for the RGB LED outline around each earcup.
It has Virtual 7.1 surround sound to experience an immersive, in-game soundscape with audio and 3D spatial awareness, and easily adjustable audio controls located directly on the headset.
The earpads provide great noise cancellation as well. There’s also a self-adjusting, lightweight, and padded suspension headband that distributes the weight evenly for long-lasting comfort.

HP OMEN Accelerator Shell

Looking for a desktop-level boost to your laptop’s gaming potential? Then the HP OMEN Accelerator Shell is the gadget gift to buy.
The HP OMEN Accelerator PC chassis transforms your laptop into a gaming monster capable of tackling the most demanding triple-A (AAA) titles, helping you experience and boost gaming performance on par with a gaming desktop, without actually having to buy a new PC.
Charge your battery while experiencing impressive gaming power. It also includes four USB 3.1 ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, and an RJ-45, so there is plenty of space to connect peripherals.
And extra space for a hard drive or SSD on the gaming PC case means that games won’t eat into your storage capacity. This cool electronic gadget looks physically impressive with a unique 45-degree tilt, but it also delivers cooling and quiet connectivity via vents and an internal fan.
The HP OMEN Accelerator is easy to customize and upgrade, check out just how easy it is to remove the graphics card in the video below:

HP Spectre 700 rechargeable mouse

Searching for a mouse to go with that new HP Spectre laptop?
The HP Spectre 700 rechargeable mouse is a wireless, rechargeable mouse that’s packed with technology to help you be, and stay, more productive. Its attractive design also makes it the perfect match to your HP Spectre 13t laptop.
The HP Spectre Rechargeable Mouse has a laser sensor that works on nearly every surface, providing exceptional accuracy, precision, and responsiveness at 1,200 dots per inch (DPI). Gamers, in particular, will appreciate this setting which helps point at, detect, and respond to smaller in-game movements with more precision.
You can stay productive with a rechargeable battery that lasts an astounding 11 weeks on a single charge. It always provides an easy-switch technology that lets you pair your mouse with up to four compatible devices - and easily switch between them.

HP OMEN 300 gaming mouse pad

A quality mouse pad can make the difference between recovering from a near miss to actually hitting the target.
HP OMEN X Transceptor Laptop Backpack
The HP OMEN 300 gaming mouse pad is a cool gadget gift to buy for any occasion. It has a non-slick rubber base and a very large, ideal surface friction for precise, fluid, and split-second controlled mouse movements and gaming success.
It’s designed to withstand more than 250 km of mouse movement, providing even your casual gamer with professional-grade technology. And at only 1.65 lbs, it’s also easy to pack away for mobile gaming.

HP OMEN X Transceptor laptop backpack

Are you looking for a carrying case for the new laptop you just bought (or are about to buy) your gamer?
The HP OMEN X Transceptor laptop backpack is a great gift for gadget lovers and gamers as it features a spacious interior and flexible roll-top design that adjusts to the amount of gear they carry.
Spacious, icon-labeled pockets provide space for a laptop with a diagonal pocket for up to 17-inch models, mouse, keyboard, and more. And ultra-padded shoulder straps and a single-hand operable buckle offer comfort and quick access.

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