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5 Best Streaming Subscriptions to Gift

Kirstyn Amanda
Reading time: 7 minutes
We all love watching a good show now and then, and what better way to enjoy and binge-watch your favorites than with streaming subscription services? These offer a buffet of shows to watch at your convenience.
With numerous platforms to choose from, streaming subscriptions are an ideal gift for TV show lovers, movie binge-watchers, and nostalgic viewers. They are available in various options that many people can afford. And you do not have to worry about the clutter of old-school DVDs.
Now, if you are looking for ideal streaming subscriptions to gift a loved one, we’ve picked several top-rated options to choose from. These streaming services offer a wide selection of entertainment catering to various preferences.
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The best streaming subscriptions to gift

Below are the best streaming subscriptions to gift. We dig deep into what the subscription offers, how much it costs and why you should consider it an ideal gift.


Netflix is considered one of the best streaming service providers, with over 200 million subscribers. This is primarily due to the high number of great movies and TV shows to pick from, providing subscribers with options to match their genre preferences. Additionally, Netflix has mastered creating quality content, keeping viewers on a binge-watch loop.
If you are looking for a streaming gift card to keep your loved ones entertained with a wide array of shows, then a Netflix gift card subscription is your best bet.
Learn more about subscribing to Netflix.


Hulu has a fantastic library collection and, therefore, is an excellent streaming subscription to gift. It is perfect for people who enjoy older sitcoms and other older shows to rewatch, ABC and NBC shows, FX, and documentaries.
To get the best value and entertainment from a Hulu gift subscription, you can pay for the ad-free plan and join 46 million other subscribers in enjoying the shows and live TV services on the platform.
Learn more about subscribing to Hulu.


An HBO Max gift card is an excellent option if you are looking for a platform that provides the opportunity to re-watch shows or movies for nostalgia. If your loved one is a DC Comics fan, an HBO Max subscription is probably one of the best gifts they can receive. Not only are there are many DC shows to binge, but also past and recent DC movies and series.
HBO Max also features several classic cartoon options, making the streaming service ideal for adults and kids alike. With HBO, you get a good balance of old and new shows to enjoy for your own binge-watching experience or with friends and family.
Learn more about subscribing to HBO Max.

Apple TV

An Apple TV subscription is a perfect gift for people who enjoy discovering new shows and the Apple ecosystem. If you need fresh, new shows to add to your watch list, Apple TV is the best streaming service for you and your loved ones.
Apple TV has over 75 million subscribers and continues to add unique, entertaining shows to keep the whole family entertained. This, with its excellent quality content (the service has already seen several Emmy nominations), makes it a perfect subscription gift for a TV show lover.
While there are fewer shows than most other streaming platforms, you’ll have a hard time making it through them all quickly. Consider Apple TV the best definition of quality over quantity.
Learn more about subscribing to Apple TV.


Peacock provides a wide variety of genres catering to the needs of multiple people with a single subscription. Whether you are a sports lover or a movie binge-watcher, Peacock has fantastic options for you to choose from.
It is the best subscription for families on a budget, but who are looking for a good selection of TV shows, movies, and sports content. Think of shows such as Blacklist and Yellowstone, and NFL Sunday Night Football; there is much to explore on the platform.
Learn more about subscribing to Peacock.

Buying the best laptops for streaming

When searching for the best streaming subscription to gift, you ought to find the right laptop. There are several features to keep in mind when shopping for one, ensuring you get the best value for your money and stream seamlessly.


The size of the laptop determines how portable it is, especially if you intend to stream movies and shows, or need to knock out some work on the go. A good laptop should provide adequate screen size and be lightweight enough to carry and catch up on shows or movies, whenever and wherever.

Screen Quality

An excellent laptop for streaming shows should have high-resolution visuals for the best viewing experience; ideally, a 4K display, as most shows on streaming platforms are available in 4K.
Get one with a display of no less than 15.6 inches and 1080p resolution for higher-definition content. Also, consider one with an anti-glare feature to ensure eye comfort for extended hours of viewing.

Operating System

The operating system provides common services for computer programs; therefore, it’s an important consideration when shopping for a streaming laptop. Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS are the leading operating systems and perform well for streaming. If you can get your hands on the latest OS version, the better your streaming experience will be.


A laptop needs more processing power without video hardware acceleration to get higher-resolution content. More pixels need to be processed simultaneously, hence the need for a laptop with a powerful processor that can increase the processing power exponentially. Intel® Core™ i7 processors are great, as well as Ryzen™ from AMD.


Random access memory is an essential feature for any laptop, not only those meant for streaming shows. The ideal RAM should be at least 8GB, but getting a laptop with 16GB maximum capacity would enhance the laptop’s performance even more.


Plenty of storage space is essential for a streaming laptop if you need to save and store shows or movies. Look for a laptop with a combined storage of a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and a storage capacity of at least 256GB.

Battery life

Catching up with your favorite show on the go highly depends on your laptop’s battery life. A good laptop should be able to give you at least four hours without needing to recharge. That way, you can work on the go or binge movies wherever.

The best HP laptops for streaming

Here are some of the best HP laptops for streaming.

Victus by HP Laptop

Victus Gaming Laptop
The Victus by HP laptop has all the desirable features for streaming laptops. It has a 16.1-inch display, which is wide enough to give you a high-definition display. This feature makes it an excellent option for streaming shows and playing video games.
You can play Triple-A (AAA) video games at 60 frames per second (FPS) with the built-in display and 16GB memory which is adequate. The good thing is it can be upgraded to 32GB if you need additional memory. It comes with the Windows 11 OS and AMD’s Ryzen 7 processor, so you are guaranteed optimal performance regardless of the movie or game you’re running.

HP ENVY x360 2-in-1

HP ENVY x360 2-in-1 Laptop
The HP ENVY has a sleek design making it aesthetically pleasing. It has a full high definition (FHD) 360-degree touch screen of 15.6 inches, which is responsive and works fast. The HP ENVY has an AMD Ryzen processor with six cores and 12 threads. The laptop is portable, so you can carry it around and enjoy your shows on the go, even with a solid aluminum chassis.
You can easily switch it to tablet mode, which is ideal for streaming purposes. This feature does not compromise the touch screen's full functionality in both laptop mode and other configurations.
As for RAM, you can upgrade the 8GB RAM if you need more. The graphics, picture quality, and brightness are exceptional, and it has additional ports for easy connection with other external peripheral devices.

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible

Pavilion x360 Convertible
The HP Pavillion encompasses it all; light in weight for ease of portability, a 15.6-inch flip screen, a Core i7 processor, enough storage space, and compatibility with other devices.
The laptop is flexible, versatile, and easy to set up and use. Its compact size comes in handy when you need to move around with it or work on the go. With the HP Pavillion, you can catch an episode while in transit or play a game or two on your layovers.


When choosing a streaming subscription service as a gift, pay close attention to the content on the platform to match it closely to the recipient's interests. On the same note, consider getting one of the above HP streaming laptops to enjoy solid viewing performance of your favorite TV shows and movies.

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