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5 Best Desktop Computers for Business from HP®

5 Best Desktop Computers for Business from HP

Jolene Dobbin
Reading time: 12 minutes
Virtually every business needs to invest in a computer. Just what form that computer takes will, of course, vary across industries and requirements. The portability, compactness, and weight of a laptop computer is sometimes the answer.
But many times, the high-performance power, cost-efficiency, and upgradability of a desktop computer – not to mention the specialized form factors – is exactly the right choice.
Powerful, secure desktop computers still reign supreme for running a small- or medium-sized business. Here are the best 5 desktop computers for business from HP. But first, we’ll clarify what a desktop computer is in 2020, then get into some of the features to look for as you shop for your top desktop computer.

What is a desktop business computer?

Desktop business computers fall into three form factors. There is the traditional tower, the all-in-one (AiO), and the mini PC.
  1. The traditional tower is the one we all think of as a “desktop computer” with a standing, rectangular-shaped configuration that you’ll usually find under your desk. It has three key components that include the tower itself (or body), a separate monitor, and peripherals.
  2. The all-in-one blends the tower and the monitor into one cohesive unit, and stores the components behind or inside the monitor.
  3. The mini PC is an ultra-small form factor desktop that lacks a display but can be placed virtually anywhere in the office – the entire unit often mounts behind certain monitors or can be placed out of the way on a shelf.

Features to look for in a business desktop

Form factor and upgradability

The various form factors of a desktop computer (traditional tower, AiO, and mini PC) each have distinct advantages:
  • Tower desktops, for instance, have powerful components (e.g., the CPU, GPU, memory, and storage) that are both customizable and upgradable thanks to easy access to internal hardware. Their size lends itself to better air circulation and heat management as well since they can house large fans or liquid cooling units.
  • AiOs are usually more portable, compact, sleek, professional-looking, and space-efficient, but may not be as upgradable as the traditional tower.
  • Mini PCs have an ultra-small form factor, and secure, low-profile design. Like the AiOs, they have a limited capacity for internal expansion, but can be customized with a range of exclusive accessories.

Processor and CPU

Make sure that your desktop computer for business has enough processing power via the central processing unit (CPU) to be able to run the demanding applications, software, processes, and projects that your business requires.
Dual-core processors should be fine for most needs, but quad-core CPUs will perform more tasks simultaneously and at faster speeds, which may be something to consider for specific multitasking functions such as number crunching, high-end visual design, and industrial applications.
Both Intel® and AMD® have a number of options to choose from for every power (and budget) range or requirement – from entry-level to high end.

Graphics and GPU

The graphics card (or video card), technically termed the graphical processing unit (GPU) is responsible for accurately processing and speeding your desktop’s visual and design operations.
These are available as both integrated GPUs (those that are built in to the processor) and discrete GPUs (or separate) models. For most business requirements, the former is perfectly fine, although you’ll find a discrete GPU is ideal for more intensive data analysis, 3D, computer-aided design (CAD), video editing, rendering, and animating processes.
Intel, NVIDIA®, and AMD offer professional graphics cards from entry-level to ultra 3D models.

Memory (RAM)

In addition to processing power, you’ll want to ensure that your desktop computer has a sufficient amount of memory (RAM) and storage to run your applications and store your files.
Your desktop’s RAM will affect its performance and speed, so it’s a good idea to look for at least 8GB RAM and 16GB or more if you can, especially for those businesses running multimedia, design, or web development applications.


While desktop computers for business may not require as much storage as consumer desktops, especially if you’re using a network to back up files, look for a minimum of 256GB to 500GB of hard disk drive (HDD) storage and 256GB to 512GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage.
Towers and workstations have the advantage here as they’re able to house larger storage components. Although all-in-ones and mini PCs often include storage options such as SAS, SATA, and PCIe® SSD.


Your desktop computer is only as secure as the weakest link in the chain, and bad actors know this. Businesses of all sizes and across industries are vulnerable to malware, ransomware, spyware, and viruses. Keep an eye out for security features like antivirus protection, locks, privacy screens, backup storage, and more to help protect your files, data, and programs.
With these features in mind, let’s start looking into the 5 best desktop computers for business.

Best 5 desktop computers for business from HP

1. HP Z8 G5 workstation PC

HP Z6 G4 Workstation PC
The HP Z8 G5 Workstation is equipped with the Intel® Xeon® Gold 5416S processor, offering up to 4.1 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. This high-performance processor, with its 30 MB L3 cache, 16 cores, and 32 threads, is designed to handle complex, multi-threaded applications typical in professional environments like 3D rendering, large-scale computations, and advanced data analytics. It comes with Windows 11 Pro, providing a robust and secure operating platform suitable for business and professional use.
Ample Memory and Expansion Capabilities:The workstation boasts 64 GB DDR5-4800 MHz RAM, distributed across 4 slots of 16 GB each. With 16 DIMM slots available with dual processors, this workstation offers significant memory expansion capabilities, ensuring it can handle the most memory-intensive tasks.
For storage, it comes with a 512 GB HP Z Turbo Drive PCIe® NVMe™ TLC M.2 SSD, providing fast data access speeds essential for professional workloads. Its multiple expansion slots, including PCIe 3 and 5, offer extensive customization and expansion possibilities to cater to a variety of professional needs.
Designed for professionals who require top-tier performance, customization, and reliability, the HP Z8 G5 Workstation stands out as a leading choice in the high-end desktop PC market.

2. HP Z4 G5 Workstation PC

If you’re looking for the same type of outstanding features as the HP Z4 G5 workstation but have entry-level budgetary requirements or don’t need as much processing power, this tower will fit the bill. One of the world’s most powerful entry workstations, the HP Z4 workstation gives you server-grade power in a desktop workstation with impressive expandability.
Powerful Processing and Operating System
The HP Z4 G5 Workstation is powered by an Intel® Xeon® W5-2445 processor, which reaches up to 4.4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. This processor, with its 26.25 MB L3 cache and 10 cores (20 threads), is designed to handle demanding applications, including 3D rendering, complex simulations, and large-scale data processing. The workstation operates on Windows 11 Pro, providing a secure and efficient environment for professional tasks.
High-End Graphics and Memory
Equipped with the NVIDIA RTX™️ A4000 graphics card with 16 GB GDDR6 dedicated memory, this workstation offers exceptional graphics performance, vital for tasks requiring high-end visualization, such as CAD design, video editing, and animation. It includes 32 GB DDR5-4800 MHz ECC RAM (expandable via 8 DIMM slots), ensuring reliable performance and data integrity, which is crucial in professional computing environments.
Storage and Expansion Capabilities
The workstation features a 512 GB HP Z Turbo Drive PCIe® Gen4 TLC M.2 SSD, providing fast storage solutions essential for quick system boot-up and efficient data access. The expansion slots, including PCIe 5 and PCIe 4, offer flexibility for additional storage or specialized hardware enhancements.
Tailored for professionals requiring high computational power and reliability, the HP Z4 G5 Workstation offers a balanced combination of processing power, graphics performance, and expansion capabilities, making it an ideal choice for demanding professional applications.

3. HP ProOne 600 G5 21.5-inch All-in-One PC

HP ProOne 600 G5 21.5-inch All-In-One PC
If you don’t need the power of the workstation towers and are looking to save both space and budget, check out this all-in-one desktop PC. One of the best desktop computers for small businesses, the HP ProOne All-in-One PC is a great investment that you can quickly deploy into demanding environments. This space-saving AiO has comprehensive manageability, a micro-edge and antiglare display, and strong security features.
Space-saving and sleek
This AiO looks perfectly at home at the front desk or in an owner’s office. It features extensive cable management to help keep cables hidden and a professional-looking, sleek design from the front, back, and sides.
The micro-edge, anti-glare, and WLED backlit 21.5-inch diagonal FHD IPS widescreen LCD display provides plenty of screen space. To meet your unique workspace and use case requirements, you can pair this space-saving AiO with mounting options such as the HP Adjustable Height Stand or the HP Fixed Height Tilt Stand.
Choose your processing power
It includes a 9th Generation, 6 core, 65W Intel Core i5-9500 processor plus an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 card. But if you don’t need as much processing power, it offers the option to select from dual- and quad-core processors such as the Intel Celeron®, Pentium®, and the Intel Core i3 processors.
On the other hand, you can choose more processing power with either an Intel Core i7 or i9 with up to 8 cores.
Memory and storage options
The HP ProOne 600 G5 AiO includes 8GB of DDR4-2666 RAM, but you can choose from 4GB up to 64GB. Internal storage of 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD and 2TB of SATA HDD come standard, but available options include no internal storage or up to 1TB of SSD storage.
You can also add 16GB of Intel Optane™ memory, which converts your computer’s temporary memory into permanent memory, increasing your system’s responsiveness by remembering your most frequently used applications for faster launch the next time they’re opened up.
Security rich
Protect your AiO against evolving malware threats with manageable, self-healing, and hardware-enforced security solutions that include HP Sure Start, HP Sure Click, and HP Sure Sense, which uses deep learning AI to provide exceptional protection against advanced malware.
Keep downtime low and productivity high with HP BIOSphere Gen5: firmware-level automation with automatic updates and security checks.
Additional features
  • Micro-edge, anti-glare 21.5-inch diagonal FHD IPS widescreen LCD display
  • Up to 6 core, 65W Intel Core i5-9500 processor and integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 card
  • Up to 64GB of RAM and up to 2TB of SATA HDD storage
  • Firmware-level automation and security checks with HP BIOSphere Gen5

4. HP EliteOne 870 G9 27-inch All-in-One

Enjoy a modern-looking workspace with the sophisticated style and serious performance of the HP EliteOne 870 AiO. Like the HP ProOne AiO, it’s equipped with processing power, memory, storage, and security features that make it stand out among the AiO category, as well as other business desktop form factors.
Amazing from any angle
The HP EliteOne 870 G9 features Windows 11 Pro, ideal for business users seeking enhanced security and productivity features. It comes equipped with an Intel® Core™ i3-12100 Processor (3.3 GHz, up to 4.3 GHz w/Boost, 12 MB cache, 4 core, 60W), integrated with Intel® UHD Graphics 730. Alternative processor options, including various models of Intel® Core™ i3, i5, and i7 processors, are available, offering a range of performance levels to suit different professional needs.
Memory and Storage
This model includes 8 GB DDR5-4800 SODIMM Memory, ensuring smooth multitasking and efficient handling of business applications. Multiple memory configurations are available, allowing up to 64 GB RAM for more demanding tasks. For storage, it's equipped with a 256 GB PCIe 4x4 2280 NVMe TLC SSD, providing quick boot times and fast data access. Additional M.2 storage options are available for increased storage needs.
Display and Design
The EliteOne 870 G9 boasts a 27" diagonal, FHD, IPS display with 250 nits brightness, offering clear and vibrant visuals for an immersive working experience. The all-in-one design integrates the computer components behind the display, ensuring a clean and space-efficient setup on your desk.
Audio and Security
Audio by Bang & Olufsen and internal stereo speakers provide high-quality sound for multimedia content. Security features like TPM 2.0, HP Sure Start, and various HP security software ensure data protection and system integrity, vital for business environments.
Sustainability and Warranty
The HP EliteOne 870 G9 includes sustainable impact specifications like ocean-bound plastic in the speaker enclosure and post-consumer recycled plastic, aligning with eco-friendly initiatives. It comes with a one-year limited warranty, offering peace of mind and reliability.
Ideal for business professionals who need a powerful, secure, and space-saving workstation, the HP EliteOne 870 27 Inch G9 All-in-One Desktop PC combines performance, security, and sleek design, making it a fitting choice for modern office environments.

5. HP EliteDesk 800 G9 desktop mini PC

While most mini PCs run on similar components as laptops including lower power processors, smaller hard drives, limited memory, and rarely include accessories, the ultra-powerful enterprise-class HP EliteDesk 800 desktop mini PC is an exception.
More nimble than ever
The HP Elite Mini 800 G9 is equipped with Windows 11 Pro, providing a secure and efficient environment for business applications. It features an Intel® Core™ i7-13700T processor, offering speeds up to 4.9 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. This processor, combined with 30 MB L3 cache and 16 cores (24 threads), delivers exceptional performance for multitasking and demanding applications.
Storage and Connectivity
For storage, the HP Elite Mini 800 G9 includes a 256 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD, offering fast boot and load times. In terms of connectivity, it features the Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX211 (2x2) and Bluetooth® 5.3 wireless card, supporting high-speed wireless connections.
Form Factor and Design
This model has a compact mini form factor, measuring just 6.97 x 6.89 x 1.35 inches and weighing 3.13 lb. It's designed for space-saving setups and easy portability, making it ideal for modern, minimalist workspaces.
Ports and Expansion
The Elite Mini 800 G9 provides ample connectivity options, including USB Type-A, USB Type-C®, DisplayPort™ 1.4, and HDMI 2.1 ports. It also has expansion slots, including one M.2 2230 for WLAN and two M.2 2280 for storage, offering flexibility for additional upgrades.
Audio and Power Supply
Audio is handled by the Realtek ALC3252 codec, with a universal audio jack supporting various headsets. The desktop is powered by a 90 W external power adapter, with up to 89% efficiency.
Software and Additional Features
The HP Elite Mini 800 G9 includes various HP software for diagnostics and optimization. Its energy-efficient design is EPEAT® registered and ENERGY STAR® certified, reflecting its eco-friendly attributes.
Perfect for businesses and professionals needing a compact, yet powerful desktop solution, the HP Elite Mini 800 G9 combines performance, security, and energy efficiency in a sleek, space-saving design.


The best business computers to buy are those that fit your specific needs. Are you looking for raw processing power? Expandability? Customizability? A slim profile? Something that fits your budget?
Desktop computers for business offer enough variety within each of the various form factors to meet those needs and more.
Because we think that future-proofing your business is never a bad idea, we recommend the entry-level, yet impressively expansive, and server-grade power-equipped HP Z2 G4 workstation as the ideal choice.

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