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HP 355 Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard review

HP 355 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard: A Complete Review

Anna-Marie Brittain
Reading time: 7 minutes
Cables and wires are a thing of the past. When it comes to computer accessories, Bluetooth connectivity has paved the way for a wire-free setup. If you’re curious about which Bluetooth keyboard is the best for you, look no further.
The HP 355 Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard can handle any work you throw at it. It has a slim, low-profile, lightweight design. Place it anywhere on your desk, in the letter drawer, or bring it with you when you travel. It’s considered a full-sized keyboard, which is perfect for professionals and typists who prefer traditional keys.
If you are a typist, keys that offer very little resistance and solid responsiveness are a must. This HP Bluetooth keyboard is equipped with light, responsive keys, and it’s ideal for people who expect speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Of course, there’s a long list of uses, features, and technical details that make this multi-device keyboard worth your attention.

Why the HP 355 Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is right for you

why the hp 355 compact keyboard
Want to declutter your desk and work area? Studies have shown that a cluttered workspace can impact your mental health. The benefits of an organized workstation can’t be overstated and can lead to improved energy levels and reduced anxiety. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is by eliminating excess cords and cables.
That’s where the HP 355 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard comes into play. No more cords collecting dust or getting tangled around other items on your desk. With a durable, cable-free keyboard, you can have more flexibility with its placement. Its compact design makes it easy to slide beneath your monitor riser. Place it in your desk drawer or slip it into your suitcase or laptop bag.
Commonly asked questions that might come to mind are: can a Bluetooth keyboard connect to your iPad? Will a Bluetooth keyboard connect to your tablet? An iPad or tablet with Bluetooth technology can connect to accessories like headphones, speakers, game controllers, mouses, and more. That means you can easily turn your iPad or tablet into a workstation by pairing it with this HP Bluetooth keyboard.
One of the most important questions to ask is, which Bluetooth keyboard is best? For the best Bluetooth keyboard, it must fit your list of criteria. Is it durable and built for travel? Can it connect to multiple devices? Does it have a reliable battery life? Are the keys fast and accurate? Fortunately, the HP 355 Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is the answer to all these questions and will meet all these standards.

HP 355 Multi-Device Keyboard highlights

HP 355 Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
The list of uses for the HP 355 Bluetooth Keyboard continues to grow, especially for folks with hybrid work. Whether you work in an office, at home, or are constantly on the move, this wire-free keyboard provides you the mobility needed to get work done from anywhere. It features smarter keys along with long-lasting keystrokes and excellent battery life.
How many devices can be connected at once? The HP 355 Compact Bluetooth Keyboard can connect to your PC, Mac, laptop, standard computer monitor, iPad, tablet, and even your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. It’s capable of maintaining a stable connection to up to three devices. The powerful Bluetooth signal prevents lag and won’t impact audio quality.
A portable Bluetooth keyboard is expected to be durable considering that you will be traveling with it. The HP 355 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard was constructed with sustainability in mind. It’s made of 60% post-consumer recycled material and is spill resistant. It’s versatile and easy to pack in your laptop bag or backpack.

Quick Bluetooth pairing

The HP 355 Wireless Keyboard is engineered with Bluetooth 5.2 connection type. That means high-speed pairing to your devices. Do you have a dual monitor workstation? You can swiftly pair the keyboard to three separate screens or devices. The user-friendly setup makes it easy to simultaneously connect to a desktop, iPad, and smartphone.
How does Bluetooth work? Bluetooth technology works by using radio frequencies similar to that of AM/FM radio waves. It was developed to replace the need for wires and cables while still providing a secure connection between enabled devices. It operates independently from WiFi, internet communication, cables, transmitters, or receivers. USB keyboards require a cable connected to devices via USB ports. Wireless keyboards often use receivers to connect to the computer. Bluetooth radio wave communication between devices eliminates the need for a hard-line connection.
Efficiency has improved with Bluetooth technology in the last decade. Today, working with a Bluetooth 5.2 connection type means you get faster pairing capabilities and longer battery life. The range or total coverage Bluetooth technology offers has also increased in recent years. The HP 355 Bluetooth keyboard can pair to your devices from as far as 32.81 feet. Professionals working with screens or devices that are spread out across the room will have worry-free connectivity within that wide range.
What’s the difference between a wireless keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard? Before referring to all Bluetooth keyboards as wire-free, there is a slight difference. Yes, it’s technically wireless, but that’s thanks to Bluetooth technology. A reliable HP Wireless Keyboard uses a 2.4 GHz wire-free connection and a wireless nano receiver to stay connected. A Bluetooth keyboard has more flexibility in device connectivity, as long as the device is Bluetooth enabled and has a compatible operating system. The systems that work with the HP 355 Bluetooth Keyboard are Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS, ChromeOS, and iPadOS. It can pair with PCs that have Bluetooth connectivity and it features OS Auto-Detection for smooth pairing.

How long will HP 355 Bluetooth Keyboard keys last?

Durable, reliable, long-lasting keys are important whether you’re a techie, gamer, writer, or web surfer. The HP 355 Bluetooth Keyboard is built with smarter keys. The standard-sized keycaps keep you comfortable with typing, while the smart shortcuts make overall use easier. It features a dashboard of shortcut keys with 12 hotkeys. You can customize Fn combinations, control your audio settings, use emojis, get screenshots, dictate, and more.
Once you have the keys programmed for your needs, you won’t have to worry about their life cycle. There are up to 10 million keystrokes for the standard keys and 5 million keystrokes for the function keys. The keyboard has a low-profile plunger structure with a 2.0 mm depth. Get the most out of your Bluetooth keyboard by investing in one that has remarkable functionality and a long-lasting keystroke life.
The HP Bluetooth keyboard’s keys are light and responsive. You can expect speed and efficiency without lagging or delays in typing. The keyboard will keep up with your typing, no matter how fast or complicated it can get.

Impressive battery life

Have you ever worked on a project and edged closer to the deadline only to have your electronics run low on battery life? There’s nothing worse than having your keyboard or mouse completely die in the middle of work. Luckily, the HP 355 Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard includes batteries with a long shelf life.
The portable Bluetooth keyboard was built to deliver maximum efficiency over a strong Bluetooth 5.2 connection. It will continue to perform as it should even when you have it connected to all three devices.
The compact, multi-device keyboard also comes with two AAA batteries. You can get the most out of your keyboard without worrying about a dying battery for up to two years! Enjoy 24 months straight of working, typing, browsing, and more.

Cover all your bases

hp 355 keyboard highlights
If you want a fully mobile workstation, then the addition of wireless accessories will surely help. Complete your desk setup by getting the HP Bluetooth Mouse for travel. It’s a five-button, wireless mouse that can seamlessly connect to two devices. You can also customize four of the buttons for a more personalized experience. The track-on-glass sensor enables smooth navigation on almost any surface, even crystal-clear glass, without having to use a mouse pad. The long-lasting battery life provides flexibility too. You can use one AA battery that will last for 12 months or use two AA batteries to last you 24 months.
The HP Bluetooth Mouse for travel will work perfectly with your HP 355 Bluetooth Keyboard. With it, you can truly bring your office with you wherever you go. Want a fully integrated Bluetooth setup in your office? Be sure to check out the best Bluetooth accessories for your HP computer.
If you already have the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on your shopping list, and you’re considering other accessories, the HP Bluetooth Headset 500 is worth a look. You can stay fully immersed in a completely wire-free workspace. When you want to travel without headphones, but still need a clear audio experience, take a peek at the SoundLink Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System.
HP Bluetooth devices can help you declutter your work area and create stress-free seamless connectivity between your computer, smartphone, iPad, and more.

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