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The 3 Best HP All-in-One Color Laser Printers

The 3 Best HP All-in-One Color Laser Printers

Daniel Horowitz
Reading time: 9 minutes
When you are looking for the right type of printer to provide you with quality prints that will suit all of your needs, HP® has the perfect options. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish with your new printer, you can find one with the ability to print, scan, fax, and more.
HP® is known for providing customers with great products in addition to the support needed in order to take full advantage of the multiple features.
Here are some of the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing the best HP laser printer for you, along with some of the benefits of our most popular models.

How to find the best multifunction laser printer

While almost all laser printers on the market can handle basic print jobs these days, it can take a little more effort to find one that fits your home or office’s needs exactly. Before you purchase your new printer, take time to narrow down how you will use it and which specifications are the most essential to you.

Color or monochrome?

For many printer owners, the types of documents you’re printing shouldn’t require anything overly advanced. You’ll want to think about whether you’ll print any items that will need color, or if you are mostly looking to print black and white documents like receipts and invoices.
This will determine whether you want to choose a monochrome or color option. For home use, it’s more likely you will need to print out color documents periodically, but if your presentations need to be in color at the office as well, that could also be a reason to lean toward a color printer.

Which functions are necessary?

How you plan to use your printer can also determine which functions will be more important than others. If you still receive faxes from other businesses or clients, make sure that your new printer provides that ability.
Most all-in-one laser printers will cover these needs, but much of this can depend on your budget and the brand you decide on. HP all-in-ones tend to offer everything you might need, but it’s worth doing a bit of research into the model that can serve you best.

Paper size and material

How the printer handles certain jobs can also have an effect on the quality of the prints and what you feel is acceptable for your needs. Much of this will also depend on whether or not you plan to print items in one size or many.
A standard printer will be able to handle basic 8.5 x 11-inch and 8.5 x 14-inch prints, but for envelopes and other sizes, you may need a more advanced machine. If you’re in an office, you may also need to consider that there could be multiple demands on your device at once, which means the paper trays should be able to accommodate a number of reams or sizes.

Wireless or wired

Connectivity can also be a consideration if multiple people will be using your printer. Think about whether or not you should have a USB connection, WiFi, or some other cable for setting up, using, and maintaining the device.
If you use applications to print your projects, then your printer will need to be able to receive information from WiFi. Most models now offer this as an option, so it isn’t too difficult to find one that can connect in multiple ways, either.

Multi-person office or home office

How easy it is to set up the printer and the usability of the device can be a concern depending on who will use it and whether you’re likely to have multiple people printing at once. How powerful your processor is can determine whether or not your device will be able to handle the jobs you ask it to do.
Also, if a variety of people will be using it, it’s worth opting for a user-friendly option.

Toner and supplies

Finally, how much you would like to pay in regard to toner can narrow down the type of all-in-one printer that is best for you. Some brands charge more for laser toner cartridges than others, and many manufacturers require that you use their specific cartridge in order for the printer to work correctly.
This can end up changing your budget depending on how much you are planning to print and what kind of documents or photos you’ll print most. For most all-in-one printers, it’s fairly easy to find the right printer cartridges for your needs.
Here are some of HP®’s best and most popular options for those looking to invest in a new all-in-one laser printer.

1. HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M577f color laser printer

For those who want the best all-in-one color laser printer for business purposes, you can’t beat the HP LaserJet Enterprise M577f multifunction printer.
HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP Color Laser Printer Touch Screen Panel
This powerful machine is meant for offices that require a printer that can handle many sizes and can print, fax, copy, and scan for a number of people at the same time. With a print speed of up to 40 ppm in both black and color, your documents will be ready to go in just a few minutes.
This printer is built for the modern age, and it allows you to use your mobile device to make prints or scan both sides of a document at once.
Whether you want your scans printed out directly or you are looking to have them sent to email, this HP Color LaserJet Enterprise can make sending out your files much easier than printers of the past.
Thanks to its energy efficiency, you’re not only getting the specs you need for your business, but you can also save money on power and toner usage.
With a first-page-out speed of about 9 seconds from sleep mode, you can even end up printing 59 pages in a minute on a standard paper size. It also allows you to print both sides of your document just as quickly as it would take to finish one side.
As a business, you’ll need to keep your printer security and that of your clients in mind. This printer comes with features that allow you to protect your data through 256-bit encryption.
You also get HP®’s JetAdvantage security solutions, which keep your printer files secure from theft. The WiFi-direct printing is encrypted, too, making it possible for you to print from any location without worry that your documents will be stolen.
This HP Color LaserJet Enterprise printer has a capacity of 2,300 sheets, so you do not have to worry about constantly changing the tray on a busy office day.
With a large touch screen, it’s easy to access all the features, and it allows for a user-friendly experience that anyone in the office can handle. It also offers the power and specifications you need to create the professional-looking documents to help your business to succeed.

Additional HP LaserJet Enterprise features:

  • Simple mobile printing
  • FCC Class A emissions for minimum energy usage
  • Energy-efficient sleep mode to save power
  • Automatic paper sensor to avoid jams

2. HP LaserJet Pro 500 MFP color laser printer

For a business with smaller print needs and a more compact design, the HP LaserJet Pro 500 multifunction printer offers some of the more comprehensive functions you want from an HP printer without taking up too much space and while fitting into a smaller budget.
If you’re worried about whether this more compact printer can handle the pressure of the office and the needs of multiple people, don’t be. It easily prints two-sided documents and lets you switch between functions in seconds.
A smaller work team still needs to be able to send items fast and efficiently, and this printer allows you to fax, scan, and copy while printing documents at a speed of up to 31 ppm in black and color. With two 250-sheet input trays, you don’t have to find yourself constantly replacing paper, and when you use high-yield toner, you can save money that you would normally spend replacing cartridges.
The HP ePrint features help you keep track of print jobs and what’s in the print queue. Additional mobile compatibility offers printing from almost every type of phone or tablet, including iPhone®, iPad®, and Android devices.
Whether you plan to print from another location or just from across the room, you don’t have to spend time reconnecting your device or searching for a WiFi signal.
You can also lessen your environmental impact with Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology with two-sided printing and an EcoSMART console. HP also allows you to recycle your toner cartridges, making this a better printer by lessening the energy use and the waste you discard, overall.
Another plus is that this printer delivers high-quality prints from a compact device. Designed to make graphics pop, the precision black toner and optimized color settings offer professional print jobs while your printer tracks your toner use.
It’s also much easier to track your print jobs with the included 3.5-inch touch screen. With this added feature, you can program the size of your print job, print photo-quality media, and scan your next item all within a few moments.

Additional HP LaserJet Pro 500 features:

  • Black resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • HP ImageREt 3600 resolution technology
  • HP ePrint, Google Cloud Print, and more for mobile printing
  • Password-protected network available for additional security

3. HP LaserJet Pro M452nw MFP color laser printer

The HP LaserJet Pro M452nw multifunction printer’s compact size makes it perfect for small teams or a home office that takes on big printing jobs. Given its size, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit in your workspace, because it’s meant to be used nearly anywhere.
HP LaserJet Pro M452nw MFP Color Laser Printer
It also offers mobile printing so you can take your work on the road. With a wireless connection, you can connect to your printer through applications such as Google Cloud Print 2.0, HP ePrint, and AirPrint.
This HP LaserJet Pro prints documents quickly and makes them look their very best. The 28 ppm speed allows even the busiest small office to finish printing items in just a few moments. With up to a 4,000 page monthly print volume, this little printer can handle big jobs while fitting in a small space.
This printer connects wirelessly, so it’s possible to share print jobs with others and let them know when the printer is available and when their documents are finished.
This goes for when you’re away from the office, too, so you can still have an idea of when you can expect to have your files printed out for clients.

Additional HP LaserJet Pro M452nw features:

  • 2-line LCD screen
  • HP FastRes 600 technology for sharp prints
  • 250-sheet input tray
  • Dynamic security-enabled printer

In summary

When you need the best multifunction printer to complete print jobs with high-quality images while saving you costs on toner, HP® has the right option to help you get started. Along with those listed above, you can find a number of other great multifunction LaserJet printers models that will meet your needs.
Call to talk to one of our dedicated customer services representatives to get all the information you need to choose the best home all-in-one printer for you.

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