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HP USB Type-C Extension Cable Kit (5M)

Simplify the control of your HP Elite Slice Audio Ready with our flexible, 5-meter (16.4 ft.) USB Type-C® cable, durably designed to support placement in small, medium, and large conferencing spaces. Quick installation allows you to easily configure your meeting rooms.

HP USB 3.0 to Gigabit RJ45 Adapter G2

Reliable ConnectivityEasy to useEnables network manageability[1]World-Class support

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HP DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

J'avais acheté un câble DP->DVI "sans marque" mais la résolution de mon moniteur (2048x1152) faisait que l'écran s'éteignait à intervalles réguliers (je pense que certains câbles ont une résolution max de 1920x1080). Avec cet adaptateur et le câble original de mon écran tout fonctionne parfaitement. Mention spéciale pour la livraison. commandé lundi 6H ; reçu mardi 9H !!

HP USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter

When a cheap one started failing I had to go for the high quality adapter-connector. It does seem overpriced.

HP USB 3.0 to Gigabit RJ45 Adapter G2

Der Adapter ist eine hervorragende alternative zum Original LAN-Anschluss. Eine sehr gute Sache kann ich nur weiter empfehlen.

HP DisplayPort to HDMI True 4K Adapter

Got this to connect my new hp computer to my 65" tv and it works great. My tv is 4K and picture from computer is great. Streaming is great too.

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Shopping for the right cables to connect your setup? Browse the HP Store for Printer Cable.
Despite today’s increasingly wireless world, cables are still necessary. In fact, with new formats and ports like USB-C, you need a variety of cables that can reliably keep your setup running smoothly. Whether you’re connecting a smartphone, a monitor, a printer, or a specialized interface, HP® has all the cables at the highest quality and the fairest prices.

Quality connections

Shopping for cables can be a difficult task. In addition to making sense of multiple formats, you have to sort through different guarantees about quality and pricing that would leave anyone confused. With HP®’s history of reliability, you can find cables of all kinds knowing you’ll get across-the-board consistency and quality control. You also get a better store experience with easily laid-out specs and compatibility information. Plus, we have a support team ready to answer any questions you may have.

The right cable for every port

Wondering why and when you may need to use DVI to connect to a display? What about HDMI? VGA? You’ll find these answers when looking through HP’s wealth of cable offerings. It allows you to easily find just the cables you need for your setup, making the process much easier and helping you avoid any potential headaches. With new high-definition monitor formats, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best out of your technology without sacrificing quality or setting yourself up for disappointment because of the wrong cable pairing.

New technology

USB-C brings a new, faster standard to the world of USB. And if you’re interested in pursuing this newer tech, you’ll be glad to know you won’t have to leave your older devices behind. HP® has a wealth of adapters and hubs to help you connect the USB-C ports on your new tech to the USB-A ports of the older devices and peripherals you still need. If you’re worried about the possibility of having to buy a new keyboard and scanner when upgrading your laptop, don’t be. With HP’s USB adapters and adapter hubs, you’re taken care of.

Secure connections

On the subject of cables, theft has become a growing concern as technology gets smaller and more portable and open office plans become more popular than ever. With HP’s generous selection of cable locks, you can secure your laptop, monitor, dock, tablet, or any other hardware.

Options that work for you

Many HP printers maintain an industry advantage thanks to our proprietary Foreign Interface Harness (FIH) connector. But that doesn’t mean you can’t connect elsewhere. With a cable adapter, you can port FIH to USB-A and connect it to any computer in your workspace.
Whether you’re looking to connect your peripherals, sync your smartphone, print out documents, or interface with other computers and tablets, HP® has the reliable and affordable cables you need.
Browse our selection of Printer Cable and other cables to find the right connectivity solution for you and always get the best price available along with fast Free Shipping.