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HP USB-C 65W Laptop Charger

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Charge most USB-C® devices with just one compact charger. The HP 65W USB-C Laptop Charger provides up to 65W of power, enough for almost any USB-C® device.

HP 65W GaN USB-C Laptop Charger

Our 65W laptop charger is kind of a big deal. It plays well with most USB-C® devices[1], packs two powerful ports for simultaneous charging[2], and it's smaller than ever. Pack this petite power player and enjoy fast charging[3] wherever you roam and the efficiency of gallium nitride (GaN) technology .

HP 65W USB-C LC Power Adapter

Connect easilyQuick chargingWorld-class support

HP Slim Rechargeable Pen Charger

Charging the HP Slim Rechargeable Pen[1] with HP's USB wired charger is quick and easy. Simply place the pen inside the charger and it automatically aligns to the pogo-pins for charging. It even works in different directions. Plus, with a front opening, you can easily remove your pen and charge another.

HP USB-C Travel Power Adapter 65W

Memorial Day deal!

Adaptable voltageLightweight designProtected from the unexpected

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HP USB-C 65W Laptop Charger

Power supply is identical to the one shipped with my new HP Envy; extra one for the road; delivered quickly from HP; Happy Camper.

HP USB-C Travel Power Adapter 65W

This is exactly what I was looking for as my original charger broke at the USB-C part. I kept the attachment to plug in

HP USB-C™ to HDMI 2.0 Adapter

Es la primera vez que compro un adaptador USB-C, conocía los hub los he usado como docking y como zapatilla de USB. Es increíble lo que puede hacer el nuevo puerto, funciona de maravilla sin ninguna diferencia con un conector DVI o HDMI. Recordar que el portátil requiere tener el protocolo interno (una certificación).

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Shopping for the right laptop charger and power accessories for your needs? Browse the HP Store for an HP laptop charger. Easy to fit in your laptop bag and simple to pack up, our laptop chargers are designed for convenience and durability. Grab an adapter to help with charging multiple devices at your desk or choose a powerful universal laptop charger so you don't have to worry about wattage.
Need an extra long cord to wrap around your desk? On the hunt for great products at the right price? We've got you covered with the best AC power chargers for all compatible laptops, in addition to must-have features like Fast Charge and support for USB-C™ without adapters.
Set yourself up with the important things that we all need to stay in the game. True portability means a laptop charger that can deliver in crunch time, and stay out of the way when your phone or laptop is charged. Just tuck it in your backpack and go – some chargers can even fit comfortably in your pocket.

Reliable energy and charging wherever you go

Whether you're powering through the latest titles on your gaming laptop or the latest assignment on a business laptop, customers all need the same thing out of their chargers. It's simple: one charger to keep you in the action at all times. Thanks to laptops equipped with lithium-ion technology (sometimes referred to Li-ion for technical specs) and helpful HP charger features, you'll easily sustain and extend the life of your battery. Laptops provide reliable power output for high-performance processing, your battery stores it, and the right charger brand helps you power up with safety and comfort.

Advantages of shopping for a new laptop charger

Thinking about a new laptop charger for your personal laptop? Maybe your old charger is too bulky or the power output is starting to trail off on your unit. Fortunately, if you no longer want to use an oversized or faulty laptop charger, you can simply purchase a new one. Pick the right input and model for your needs, whether it's a trim design or a multifunction format that can charge laptops and smartphones. You already invested in a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, so make sure you can always get the most out of it with a reliable adapter.

Efficiency and versatility with a USB-C charger

The convenience of a USB-C charging cable versus micro USB or other alternatives is undeniable, especially if you're looking for an efficient laptop charger that works with your other devices. With one of the latest USB-C cable chargers, you can connect and power up any compatible device. Plus, you get support for the highest device wattages from all brands, at the same price as a typical adapter or laptop charger. Even without USB-C, you can find a model that comes bundled with replacement inputs when you need to charge a device with different wattage requirements.

Compact laptop chargers that cost less and store easy

The latest laptop chargers offer a more competitive purchase price and more user-friendly designs. That means compact options that can fit in tighter spaces without crowding your backpack. Or maybe you're tired of the conventional wall charger. Slim down your power cord and avoid plugging into a wall outlet altogether with multi-port adapter batteries, designed to easily charge multiple devices. All you have to do is charge it and tuck it into your travel bag for a convenient power outlet hub for on-the-go power.

Power any device with a universal laptop charger or adapter

Most laptops require power delivery at a certain wattage, which means a typical power cord won't work for a laptop with a different rating. So, if you have a 65-watt laptop charger, it won't be any use with a 45-watt or 90-watt laptop from its original charger. Some brands offer laptop chargers with accompanying port replacements so you can connect to a device with a different type of connection.

Say goodbye to your clunky wall charger

An unreliable or intrusive laptop charger can make life harder in myriad ways. They cause tangle and clutter, and they don't always store easily for travel. Even worse, some older laptop charger models just can't provide the same performance as a new laptop charger. Worried about the price? Here's the best part: Most adapters and laptop chargers options are marked well below $100, making this an easy investment to keep you connected and working.