How to buy

Campus of the future

Create a next-generation academic environment where research, instructional

innovation, and tech-forward facilities power student success.

The right device for any major

Whether you’re an aspiring aerospace engineer, film director, or accountant, HP devices provide a premium platform for your studies.

Arts and sciences

With a stunning 4K touchscreen and a seductively thin and exceptionally-crafted design, the Spectre x360 laptop is almost too good to be true. It holds nothing back on performance in an unbelievably thin PC with four modes designed around you.


Engineering, design, and film production

HP ZBook Mobile Workstations deliver the performance you need to run professional software applications, at a price that's right for students.


Student purchase programs

Easy to set up — differentiate your campus with exclusive savings.

Academic reputation

Attracting students, faculty, grants, and funding.

Powerful technology for powerful teaching

Empower your faculty with the latest Elite notebooks and immersive computing resources.

A premium experience for your most valuable resource

Your faculty will enjoy the premium design and performance of HP Elite Notebooks, whether they choose the Elitebook 1040 or the versatile Elitebook 1030 x360.


An enterprise device from security to support

HP Elite PCs are commercial-quality devices with built-in manageability and security features. Your IT departments will enjoy enterprise support, service, and parts while your users will enjoy a world-class computing experience.


Premium design

Users love these PCs.

Best-in-class security

IT loves these PCs.

Unique learning experiences

Create innovation spaces for students and faculty to collaborate and

create new knowledge.

The campus foundry

By combining HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers, HP Indigo Digital Presses, and HP DesignJet Large Format Printers, your campus community can have a powerful digital-to-physical production environment —the ultimate “maker space”.


XR: new realities on campus

Using HP Z Workstations and Head-Mounted Displays from HTC® and Oculus Rift™, your students and faculty can create alternate realities and enable next-generation teaching, learning, training, and research.


3D print

The HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution reinvents how you prototype and produce functional parts, delivering quality output, up to 10 times faster1 at half the cost.2

XR for higher education

Deliver the ultimate power for VR content creation and fully-immersive experiences.

A safe and secure it environment

Protect the personal data of your students and staff with the most

secure PCs3 and the most secure printers.4

The most secure PCs

Secure your devices, data, and identity, with the world’s most secure and manageable PCs.3 HP Elite PCs have built-in security solutions that are simple to deploy, manage, and use.


The most secure printers4

Reinvent security. Stop threats the moment they start — defend your network with printers that can detect and prevent attacks in real time.


HP surestart

Detect, protect and restore from BIOS attacks with HP Sure Start.

HP Jetadvantage

Deep, multilayered protection on guard 24/7 to keep your data safe.

A vibrant, open community of learners

The HP Campus of the Future empowers everyone – students, faculty,

administration and visitors – to participate in an active

academic community.

Public computing

HP Elite All-in-One PCs and Thin Clients provide a protected platform for labs, libraries, and kiosks.


Cost-saving, convenient campus printing

HP OfficeJet ProX and LaserJet 600 series enable anytime, anywhere printing that help to save money and improves the user experience.


Public computing

HP Thin Clients create a safe and speedy platform for libraries and other kiosk and lab terminals.

Print everywhere

Students and faculty can use HP ePrint to use any authorized campus printer, while HP JetAdvantage manages usage and security.

Create breakthrough experiences for your students

From VR to eSports, ensure your students are engaged and contributing

to your campus academic and social communities.

Products and solutions

The Campus of the Future is powered by technology that improves productivity and collaboration, while minimizing costs and security risks. HP products are designed for innovation and affordability.


Gaming & eSports

Unleash the power of OMEN on your campus. From 20-node starter clusters to pro competition-ready 120-seat arenas, HP can bring eSports to your campus. Through OMEN offering, your campuses can get continual upgrades while paying one predictable price per month.



  1. Based on internal testing, HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution average printing time is up to 10 times faster than average printing time of comparable FDM & SLS printer solutions from $100,000 USD to $300,000 USD on market as of April 2016. Testing variables: Part Quantity: 1 full build chamber of parts from HP Jet Fusion 3D at 20% of packing density versus same number of parts on above-mentioned competitive devices; Part size: 30 g; Layer thickness: 0.1mm/0.004 inches. Fast cooling module available in 2017 with some models will further accelerate production time.
  2. Based on internal testing and public data, HP Jet Fusion 3D average printing cost per part is half the average cost of comparable FDM & SLS printer solutions from $100,000 USD to $300,000 USD on market as of April 2016. Cost analysis based on: standard solution configuration price, supplies price, and maintenance costs recommended by manufacturer. Cost criteria: printing 1 build chamber per day/ 5 days per week over 1 year of 30-gram parts at 10% packing density using HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 material, and the powder eusability ratio recommended by manufacturer.
  3. Based on HP’s unique and comprehensive security capabilities at no additional cost and HP Manageability Integration Kit’s management of every aspect of a PC including hardware, BIOS and software management using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager among vendors with >1M unit annual sales as of September 2017, on HP Elite PCs with 7th Gen Intel® Core® Processors, Intel® integrated graphics, and Intel® WLAN.
  4. “Most secure printers” claim applies to HP Enterprise-class devices introduced beginning in 2015 and is based on HP review of 2016 published embedded security features of competitive in-class printers. Only HP offers a combination of security features for integrity checking down to the BIOS with self-healing capabilities. A FutureSmart service pack update may be required to activate security features. For a list of compatible products, visit: (PDF, 126KB). For more information:


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