HP Indigo Certified Pre-owned Presses

Limitless opportunities, for less

Harness HP Indigo’s unrivalled quality, versatility and productivity with our new certified pre-owned press (CPO) program1. Unlock a more affordable gateway to high-value opportunities — and build a business engineered to evolve.

High quality printing

Elevate your offering with HP Indigo’s Liquid ElectroInk technology, unrivaled color management and cutting edge PrintOSx software.

Extended Warranty

Backed by a 6-month factory warranty, you can be confident that each press provides HP Indigo’s quality and reliability.2

Unrivalled Versatility

Upgrade any platform at any time, ensuring your press is leading-edge and your investment is always protected.3


Commercial Printing

Tap into new commercial business opportunities with an affordable CPO press that’s engineered for expansion.

HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press


Additional digital presses

Expand your capabilities and leverage new business opportunities with the most advanced presses on the market.




  1. Pre-owned HP Indigo Digital Press availability varies by press return rate and geographical location. Contact your local HP Indigo representative for availability.
  2. Proactive replacement is performed only on high “wear and tear” parts. “Wear and tear” parameters vary depending on the specific part. New parts will be used for replacement. Press covers are not replaced and might present minor visual defects (i.e., scratches, etc.). Press will retain its original serial number and impression counter.
  3. Pre-owned HP Indigo Digital Presses can enjoy the same upgradability as their original model, subject to product availability.