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we hear you

Everything has impact. We’re on a mission to reduce ours across our entire value chain. Our Climate Action goals include reaching net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2040.

Tracking our progress

The goal:

Reaching net-zero

Achieve net-zero GHG emissions across the HP value chain by 20401

Where we’re at:


tonnes of CO2e averted across the HP value chain since 2019

The goal:

Smaller footprint

Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions from global operations by 60% by 2025, compared to 20151

Where we’re at:

59% ↓ 

less than our 2015 baseline, since 2019

The goal:


Achieve 75% circularity for HP products and packaging by 20302

Where we’re at:


Circular by weight.³

The goal:

Reduce waste

Reach zero waste across HP operations by 2025

Where we’re at:


diversion rate of HP’s global landfill waste in 2021

We’re the only tech company to receive a triple “A” rating across CDP’s Climate, Water, and Forests lists and Supplier Engagement Leaderboard (for the 3rd year in a row).

Minimizing our impact

9% reduction

In our carbon footprint (tonnes of CO2e) in 2021 vs. 20194

Primarily due to reductions related to product use resulting from increased energy efficiency and changes to the mix of products sold, we cut our carbon footprint to 28,459,500 tonnes of CO2e.

The science is clear. So are our goals.

Our 2025 GHG emissions reduction goals have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative.


Product energy efficiency

We design for product energy efficiency to help reduce our customers’ energy consumption and decrease product use carbon and water footprints.


Sustainable operations

Our multi-pronged approach tackles carbon emissions, energy, waste, and water consumption across our operations.


We aim to use 100% renewable electricity to power our global operations by 2025

Progress in numbers


of our global electricity consumption procured and generated by HP’s global operations was renewable electricity in 2021.


reduction in CO2e emissions intensity during product use through 2021, compared to 2015 


tonnes of CO2e emissions avoided by suppliers through HP & partner energy efficiency programs in 20215

8% reduction 

In HP’s water footprint (cubic meters) in 2021 vs. 2020

Primarily via a reduction in indirect water consumption from electricity generation associated with HP product use, we cut our water footprint to 146.8m cubic meters.


What we’re doing to minimize our carbon and water footprints—and make net-zero GHG emissions by 2040 a reality. 


the loop

110 million+

ocean-bound plastic bottles retrieved and reused in HP products6

We're keeping materials in use (and out of the ocean) by incorporating closed-loop and ocean-bound recycled plastics into a wide range of our products.6 Discover the process.


A more circular approach


Keeping products and materials in use

Initiatives such as the HP Device Recovery Service encourage the return of used devices to extend their lifespan.

Designing responsibly to reduce waste

Intelligent design solutions meet 3 key principles: eliminate waste, innovate with materials and make products circular.

Regenerating natural ecosystems

Preserving Earth’s natural resources means addressing deforestation and reusing ocean-bound plastics.

Leading the way to forest positive 

An ongoing commitment to forest management and restoration with responsibly sourced paper and packaging.  

Achieving material change in Haiti

Social and environmental change go hand-in-hand. In Haiti, our $2m investment in washing used plastics for use in HP products supports the local economy while helping prevent ocean pollution.


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Inclusive recycling cooperatives

Hear from Renilda and Marly, two Brazilian women at the heart of a waste recycling cooperative. 

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Recycling electronics, rebuilding lives

In Los Angeles, a forward-thinking e-waste firm gives good jobs to people who face employment barriers.

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Each day we use the equivalent of more than 1 million plastic bottles in new HP ink cartridges.7

How we're doing


of Original HP Ink Cartridges contain 4–75%8 postconsumer recycled content


of HP PC and home and office print hardware introduced since 2020 contains a minimum of 5 grams of recycled content.9 


tonnes of recycled hardware and supplies, since 2016

Fighting for forests

About 950,000

acres included in forest commitments

We’re taking urgent steps to prevent deforestation and support responsible forest management.10


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Sustainable Forests Collaborative

Healthy, resilient forests are important for the future of HP’s business. Working with other paper brands, we’re making this vision a reality. 


HP and WWF partner to protect forests

Our partnership addresses potential impacts on forests from paper used in printing with HP printers by helping to protect, restore and improve forest management of approximately 950,000 acres of forest landscapes.


Jane’s Green Hope

HP is contributing to the planting of 1 million trees through our partnership with Jane’s Green Hope and the Arbor Day Foundation. Join us.


Since 2016, HP brand paper has been derived from recycled or certified sources, and since 2020 this has also been the case for paper-based packaging for home and office printers and supplies, PCs, and displays.11

Progress through 2021


pilot projects over the past 2 years developed for science-based targets in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest to support WWF’s restoration efforts