Privacy/Data Protection & Media Sanitization

HP takes its responsibility to protect its customers’ confidential information, in particular customer personal information, very seriously. Today, more and more personal information than ever before is being stored and processed on electronic devices and media. Consequently, the appropriate handling of sensitive data contained on data storage devices is a concern for many customers. Customers have a responsibility to ensure that their data is not compromised.

HP is committed to assisting customers with the protection of their data, and with the prevention of unauthorized access to such data. HP has services available to assist its customers with the safeguarding of customer data. Customers may retain their defective drives by purchasing a Defective Media Retention (DMR) Care Pack. HP systems increasingly have the option of using “self-encrypting drives” which can significantly increase the security of all data contained on the drive.

If you are interested to know more about HP privacy policies, please review our HP Privacy Statement.

Download – HP Media Handling Policy (pdf)

US and Canada Only:

Download – HP Media Policy for Healthcare Customers

Download – HP DMR Policy Statement (pdf)