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redesigned myHP

By Lee Ott:

VP of Software Product Management & Design

A first step towards the future: the new myHP

When we first created myHP in August of 2020 the goal was to make it easy to get the most out of your PC. Today we are updating myHP, starting in the United States and rolling out globally over the following weeks.  This refresh puts more of the power of your PC at your fingertips. It adds great new features, continues to deliver helpful tips and content on customizing your PC, and puts support right at your fingertips.  It’s the first step in a big effort on our end to put the tools that help you get the most from your HP devices and services, in one, easy-to-access place.

Helping you get the most out of your PC

Helping you get the most out of your PC

When you pick a PC, you’re picking what works best for you, and myHP lets you take maximum advantage of your PC’s unique capabilities.  Whether your PC has a programmable key, amazing audio, or a hi-def camera, myHP lets you customize your PC to work best. It’s one place to go to manage those features and get the most out of your PC, so that it’s set up to make you more productive.

Awesome audio

We all use our PCs for a bunch of activities that require great audio – video calls, gaming, streaming shows, or listening to music.  That’s why this latest version myHP includes a number of great features to improve what you hear, and even how you sound.

Sound your best

Our intelligent noise reduction technology actively filters out background noise like room fans, a baby crying, or a lawn mower out your window. If you’re taking a video call in a crowded room, like a coffee shop, Personal Mode will even filter out other people sitting right next to you.   
The new Studio Recording Mode makes it simple to record high-quality audio while recording music so that instruments, or other audio streams sound amazing.

Listen better

You can also tune how your audio sounds with our advanced equalizer, letting you adjust bass or treble to your taste, or let Dynamic Audio automatically classify whether you are on a call or watching a movie or listening to music and optimize it for you. 
You’ll also get a fuller sound and greater clarity with our new Bandwidth Extension algorithm. It provides you fuller resolution audio when watching and listening to web-streamed video or audio and improves voice sound quality during conference calls.

Vibrant video in any app

Look your best

Sure, individual video apps have filters, but how do you look your best in any app?  myHP sets your camera up once, and then shows up in any application.  If you take video calls in poor lighting conditions, myHP can adjust for low light or backlight, brightening up the room and removing any shadows or silhouette effects. Appearance filters like Natural Tone bring out the natural colors by eliminating any light interference reflecting off your face. And the Skin Smoothing filter will enhance digital appearance by reducing wrinkles or blemishes.

Video ready – almost anywhere, anytime

No matter where you take your video call, with myHP people will pay attention to you, not what’s going on behind you.  The background blur and virtual background capabilities blur or blend any virtual background into your video, so you don’t need to worry about your surroundings.

Auto framing

Auto Framing goes further by always keeping you at the center of the frame, even as you shift around in your seat. And you can easily adjust the zoom or tightness of the frame so that you control what the audience sees.

Two cameras, one view

With our new multicamera capability, you can seamlessly integrate your physical environment in your video for an immersive experience.  You can have one camera pointed at you, and another at the notes in your notebook, or at what’s going on around you.

Support at your fingertips

myHP makes it easy to get help whenever you need it.

Answers to Your Questions
Quickly & easily access your product’s User Guides, Manuals, Warranty Information, Support Articles and more. Our AI-powered Virtual Assistant chatbot can provide answers to many common questions, or guide you through troubleshooting steps if needed.  You can connect with our HP Customer Support Community, where you can interact with other Community Members and Experts for any questions you may have. You can also create a support case and get in touch with a live Support Agent when you need to, with Phone, Chat, Social Messaging and other options available including having a support agent call you back. Of course, support options and hours of service vary by product, country, time of day, and warranty status, but never before has it been so easy to find out how to get help. 
Troubleshooting and Service
Use hardware diagnostics for your Windows PC, for troubleshooting hardware issues and simplifying the process to get your product repaired if needed.  And if you do need service or repair for your product, our Service Center Locator can help you identify an approved service provider closest to your location.  And if you already have a Support Case, you can check status in myHP or see your history of prior cases.
Last but not Least
Low-blue-light mode for your display reduces eye strain when you’re online late at night, and if you have a Programmable Key, you can customize it to quickly access your most commonly used apps, websites, or folders.

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Just the beginning

This is just the latest - more great features and support are coming in the weeks and months ahead, as we work to make it easier to get the most out of your HP devices, all from one app.  Stay tuned!