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Tablet? Notebook? How about both?

Tablet? Notebook? How about both?

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Notebooks and tablets play important—but often independent—roles in business. Notebooks' powerful processors and keyboards are ideal for creating complex spreadsheets and editing long documents. Tablets’ touchscreen interfaces and high portability make them ideal for presentations in the field and customer service tasks. While many businesses are interested in the benefits of tablets, however, they can be wary of the additional expenses and upkeep related to new technologies.[1]
Enter 2-in-1s—a unique combination of tablet and notebook technologies. They’re portable, they’re versatile, and they’re cost-effective. If you’re considering adding tablet capabilities to your workflow, or just want to run a more cost-effective business, here’s why 2-in-1s are a smart choice.

Utilize existing licenses and programs

Many 2-in-1s run Windows as their operating system, so you can use the same PC software and programs you’ve already licensed for your organization. No more working across multiple file types, product versions, or devices. This is a great way to replace old desktops and notebooks, too—by maintaining the same number of licenses while gaining additional tablet capabilities.

Streamline IT

Because many 2-in-1s run Windows, you can use the same management and security software already in place to monitor your notebook and desktop PCs. This may eliminate the need to purchase additional mobile device management software and helps to streamline your IT—reducing security issues by up to 33% and improving issue resolution time by up to 58% versus non-Windows tablets.[2]

Consolidate devices

Instead of distributing a separate notebook and tablet to each employee, you can provide a single 2-in-1 device. This saves money on new devices, reduces the number of devices you have to monitor and maintain, and offers a cost-effective way to upgrade aging PCs while incorporating tablet capabilities.

Improve productivity

Thanks to their portability and enhanced capabilities, 2-in-1s make it easy to access data quickly and can provide valuable services on the spot—such as completing a sale on the floor. They’re also ideal for road warriors, who need the functionality of a keyboard and flexibility of a tablet while on the go. In fact, 2-in-1s can improve road warriors’ productivity by as much as 46% percent versus a non-Windows tablet—helping them access information, collaborate, and complete tasks during downtime.[2]

Reduce errors

People like to type using keyboards. A recent study noted nearly 62% of information workers stated they wanted to use a keyboard when working with a tablet.2 The 2-in-1’s light, detachable keyboard makes it easy to input data on the spot—rather than taking notes for later—and can reduce errors related to retyping or delays by up to 51%.[2]
Whether you’re looking to add tablet capabilities to your workflow or just want to run a more cost-effective business, 2-in-1s offer an easy, affordable solution. They’re versatile, portable, and can pay back the initial investment in as little as six months2—combining the best capabilities from notebooks and tablets to help your business grow.

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[2] Forester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Windows Tablets: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Windows Tablets For The Enterprise, March 2014.

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