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Poly Savi 8240 Headset Review

Poly Savi 8240 Headset: A Complete Review

Jessica Childres
Reading time: 7 minutes

A reliable headset is imperative whether you’re working from home, on the go, or at the office. With an increase in virtual meetings and telecommunications, many offices and individuals are upgrading their headsets to keep up with their needs.
The sleek Poly Savi 8240 Headset provides comfort and the ability to connect to multiple devices. This device can keep you connected and focused during even the most important calls and meetings.
Here’s a closer look at how this Poly Savi Headset can benefit all users.

Standout features

The Poyi Savi 8240 has several unique features that help it stand out from other headsets on the market. From the charging base to the quick-charging battery, this device is a great choice for offices and individuals in any industry.
Now more than ever, having a reliable connection is important when conducting business meetings or calls. With noise-canceling capabilities and supreme comfort, this headset is sure to please.

Connect to multiple devices

Individuals working at an office often switch between using their personal cell phone and a work phone to manage daily communications. This Poly Savi Headset allows you to connect to multiple devices, including a personal cell phone and a work phone.
You can quickly and easily switch between the two devices with a push of a button, meaning you’ll no longer have to miss calls due to connection issues. This can save you valuable time during your work day and help you maintain your status as a reliable employee. Another unique feature of this device is the ability to connect to a computer.
Hosting Zoom calls or other webcam-based meetings is made simple with the Poly Savi 8240. With this headset, you can walk around the room, control the PowerPoint presentation, and stay engaged with your listeners. The direct connection to the computer gives you the freedom to move around without interfering with your voice control or audio.
This freedom prevents you from having to change your voice levels throughout the meeting, keeping you in control and focused on what really matters. It also provides excellent audio, allowing you to hear your coworkers with a crisp and clear quality.

Noise-canceling capabilities

Distractions and background noise are common in any work environment, whether you’re working from home, the local cafe, or the office. When you’re on an important business call, eliminating as many distractions as possible can go a long way in helping you get your point across.
The Poly Savi 8240 has background noise-canceling capabilities, meaning you can confidently take a phone call even in a crowded coffee shop. The advanced microphone will focus on picking up your voice while eliminating the other sounds going on around you.
This technology is especially important if you’re working in an office. Finding a quiet space while other employees take calls, conduct meetings, or chat about new strategies is often quite difficult. It’s just as important for individuals who work from home to have this technology.
Between dogs barking, children watching cartoons, and other loud distractions, it’s important to have these sounds eliminated. With more and more individuals working from home, it’s common to hear these household distractions in the background of a call. This Poly Savi Headset can eliminate these, keeping the interruptions on your business calls to a minimum.
The noise-canceling technology allows you to lead the virtual meeting or take the call with an important investor without having to worry about what’s going on around you.
Your confidence can help you stay focused on what really matters and can lead to you landing a new client or successfully reporting this quarter’s budget.

Convertible design

Individuals on the phone for most of the day understand the importance of comfort. The unique convertible design on this headset allows you to choose how to wear the device and gives you the ability to change it as needed.
With three ways to wear the headset, you can control your comfort throughout the day. Those who enjoy a minimalist design can use an in-ear option that simply loops over one ear. This frees your other ear and eliminates the need to place anything around your head or neck while conducting phone calls and meetings.
The second way to use this Poly Savi is with an in-ear piece that wraps around your neck. This provides extra stability for those who talk while on the move or need extra support outside of the in-ear piece. The lightweight and comfortable material is easy to wear for hours at a time and prevents any discomfort that other headsets may cause.
The third way to use this device is with a traditional over-the-head headset and earpiece. This switches out the in-earpiece with a padded headphone on one side and a comfortable band that goes over your head. This could be a wonderful option for those who like the traditional headset setup and prefer a single headphone over a device with the piece that goes in your ear. No matter which version you choose, you can always switch it out when you want to try something different or if you need extra support throughout the day.

Connectivity and charging

With up to seven hours of involved talk time on a single charge, you can easily take on a full day of meetings, phone calls, and presentations. The long-lasting battery gives you the freedom and confidence to take on meetings and conference calls throughout the day without rushing to plug in the device.
In addition, the long-rage capabilities keep you mobile without missing a single word. You can move up to 590 feet away from the connected device without experiencing a poor connection. Professionals can walk around the meeting room, move around the house while on a call, and even grab their order from the counter at a cafe, all without missing any important information.
You won’t get tied down to one single space with this Poly Savi Headset, making this a great option for those who like to stay busy or multitask while on the phone.

Power base

The convertible headset comes with a charging base that will look great on any desk or tabletop. It has a slot for the headset itself to rest in as it's charging and even gives you the option to connect your three devices from the base itself.
The sleek design doesn’t take up much space on the desk, leaving plenty of room for other items such as your laptop, extra monitor, and keyboard. On the bottom of the base, you’ll find a small light signaling the charging status of the headset, ensuring you always know when it’s ready to go.


The sleek and convertible Poly Savi 8240 is a wonderful headset option for anyone that takes calls or hosts virtual meetings throughout the day. Whether it’s for work or coordinating plans with friends and loved ones, this device is sure to help.
With three ways to wear it, you can choose a style that works best for you. Choose between an in-ear or a traditional headphone option, or switch between the two as needed. For those who like the extra support and classic look, you can use the band that goes over the head and ensures that your headset stays in one place.
You have the freedom to take your calls on the go with long-range capabilities, making this a fantastic option for anyone who works on the go. With this device, you’ll no longer feel tied down to your booth at the cafe or home office. With up to 590 feet of connectivity, you can take the call around the house, pick up your coffee from the bar, or move around the conference room with ease.
The elegant charging station easily fits on most desks and tables, allowing you to charge the device in just three hours. Once fully charged, the headset will keep its power on standby mode for up to 30 hours and handle seven hours of calls and talk time. The Poly Savi is a great option for offices looking to update their communication methods, remote workers, hybrid workers, and anyone else who spends hours on the phone.
This sleek headset easily pairs with other HP laptops and desktops and comes with a Poly standard two-year warranty, giving you the confidence you need to use this headset on an everyday basis.

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