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HP EliteDisplay E243d Docking Monitor: A Complete Review

HP EliteDisplay E243d Docking Monitor: A Complete Review

Sophie Sirois
Reading time: 9 minutes
Creative individuals understand the importance of capturing every sweeping angle, experiencing all possible perspectives, and the power of being fully immersed in the scope of a project. But sometimes one screen simply isn’t enough to access each and every viewpoint to bring ideas to life.
Enter the HP EliteDisplay E243d docking monitor; an extension to a greater point of view, intensified detail, and a maximized work and play space.
HP EliteDisplay E243d 23.8-inch Docking Monitor
You’ve likely heard the statistics on multi-monitor setups enhancing productivity in the workplace by up to 42% [1] but there’s so much more to increasing your screen’s real estate than just a boost in productivity. The HP E243 monitor is one model that’s designed to make workspaces more efficient, integrate technology with face to face collaboration, and above all, inspire a diversified, clearer perspective.
What’s more, the HP EliteDisplay E243d features a host of added benefits that allow artists to develop their best work, or sit back and admire the masterpieces of visionary heroes. Read our complete HP EliteDisplay E243 review to discover the innovation and edge this monitor can bring to your creative process.

Visualize every detail with revolutionary display features

If you’re looking for ways to expand your view, there’s no better option than connecting your primary screen to a display monitor. But what exactly should you look for in a display to ensure it hits the aesthetic and functionality marks that it needs in order to bolster your workflow?
  • Display size: When it comes to display size, you’ll ultimately need to decide what works best for you. If you’re creating graphic designs or films, you might need a larger view to see every eye-catching detail. If you just want something simple to boost productivity, a smaller display might make more sense for your lifestyle. The 21.5 inch HP EliteDIsplay E223 monitor might be a good choice in that case. For those who need a grander view, the HP E243d display model boasts 21.21 x 1.79 x 12.67 inches (23.8 inches measured diagonally) of screen space to provide maximum visibility.
  • Screen resolution: Enjoy 1920 x 1080 native resolution whether you’re working or taking advantage of your free time playing your favorite video game or browsing the web.
  • Display type: The HP EliteDisplay E243d screen combines the latest features in screen technology (IPS and LED backlighting) to offer vibrant colors, refined graphics, and picturesque images.
  • Compatibility: Read just about any HP EliteDisplay E243 review and you are likely to find one overarching comment that connects casual and professional product users around the globe: user experience. With easy setup guidelines, connect your display to a primary device using a VGA cable, HDMI cord, or a USB Type B cable from one end to the other.

IPS monitors take modern display technology to the next level

IPS, or in-plane switching, is an expansion of the tried and true LCD technology, enhancing the overall view of screens with higher-quality colors and improved angles, even under direct sunlight.
In addition to boosted image production and color quality, IPS panels tend to have a longer lifespan than other display types.

Fend off distractions with anti-glare construction

Whether you’re designing a print ad, launching a website, or reviewing data, it’s essential to have technology that never lets you miss a beat. The HP E243 monitor combines the best features in display technology to ensure users are always able to see the clearest view, regardless of the environment.
Natural glare hitting your screen as the sun rises or sets through the office window? Not even the sun is a match against the integrated anti-glare technology, enabling users to work at peak productivity with no interruptions.
What’s more, the low-haze coating strikes the ideal balance between functionality and style. Low-haze creates a glossy illusion while still achieving the anti-glare properties that matte screens provide.

Customize views with flexible display settings

It’s really no secret that the modern office job is taking a toll on the health of workers around the globe, so why push the statistics any further? With a swivel range of ±45 degrees, ergonomic tilting from -5 degrees to +23 degrees; and a pivot rotation of 90 degrees, there’s no need to crane your neck, squint your eyes, or wreak havoc on your body to achieve your productivity goals.

Expand perspective without sacrificing desk space

If you’re like most professionals in the modern workforce, you’re probably as conservative about using your desk space as you are with booking your calendar. That is to say, you might not have a whole lot of free room to work with. With the HP EliteDisplay E243d, you won’t need to worry about sacrificing too much of your desk’s real estate to accommodate an extra monitor.
Although this display boasts expansive views and high-end graphics, its ultra-slim construction is designed to add to your setup without taking away room for your favorite office supplies, accolades, or family photos.
Whether you work in a shared office space or have your own private office with enough desk space to host a corporate board meeting, the HP EliteDisplay E243d monitor is built to add to your tech stack and workflow efficiency, not take away from it.

Arm innovations with the latest in security tech

There are many advantages to integrating technology into your personal and professional life: more mobility, better resources, and a higher caliber of creative output to name a few. But as our online and offline lives collide, there’s an increased risk of interference from unauthorized sources that can threaten data privacy.
According to a recent study, 75% of internet users [2] are already concerned about their online data; without even considering how device insecurity can impact personal and professional information.

Screen partitioning

The HP EliteDisplay e243d is a great option for those who are serious about security. With screen partitioning mode using HP Display Assistant software, your screen can be dimmed entirely to only allow you to view the screen, or can be partially dimmed to block out specific zones from potential onlookers.
This feature is especially useful for those who deal with sensitive information, including Human Resources, Healthcare, and Social Services professionals. Using customizable settings in the HP Display Assistant software, users can tailor their screen view permanently or as needed.
When it’s time to collaborate, the HP E243 webcam is a willing participant, but only on your terms. For moments you want solace and security from the outside world, the privacy webcam retracts into the bezel to deter visual hacking and ensure peace of mind.

Bolster security measures with added features

Take device security up a notch with security lock-ready features. The HP EliteDisplay e243d can be connected to a monitor cable lock to provide added peace of mind when leaving the display unattended in a high-volume office or coworking space. Simply select a lock from the HP Master Keyed Cable Lock selection and connect to the security port on the display.

Let go of lag time with lightning fast refresh speeds

Whether you’re in work mode or play mode, you can’t be bothered to wait on lag time while switching between your primary device and your display monitor. At 60 Hz, the refresh rate built into this monitor can be used for gaming, professional design, or casual computing.
Take a risky shot with confidence knowing that there’s nothing in the way of your next move, not even time. Make minute but essential edits to video or audio productions with the ability to home in on specific moments without having to wait on your screen to refresh.

Power up multiple devices

Being so reliant on technology has its perks. You have a calculator on you 24/7, an accessible online calendar on-hand at all times, and effortless connection to both your personal and professional world. But when the power supply dies out and you’re left with a dead device, it can throw your whole day off, and there are few things worse than scarce outlets in a crowded office.
With the HP E243 monitor has the capability to power notebooks, smartphone, or any USB 3 compatible device with fast charging power delivery up to 7.5 W.

Automate preferences

Life in the modern world is all about convenience. Whether you’re at home, work, or on-the-go, virtually all of our everyday products are designed to ease the burden of our daily tasks and even make them more enjoyable. The same usability and design standard goes for the HP EliteDisplay E243d monitor.
Using customizable settings, users can adjust brightness, color, image, language preferences, and more to suit their unique preferences and changing environments.

Ensure strong internet connection with RJ-45 compatibility

You’ve built your ideal setup, you’re working away on your high-stakes presentation, and suddenly, a weak internet connection stops you in your tracks. It’s a frustrating situation that catches you off guard every time. And worse, it halts your creativity as you’re prepping for a major deadline.
If this scenario is enough to awaken nightmares of weak connection and painfully slow buffering, you’ll be relieved to know that the HP EliteDisplay has RJ-45 compatibility.
Skip the stalling screen and connect directly to the network using an RJ-45 Ethernet cable for even more efficiency, deadline or no.

Create a command center with daisy chain capabilities

If one extra display isn’t enough to foster maximum output, you might consider daisy chaining your devices. Daisy chaining monitors is a method you can use to bridge multiple devices together using a single connection.
All you need to create the ultimate workstation is a DisplayPort v1.2 or Thunderbolt cable to link together a fortress of devices. Keep in mind, when you connect many devices, the amount of pixel data that you can translate from one device to the next becomes limited. This means you may not be able to experience the same resolution levels between all of your screens. Not to worry though, this downgrade in resolution quality typically only kicks in when more than three displays are being connected.
Daisy chaining is useful for obvious reasons: more screens translates to more options and higher productivity. But this feature isn’t limited to the professional world. Use expanded screen space to hone your music production skills, monitor multiple views on your home security, or even compare online shopping options on a massive scale. The sky’s the limit once you broaden your perspective.

Work or play your way

With cutting edge graphics and display technology, HP EliteDisplays are ideal for any type of user. Here’s why.


When you’re hours into a gaming marathon, about to make that critical move that makes or breaks your overarching play strategy, there are two things you need on your side: speed and clarity.
With an agile refresh rate of 60 Hz, the HP E243 display could be your top-performing sidekick when it comes to taking swift shots and changing strategy. And when it comes to anticipating the enemy, vibrant color and crystal clear graphics are just the ammunition you need to stay steps ahead of your competitors.


Or perhaps you’re a creative professional with design proofs to perfect with a fast-approaching deadline creeping around the corner. Shift views from a primary device to the HP EliteDisplay to explore each design element with renewed perspective and even greater detail. When it’s time for a second opinion, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to put your project on display for optimal collaboration.

Efficiency your way

While the HP EliteDisplay E243d monitor isn’t reserved for casual users, it’s not a bad way to outfit an office space. Easy connectivity and user-friendly controls allow users to efficiently adjust settings without having to constantly refer back to instructional manuals.
Whether you’re using your display to defeat the enemy or share a funny YouTube video with the family, the HP Store has plenty of options to enhance and expand your perspective.

About the Author

Sophie Sirois is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Sophie is a San Diego-based content creation specialist covering the latest in tech and digital news.

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[1] John Peddie Research; Multi-Monitor Study
[2] National Telecommunications and Information Administration; Most Americans Continue to Have Privacy and Security Concerns, NTIA Survey Finds

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