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Video games are popular with people of all ages, but behind every good video game is a developer who came up with the idea for the game. Video games are usually centered around characters and their experiences in environments. To be a successful game designer or developer, you need both technical and artistic skills and the ability to communicate your ideas effectively.
People who like telling stories might also like creating video games. Anyone who also has computer skills and a love of technology might be able to combine their story ideas with technical skills to begin creating video games. Game design often involves drawing, too, since you'll need to be able to imagine and sketch out characters and environments. When you work as a game designer, you'll probably collaborate with programmers who create the code for the game.
Game designers need some specific skills to work in this industry. Many of the required skills are related to computer technology. Knowing programming languages is a plus because these languages are used to write the gaming software. Other abilities that game designers and developers use regularly include artistic skills such as drawing and composition, sculpture, and photography as well as different types of communication.
People working in the game development and design industries generally begin at a lower salary, but pay should increase with experience. An entry-level game designer will make between $22,000 and $52,000 depending on their education level and location. Someone with experience in the industry can expect to earn between $67,000 and $100,000. Anyone who works their way up to a supervisory or management position could make as much as $136,000 per year.
Game designers and developers can begin learning some of the necessary computer and artistic skills at home. Start a sketchbook of character and environment design ideas. When you watch movies and play video games, pay special attention to the design elements involved. Watch documentaries about game development. Start a journal of game ideas, and practice writing storylines and creating characters and environments.
Attending college to learn game design may be the next step. Before you choose a school, research your choices to find one with a high-quality program. Find out about the faculty at a school and what their experience in the gaming industry has been. Ask about the design and creation of the curriculum.
Ideally, the curriculum's authors should also be professionals in the gaming industry. Research the design software that will be taught in the program, and check to see if this software is widely used in the industry. And find out the percentage of graduates of the program who are working in the gaming industry.

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