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Laptop vs Desktop: Which is Right for You?

Laptop vs Desktop: Which is Right for You?

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Check out our infographic buyer's guide to find the right HP laptop for your everyday needs

The age-old debate between laptops and desktops comes down to a single question:

Which is right for you?

Laptop vs Desktop: Which is Right for You?

Infographic text:



  • Portability - Freedom from power cables lets you take your digital to-do’s from the office to the comfort of your home
  • No assembly required - Ready to use right out of the box
  • Several styles - Modern laptops come in a number of different exciting form factors that cater to different types of users
  • Compact - Typically measuring less than 1-inch tall, laptops are excellent space savers
  • Lightweight - Your sprawling digital world weighs less than 5 pounds (on average[1])



  • High-performance power - Greater size means greater work capacity. Desktops are the first to feature the latest, most innovative tech rolled out by PC manufacturers
  • Cost efficient - Affordable desktops offer higher processing power and functionality than an affordable laptop of similar grade
  • Upgradable - Deconstruct and reconstruct the internal hardware of a desktop with mechanical ease. Changeable components include:
    • CPU & motherboard
    • Graphics card
    • Memory
    • Storage
  • Larger screen - More screen real-estate gives way to a more immersive visual experience
  • Specialized form factors - Today’s desktops are more stylized than ever for every PC user’s needs

Laptop vs Desktop: Which is Best for Your Daily Computer Needs?

The Casual User: You depend on your PC for web browsing, word processing, movie watching, and other low maintenance tasks.
Our vote: Desktop
  • Infallible performance for your everyday needs
  • More affordable than a basic laptop
  • Expansive storage promising years of use
The Student: Your work and play schedule calls for a keen balance between final project creation and late-night gaming sessions.
Our vote: Laptop
  • Portability that takes you from the classroom to your dorm room
  • High-performance power to accommodate your busy agenda
  • Convertible laptops offer heightened usability
The Artist: the graphic designer, the architect, the photographer (could prompt graphics idea) A day in the life of the digital artist revolves around creating masterful designs, visionary pieces, and breathtaking visuals.
Our vote: Desktop
  • Dedicated GPUs deliver more robust visual quality
  • Desktops are broader in setup, enabling more comfortable computing with full-sized features
  • Multi-tasking is made easy with mightier RAM capability
The Power User: the businessperson, the technologist, the number-cruncher (could prompt graphics idea) From data-crunching to executing full-scale simulations, your busy agenda requires far more work than play.
Our vote: Laptop
  • Wireless mobility grants ease of transport from meetings to the office
  • Portability promotes collaboration
  • Workstations offer high-end computing for powerful mobile processing
The Gamer: Your digital gametime is dependent on powerful processing, vibrant graphics, and responsive technology for tactical level-ups.
Our vote: Desktop
  • Increased screen size creates more immersive gameplay
  • Unleash overclocking power
  • The option to upgrade unlocks limitless hardware opportunities

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