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Internet Speeds Around the World

The Connectivity @tlas: Internet Speeds Around the World

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The country with the fastest Internet speed is Singapore according to this comprehensive, worldwide infographic created by the HP team.
This global Internet speed index shows that Singapore is the country with the fastest broadband Internet, reaching average download speeds of up to 238.59 megabits per second. Why is Singapore’s Internet so fast? There are several theories.
Since modern Singapore is a relatively “new” country, having been founded in the late 19th century, it was developed with infrastructure that is compact and easily upgraded. Furthermore, the economic freedom that is pro-business, pro-expat, and pro-technology has attracted many entrepreneurs who have helped create a high-speed, connected society.
Check out this visualization to find out more about Internet speed around the world:
Click to view the full-size infographic
The Connectivity @tlas: Internet Speeds Around the World

What Countries Have the Fastest Fixed Broadband Internet?

While Singapore leads the globe with the fastest broadband Internet speed, Hong Kong is a close second, followed by Thailand and Romania.
Dipping below 200 megabits per second, Denmark, Spain, and Hungary lead the way.
The U.S. sits at 12th in broadband Internet speed.
Here are the top 20 countries with the fastest broadband Internet speed:
1. Singapore Internet speed: 238.59 megabits per second
2. Hong Kong Internet speed: 231.70 megabits per second
3. Thailand Internet speed: 217.70 megabits per second
4. Romania Internet speed: 205.89 megabits per second
5. Denmark Internet speed: 197.27 megabits per second
6. Spain Internet speed: 189.50 megabits per second
7. Hungary Internet speed: 187.52 megabits per second
8. Liechtenstein Internet speed: 186.46 megabits per second
9. Monaco Internet speed: 185.48 megabits per second
10. France Internet speed: 184.77 megabits per second
11. Switzerland Internet speed: 183.88 megabits per second
12. United States Internet speed: 180.84 megabits per second
13. South Korea Internet speed: 176.95 megabits per second
14. Andorra Internet speed: 172.41 megabits per second
15. Chile Internet speed: 171.88 megabits per second
16. Macau Internet speed: 167.56 megabits per second
17. Sweden Internet speed: 165.52 megabits per second
18. China Internet speed: 163.83 megabits per second
19. Canada Internet speed: 158.69 megabits per second
20. Norway Internet speed: 153.36 megabits per second

Which Country Has the Fastest Mobile Internet?

The country with the fastest cellular Internet speeds is the United Arab Emirates, with an average speed of 178.52 megabits per second.
South Korea’s Internet speeds are a close second, reaching an average of 170.52 megabits per second.
Here are the top 15 countries with the fastest mobile Internet in the world:
1. United Arab Emirates Internet speed: 178.52 megabits per second
2. South Korea Internet speed: 170.52 megabits per second
3. Qatar Internet speed: 167.40 megabits per second
4. China Internet speed: 150.40 megabits per second
5. Saudi Arabia Internet speed: 133.73 megabits per second
6. Norway Internet speed: 118.20 megabits per second
7. Australia Internet speed: 109.33 megabits per second
8. Netherlands Internet speed: 103.37 megabits per second
9. Bulgaria Internet speed: 96.27 megabits per second
10. Switzerland Internet speed: 95.27 megabits per second
11. Canada Internet speed: 93.87 megabits per second
12. Kuwait Internet speed: 92.94 megabits per second
13. Luxembourg Internet speed: 91.74 megabits per second
14. Cyprus Internet speed: 87.55 megabits per second
15. Sweden Internet speed: 83.44 megabits per second
This analysis is brought to you by HP Laptop Computers.

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