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Meet the New HP Engage One Prime: The All-in-One Retail POS System

Meet the New HP Engage One Prime: The All-in-One Retail POS System

Linsey Knerl
Reading time: 9 minutes
Business owners should take the purchase of a retail point of sale (POS) system seriously. The device will be used as a financial backbone for your retail location, so it’s essential to choose the best. The HP Engage One Prime is a POS that’s designed to deliver value and reliability in a way that puts small businesses at a competitive advantage.
HP Engage One Prime Point of Sale - Register View
Before you discover more, it’s best to start with the basics and learn why a POS is important, what to look for in a system, and why the HP Engage One Prime is positioned to do everything you need.

What is a retail POS system?

A retail POS system is made up of the equipment, software, and accessories used when a customer buys a product. A cash register is the simplest and oldest version, although advances have been made to include many more functions than just calculating the cost of something and giving back change.
HP Engage One Prime Retail POS Barcode Scanner
In fact, today’s POS products can record the transaction for accounting purposes, track trends for inventory and ordering, and record customer data for easy returns and warranty info. They are the retail sales computer you need to improve your service and make any back-end logistics easier in the long run.
The POS is usually sold as a single, comprehensive business solution. A retailer will usually invest in a point-of-sale system that includes the electronic equipment and the software it runs on, as well as the solutions for processing credit and debit transactions.
This may also include the merchant card processing services and any fees paid to VISA, American Express, Mastercard, and others.
Because a POS system is one of the most critical parts of a retail business, it’s important to make the right choice for your store.
Businesses that expect to grow must know that their system is poised for tech advances and can keep their financial info and customer data safely stored until it’s transmitted.

Who uses a POS system?

Almost all industries with customer interaction use a POS, but the features may vary by industry. A hotel business may not need a unit that faces customers, whereas a shop with a gift registry may.
HP Engage One Prime Point of Sale - Customer View
Printers are usually a part of the POS as well, but many POS units are moving away from printed records and pushing customers to have their receipts emailed or stored on their loyalty cards or apps.
Anyone wanting to easily scan receipts or loyalty program cards, in addition to UPC bars, will also want to know how this innovative POS tech may change in the future.
Looking ahead to the marketing goals you have for your business can help drive how you research, shop, and incorporate new POS advancements. It’s wise to consider your next year or two before looking at the POS systems available today.

Best features of a POS system

Do you know how your POS compares? What specifications are necessary for an efficient system and which are just fluff? When you’re looking for the perfect POS system for retail store owners, consider the following features. Not all units can claim these benefits.

1. Affordable

Small businesses are usually boot-strapped with no extra funds to dabble in unproven tech. That’s why it’s essential that a POS system helps you accept payments and improve profits without costing more than you’ll make in the long run.
A powerful POS that fits your operating budget is essential, and small businesses are wise to look at ROI before investing in any new system. There should also be a reasonable way to pay for the unit, whether through a vendor credit account or payment plans.

2. Beautiful

Your new POS system isn’t just a place to ring up purchases and accept debit cards; it’s also one of the first things a new customer will notice. Consider your POS system an extension of your style and brand and invest in one that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is productive. Clean lines, a vibrant screen, and a minimalist design are the trends most business owners are looking for in a POS today.
It’s also necessary to ensure the peripherals match your system and have an integrated look with the rest of the equipment.

3. Easy set up

Retailers know their business, and it’s not to learn new IT skills. Instead, focus on a plug-and-play solution that’s simple to use and ready to go from the moment you buy it. The right POS should allow you to focus on other things. If possible, it’s ideal to find a rep to walk you through the first few days.

4. Compatible

Accepting credit cards is just one major function of a modern POS. Your choice in systems should also work seamlessly with several of the large digital payments systems and those that work on a modern smartphone.
Compatibility with processors like PayPal is just the first step in becoming an accessible retailer for everyone. Make sure your system has built-in solutions that play well with third-party payment services, including those favored by digital wallet apps.

5. Connected

Customers need to know that they can pay for their items promptly without delays or snags. With the right POS system, retailers know that their transactions will be processed and transmitted securely and according to the rules of the processor.
Look for a POS that connects easily to other devices in your network using popular port options, such as the USB-C™ port and USB-A ports. It’s also suggested that your POS is Bluetooth enabled with easy access to your WLAN.

6. Personalized

POS systems used to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Now, however, there is a considerable amount of customization you can request for your configuration.
From color, like choosing between black and white for the HP Engage One Prime POS, to operating systems, there are more choices than ever before. Pick the CPU speed, storage capacity, and even memory, along with the accessories to match.

7. Expandable

As your business grows, so will your POS needs. Even if you never set up a second checkout station, you may want to expand your system functionality with accessories, extra screens, new scanners, and customer-facing tech.
When buying a POS, know if your system is being sold as-is with no possibility of change or expansion in the future. Ideally, your chosen system is one that will grow with you, offering endless opportunities to improve your sales processes and make the customer experience a responsive one.

8. Supported

Whether you are buying your first POS system or your fifth, it’s important to know that you won’t be all alone with the questions and concerns that may arise during use. Even the best-performing units may leave you with uncertainty, and a company should stand behind its POS products and be available to help when needed.
A reliable POS manufacturer should offer both a standard warranty that covers parts and service that fail due to manufacturer flaws in addition to an optional care plan that can be purchased.
Buying this optional plan gives you a way to get support and remedy in the case something goes wrong or you aren’t sure how to solve an error. Companies that don’t offer optional plans may not be a good fit for you.

The best POS system for retail businesses

If you’re in the retail space, you’ve likely heard people talking about the new HP Engage One Prime and the effect it’s expected to have on retailers everywhere. The sleek design takes up minimal space, making it ideal for even the tiniest storefronts and shallow countertop displays.
HP Engage One Prime Retail POS System
Larger shops with more ample cashier stations will also appreciate that it requires little room, giving you the real estate you need to add merchandise displays or simply keep the counter open and clutter-free.
Each of the HP Engage One Prime POS units can be adapted to provide a first-class customer-facing experience. The 14-inch diagonal HD color touch screen can tilt toward customers so that they can see what you’re doing if you wish. Just tilt it back when you’re done, and you’ve accomplished much more with just one screen.
An optional display can be integrated to show transactional info or even share marketing materials in a fresh, bold way. Plus, it matches the design of your overall unit, so it’ll keep the classy aesthetic and won’t distract when not in use. These screens are designed to match the aesthetic you choose, either black or white, to incorporate the look of the rest of your POS unit.

HP Engage One Prime POS features and specs

There are loads of features to choose from. While it comes standard with the highly reputable Android™ 8.1 operating system and multi-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon processor, you get to specify how much memory and storage you want, as well as the CPU that meets your growing needs.
With a few different scanning options to consider, it’s easy to incorporate barcode scanning, loyalty card reading, and more custom interactions with your customers.
The HP Engage One Prime is also secure. In addition to running the most up-to-date software, it has safety built into its hardware design. Choose to incorporate the Prime Biometric Fingerprint Reader for secure application-specific use cases or use a keyed cable lock to discourage theft of the system.
Finally, HP® and PayPal have partnered to make the HP Engage One Prime a seamless solution for accepting and processing payments. The business-ready solution is geared toward retail and hospitality companies who know that customers want a quick, easy, and comfortable transaction experience.
PayPal’s high-caliber software solutions and tools make it simple for small businesses to continue tracking transactions and financial data without learning complicated new software integrations.

Support and accessories

The HP Engage One Prime POS also has a supportive team of professionals behind it to keep you running, even when issues arise. Instead of having to troubleshoot problems, rely on the care team that’s ready to serve as part of the one-year HP limited warranty, or get extra protection with an optional, value-added HP care service plan. This frees you up to do your business, while HP® does theirs.
Accessories for the HP Engage One Prime include:
Because it’s expandable to many units with a full line of peripherals, growing businesses should consider the HP Engage One Prime to be quite possibly the best POS system for small retail store operations.
Like all POS systems, the product has innovative printing capabilities and ways to move your customers between paper receipts and digital records.

Where to buy

If you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in the next level of POS systems for retail businesses, restaurants, hotels, and more, it’s best to get in touch with an HP-authorized reseller.
These products will be part of a complete payment processing solution from these vendors. You can get your software, services, and equipment at one price that meets your needs best.

Shopping tips

Before you shop, take a moment to consider what you need in a POS system by answering these questions:
  • What else do I need help with besides payment processing? (Examples could be inventory, sales analytics, customer database management, and reporting)
  • What is my total budget for payment processing?
  • What am I willing to pay for upgraded software that addresses the solutions to the concerns mentioned above?
  • What peripherals or accessories are must-haves for my customers and my employees?
  • Do I need customer-facing POS screens?
  • Will I add on cashier stations or checkouts in the future? What does expansion look like for my business?
Knowing these answers ahead of time will greatly streamline your shopping experience. You’ll help your representative find the right POS system solutions for you and ensure a smoother transition to the new system once it’s in place.
Remember, if you pick a POS that’s innovative, simple to use, and expandable, you can expect a long partnership with unlimited growth potential. What more could a retailer ask for in a long-term sales solution?

About the Author

Linsey Knerl is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Linsey is a Midwest-based author and public speaker. She has a passion for helping consumers and small business owners do more with their resources via the latest tech solutions.

Disclosure: Our site may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.