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HP Elite Dragonfly - A Complete Review

HP Elite Dragonfly - A Complete Review

Tomas Zegarra
Reading time: 9 minutes
There’s been a lot of buzz about HP’s newest compact PC, the HP Elite Dragonfly. About the same size as notebook paper and just over a half-inch thin, this light and portable powerhouse is a winning combination. Some of the best and brightest in tech agree.
Read on to see why the HP Elite Dragonfly may be the best pick for your next business laptop.
HP Elite Dragonfly

Award-winning and sustainably produced

As a winner of 25 awards at the 2020 Consumer Technology Association Consumer Electronics Show (CES) including the 2020 Best of CES award for best work laptop, the HP Elite Dragonfly can add productivity to your day with its long battery life and high-end processors.
But did you know it also keeps plastic out of the ocean and waste out of our landfills? HP Elite Dragonfly is the world’s first notebook made with ocean-bound plastics. For instance, the speaker boxes are constructed from plastic waste that would otherwise have ended up in our oceans.
And not only that, we source much of the material for this convertible business notebook from recycled resources. From 90% of the magnesium for the chassis to 82% of the mechanical parts, HP is focused on sustainability when crafting the HP Elite Dragonfly.
If you’re in the market for a new PC that reflects your style and personality, then we’re glad you’ve stopped by. You can either customize your HP Elite Dragonfly or pick up one with curated specs. Either way, it’ll come loaded with some of the hottest specs on the market for a compact, convertible PC.
Let’s take a look at the award-winning HP Elite Dragonfly.

Why do you need the HP Elite Dragonfly?

If the term mobile applies to you, this PC is going to be a worthwhile investment. When your work/life is taking you to different states and countries, you need a device that travels too. If you need robust computing, a leisure PC built for surfing the web and light school or work programs isn’t going to cut it.
You need something beefier like the HP Dragonfly. There are plenty of other HP Business laptops available, too, each with their own strengths. So why do you need the HP Elite Dragonfly?
This laptop combines almost every strength of every HP EliteBook available. You get enterprise-grade security, privacy and authentication options, convertible modes, and a powerplant to match on the go. Utilizing all of HP Elite Dragonfly’s features will help you make the most out of your investment.
You should consider purchasing the HP Elite Dragonfly if you envision your work to be as dynamic as you are. Additionally, if your work is high profile and highly sensitive, this requires you to have a PC that is fortified security-wise but not to the point where it becomes cumbersome for you to operate.

What can you use the HP Elite Dragonfly for?

While the HP Elite Dragonfly doesn’t have the desktop-class power of mobile workstations, it makes up for that in a variety of ways.
First and foremost are the four convertible modes; laptop, tablet, tent, and media. Each of these modes allows you to work on or present your projects in a different way. A different field of view can be a big difference in the way you or your coworkers see your work.
Whether you’re processing gigabits worth of information or designing a 3D model, the HP Elite Dragonfly is built for power computing.
The HP Elite Dragonfly can serve you even better when paired with accessories. For a little extra, you can get a digital pen, docking station, external monitor, and more. The digital pen specifically should appeal to designers looking to do designing by hand.
The convertible nature of the HP Elite Dragonfly allows you to approach your work from different angles. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, HP Elite Dragonfly gives you that reliability you just don’t have with standard laptops.
Ok, but what if you’re not an artist? The convertible modes might still come in handy, but the HP Elite Dragonfly is more than just an artist’s tool. With the memory, internal storage, and processors you can load onto the HP Elite Dragonfly, you can have faith that this PC will run comprehensive programs with impressive speed.

Work on-the-go

Speaking of planes, trains, and automobiles, let’s talk about mobile work. The HP Elite Dragonfly is touted as a mobile professional’s best friend, but what exactly goes into that title?
We’ve already talked about the convertible modes, which allow you to adapt to different settings. But you also have the option of equipping gigabit-class 4G LTE and gigabit-speed WiFi 6.
Outfitting your HP Elite Dragonfly with Intel® XMM™ series adapters will allow you to connect to your mobile service provider (currently compatible with Verizon and AT&T) and therefore, the internet. With this broadband connection, you gain a decisive edge over the competition that is limited to the range of their WiFi or a corded ethernet plugin.
PCs that can connect via LTE are uncommon and if they can connect, they’re not generally energy efficient. HP Elite Dragonfly ensures that if you have to work without access to a power plug, you’ll get as much done as when you are connected.

HP Elite Dragonfly Specs

At first glance, the HP Elite Dragonfly resembles an HP Chromebook with its slim profile. In reality, it's far different. While the Chromebook is a great internet-based PC for less-intensive computing, this PC falls under the HP Elite class of laptops. HP Elites boast some of the tightest security measures in class.
Currently, the HP Elite Dragonfly is the world’s lightest convertible PC, weighing in at just 2 lbs. Even with all these features, the HP Elite Dragonfly doesn’t attract attention beyond the thin frame its family of PCs is known for.

Core specs at a glance:

  • 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor which you can upgradeable to Core i7 CPU
  • 16GB memory, 256 GB SSD storage which you can upgradeable to 2TB SSD storage
  • 13.3-inch diagonal FHD touch display
  • Gigabit-speed WiFi 6
  • Intel UHD graphics 620
  • 720p HD Camera
  • Premium keyboard that’s spill-resistant and backlit

Focused specs:

  • Privacy Screen - HP Sure View Gen3 functions in landscape orientation and appears as a grey screen to people trying to look over your shoulder at your PC
  • HP Privacy Camera - This camera can be covered with a shutter so you don’t have to worry about someone remote accessing your camera
  • Magnesium Chassis - No laptop is completely indestructible, but this material will protect the PC from common bumps and scrapes
  • HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen3 - Ensure that no one gains access to your PC with fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Digital Pen - HP’s partnership with Wacom means your HP Elite Dragonfly can come with an AES 2.0 pen that has a button that can launch its associated app (not all models)
Many of the specs will have to be configured at the customization screen. This brings us to another good point about the HP Elite Dragonfly - to customize or not?

HP Elite Dragonfly Price and Customization

Core specs? Check. Convertible modes? Check. Advanced security? Check. What makes the HP Elite Dragonfly such a worthwhile buy is that that you get all of those regardless of which customization you choose.
There are not many PCs on the market that you can call robust in virtually every category, from power to processing. A great PC for the money is what you deserve and that’s what HP aims to give you.
There are plenty of additional PC options available - basic computing, gaming, 3D art, and more at the HP store.


The more robust option allows you to choose every spec you could possibly want. Choose from a range of categories including 8GB or 16GB of RAM, Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processors, 400 nits, 55 nits, or even 1000 nits screen brightness, FHD or UHD screen resolution, and 128GB to a whopping 2TB of internal storage.
Choosing to customize will allow you to tune the HP Elite Dragonfly to the type of work you deal with. Even better, the HP Elite Dragonfly will still retain its premium look and feel no matter which upgrades you pick.
What situations could you encounter that would require a customized HP Elite Dragonfly? If you’re a supreme multi-tasker, then all-day performance is an issue for you. Upgrading to an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM makes the HP Elite Dragonfly your go-to workhorse.
A superior processor and increased RAM ensure that the HP Elite Dragonfly has lightning response times at any time of day or night. Even with constant use, the HP Elite Dragonfly will prove to be reliable for all your high-powered needs.


Going for the pre-built option is less expensive than the customizable one but still comes with the good core specs we mentioned above. You may not have things like broadband connection, the maximum amount of internal storage, and a digital pen. However, the security features and strong components are all included in the price.
Why might this option appeal to you? The first reason is that you’re already pretty experienced with the core specs mentioned above and those are everything you need to get the job done. Maybe you only have a couple of programs running at any given time during the workday.
This allows you to work comfortably in the office or on-the-go without making too much of a dent in your budget.

Final Verdict

Drum roll please...Okay, we can’t help it, we love the HP Elite Dragonfly. That may seem like a little bit of self-promotion but hear us out. The wonderful world of technology is evolving on a daily basis, so much so, in fact, that we can hardly keep up with the problems the next big thing on the horizon.
Cybersecurity and malware threats are as much a concern as they’ve ever been. Your superiors require results even when you’re not in the office setting. With more and more people taking their work on-the-go, you need a PC that is as dynamic on the road as it is in the office.
The HP Elite Dragonfly is HP’s answer to the evolving world of the mobile professional. But is it only for the mobile professional? The answer is definitely not! Sometimes purchasing desktops with full setups simply isn’t in the numbers.
Other times, you are the business and that means having a PC on you at all times. Regardless of the situation, HP Elite Dragonfly represents a pinnacle of business performance. If you’re looking to put down a major investment that will pay dividends for years to come, consider the HP Elite Dragonfly.
Customize your HP Elite Dragonfly today.

About the Author

Tomas Zegarra is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Tomas is an Idaho-based writer for the tech and outdoor industries. His writing has appeared in journals such as Memoir Mixtapes, Upland Optics, and The Prepper Journal. He also writes fiction and is always working on a new idea for a short story.

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