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10 Best DesignJet Printer Applications for SMBs

Linsey Knerl
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No two small businesses are alike, and their versatile printing needs reflect that. One way to stay competitive, and differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace, is to use a wide-format printer.
Made for even mobile business owners who need precision and quality combined, the HP DesignJet wide format printer line gets you to your next project phase with economical printing you can take anywhere.
These printers are wireless, so you can collaborate with your teams at any point in the planning, plotting, or printing process. They also feature some of the top security options in the industry, so your designs stay free from prying eyes until you share them. The printers are quick to set up and boast handy features as well, such as automatic cutters.
Many of these printers allow for quick roll-switching, too, so you can go back and forth between media types and use every spare minute to print. Because these printers also use HP genuine ink products, the quality is guaranteed. Plus, you'll have the confidence that your printers will last for years to come.

Best ways to use HP DesignJet printers

Whether your business offers printed products or design services, or you just need an in-house option for marketing materials and customer outreach, HP DesignJet printers are made to keep you productive and professional. Here are some of the ways innovative companies around the world are using these printers:

1. Merchandising and promo materials

Merchandising and promo materials.jpg
Why outsource all of your custom work when you can print it yourself? From trade shows to POP signage, retail professionals have more options with HP DesignJet devices. The next time you need a bold approach to branding, consider how these printers can work alongside your favorite design programs. Whether you need small stickers or large posters, these printers are built to handle your brand message at every size.

2. Engineering

Creating the perfect prototype often starts with a brilliant print. From designing medical devices to crafting the latest in engine technology, the HP DesignJet printer line can get you there with detailed and accurate representations that pop off the paper. Seeing your idea in print form first also allows you to make adjustments on-the-fly and without the cost of fully formed new prototypes at each iteration.

3. Architecture

Professional design firms harness the power of printers to showcase every possible detail. You can get a solid start designing garages, homes, and office buildings through the technology of HP DesignJet tech, and it's easier to print on location to help investors and other stakeholders see the finished vision as you work through your process. Whether you're adding an extra window or redesigning a new wing, taking your design from computer to paper really is as simple as it sounds.

4. Landscape design

Everything from pools and patios to edible greens can get their start with HP DesignJet tools. Use your favorite landscape design software to create your plan, and then print it out in crystal-clear definition. See how individual pavers will lay, get the specifics for every inch of that patio, and anticipate just how much green space you'll really need. HP wide format printers let you print on-the-job and give your clients and contractors step-by-step updates.

5. Home interior services

Picking the sofa upholstery or putting together the best in mood lighting isn't all a design professional does these days. Wall decals and framed prints are becoming the future of interior design, so having access to a wide-format printer can give you instant access to the right look for any home or office. Whether you do one-of-a-kind prints or take your work up to commercial quantities, the HP DesignJet printer is there for you.

6. Construction

Contractors manage many moving parts, and there's often no better way to communicate to teams than through a picture. Keep everyone on the same page by using a compact large format printer at your construction site to easily make multiple copies at every stage of the job. Plus, these printers are so well-built that they'll keep up with every rugged task on your project sheet.

7. Graphic design

When color, clarity, and perfect pixels matter, consider the line detail of a large format printer. Projects of every size come to life quicker and with fewer iterations when paired with an HP DesignJet. Switch between formats easily and get a variety of print jobs done with a single, portable printer.

8. Photography

Capture more winning shots when you can view them on-demand. Macro, micro, and panoramic art looks amazing when printed out on the large rolls of paper from HP DesignJet printers. Choose from the different HP paper on offer for even better results, but know that whatever paper you pick, the ColorPRO technology of these printers helps make your photos pop.

9. Education

Whether you teach in a classroom or are part of the growing trend of curriculum design, a portable printer can make all the difference. Create a poster presentation to show off your research or make brilliant learning resources for students of all ages and disciplines. With eye-catching visuals in your toolkit, you can really bring learning to life with an HP DesignJet.

10. Webmaster and Internet design

Our eyes often catch things in print that we would never “see” on the screen. Before your project hits the web, print it out to double-check everything. Or, make copies of your design to share and review with your collaborators. HP DesignJet printers let you print entire web pages, app displays, and software dashboards in a way that's easy on the eyes and seamless for teams.

Best HP plotters and printers

How can a plotter printer help you refine your planning, design, and creative processes? Take a look at our 3 top picks to learn how their features can boost your business.

1. HP DesignJet T830 Large Format Multifunction Wireless Plotter Printer - 36-inch, with mobile printing

HP DesignJet T830 Large Format Multifunction Wireless Plotter Printer - 36-inch, with mobile printing.jpg
The HP DesignJet T830 wireless printer (F9A30A) offers an easy way to print, scan, and copy from any mobile device, making collaborative planning a breeze on location or in the office. Plus, this printer weighs just over 137 lbs and sits on wheels so you can take it with you to different areas of your worksite. It was also awarded the Best Wide-Format Multi-Function Printer for CAD in 2016.
Key features:
  • 2400 x 1200 optimized, full-color dpi print resolution with up to 600 dpi scanning resolution
  • Sheet or roll paper feed with input tray, media bin, and automatic horizontal cutter
  • Supports paper of various types and thicknesses, from 11 to 36 inches in width

2. HP DesignJet Z6 Large Format PostScript Graphics Printer - 24-inch, with advanced security features

HP DesignJet Z6 Large Format PostScript Graphics Printer - 24-inch, with advanced security features.jpg
The HP DesignJet Z6 printer (T8W15A) supports PostScript Graphics and comes with security tools such as secure booting, whitelisting, and hard disk encryption. Choose to use third-party services to take advantage of card readers or PIN printing, too. This model is also the first to include a built-in vertical trimmer, which lets you cut your projects as they print.
Key features:
  • Updated high-definition printheads to provide smooth gradients, fade-resistant prints, and ultimate pixel control
  • Quick-printing speeds 20% faster than previous PostScript models
  • Move seamlessly between projects thanks to the automatic roll switching and support for two rolls

3. HP DesignJet T730 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer - 36-inch, with security features

HP DesignJet T730 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer - 36-inch, with security features.jpg
Print PDFs at the touch of a button from your computer or your phone. The HP DesignJet T730 (F9A29A) is designed to save time and money. This is the perfect printer for architects, engineers, and construction pros. You can create incredibly detailed maps, renders, and technical designs. Plus, this is an ideal choice for MCAD and other computer design professionals.
Key features:
  • Sheet and roll feeds, plus input tray, media bin, and automatic cutter
  • High-speed A1/D printing with prints out as quickly as 25 seconds per page
  • Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi with HP Premium Instant Dry Photo gloss with Original HP inks for color clarity and bold lines

How can an HP DesignJet printer improve your workflow?

Professionals at any stage of their career may find themselves wishing they could print more for less money. The HP DesignJet wide format printers are designed to do exactly that.
With a variety of features including the ability to print from paper rolls in brilliant full color with seamless wire-free printing, this is how on-the-go creatives and planners get their work done. Printing on the job, anywhere it takes you, is a definite perk. The same goes for saving money when you create your own high-quality prints for teams, investors, and clients.
Even better, these large format printers take up less room and offer more brilliant print detail than ever. When you consider all of these perks, you may be wondering how your business ever survived without an HP DesignJet printer.

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