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HP Printing Voice Assistant Simplifies Tasks and Increases Security for Office Environments

August 25, 2022

With voice assistant usage on the rise, today HP re-launched the HP Printing Voice Assistant at the Amplify Executive Forum in Palo Alto, California. The HP Printing Voice Assistant allows users to perform common functions on the printer using 170 different voice commands, making it easier and faster to print, digitize documents and streamline workflows. The device has also been designed with enhanced security features, such as not requiring a cloud or Bluetooth connection.

This device is compatible with a wide selection of A3 and A4 HP Enterprise-class printers, including the newly announced HP LaserJet Managed E800 and E700 series.

Enhanced Workflows

Previously known as the HP Accessibility Assistant, this product was praised in 2018 by Keypoint Intelligence’s Buyers Lab and received the “Outstanding Achievement in Ease of Use” award, citing its easy installation and ability to simplify tasks.1

The HP Printing Voice Assistant comes equipped with the ability to program “quicksets,” which are customized, pre-programmed voice commands that initiate specific tasks such as scanning, copying, or printing. With quicksets, a task that would normally involve multiple interactions with a control panel becomes as simple as pressing a button and giving a voice command, simplifying office workflows and saving time.

And, the HP Printing Voice Assistant responds to natural language, so there’s no need to memorize exact commands.

Maximized Security

HP recently released a Morning Consult commissioned survey, based on respondents in US and Canada, showing that 57 percent of IT decision makers feel that privacy and security when it comes to printing are more at risk now than ever before.2 The HP Printing Voice Assistant was designed with security as a top priority. What differentiates the HP Printing Voice Assistant is that it is not constantly listening to conversations and does not record sessions. A session can only be initiated by touching the activation button and it terminates automatically if no voice commands are given.

Additionally, this device does not require a network or cloud connection, meaning there is less risk of a hacker intercepting sensitive information. Whether it is a government agency or simply a small business looking to improve workflows without sacrificing security, this device is designed to meet the needs of all office environments.

Health & Safety

With health more of a priority than ever before, minimizing the spread of germs is at top of mind as workers return to the office, especially for those in healthcare facilities.

With one touch of a button, the HP Printing Voice Assistant makes it possible to complete tasks that would normally require 30 or 40 touches. And, because only one touch is required to activate a session, it can easily be done with a stylus or pen for increased health and safety.


Office for All

Making an office environment inclusive and accessible for everyone is important, and that means including tools that improve the usability of HP products for people with a range of cognitive, physical and vision-related abilities.

The HP Printing Voice Assistant makes it easier for those with disabilities, or anyone looking to simplify tasks on their office devices, to utilize critical office equipment such as printers and scanners, giving everyone increased access to the tools needed to work successfully in office environments.

The HP Printing Voice Assistant (Product # 478C2A) includes English, French, Italian, German and Spanish language capabilities. It is expected to be available in North America, South America, and Europe on September 1, 2022.


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