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HP Makes It Easier for IT Teams to Roll Out New Employee Devices

By Sumeer Chandra, Global Head and General Manager, Personal Systems Services, HP Inc.

April 22, 2021

As the workforce is expected to continue to operate in a hybrid model for some time to come, IT teams are being challenged to find long-term solutions to set up and support devices in employees’ homes as well as in the office. Staging and imaging devices only at the office is not a practical option for IT in current times. At the same time, pushing that responsibility entirely to the end-user is not ideal either. Setting up a computer at home can be time consuming and frustrating as an employee may have limited network bandwidth to download large images. Consequently, the transition to at-home work environments can negatively impact business productivity if not done efficiently.

For new device rollouts, a geographically spread-out workforce needs simpler, faster set ups with fewer IT interactions and instant productivity at first boot. HP Provisioning Connect1 service makes it easier for organizations to provision employee devices, saving IT from having to touch the devices before they are sent to employees. The service helps get employees up and running faster with personalized cloud-ready PCs that arrive with the employee’s applications, settings, and cloud registration and enrollment already included.

HP has combined the benefits of Windows 10 device provisioning with our factory processes in HP Provisioning Connect. With the service, devices are set-up from the cloud before they ship from HP, which means employees can get to work quickly after receiving their PC rather than requiring the employee or IT to initiate and oversee a complete provisioning process first. This provisioning, or set-up, is done via an internet connection to a customer’s cloud tenant from a secure HP environment before it leaves the factory.

HP Provisioning Connect provides a win-win solution for IT teams and employees as the simplified experience reduces the time, cost, and complexity of new device rollouts for IT, and delivers the instant productivity experience employees deserve, right out of the box.

HP Provisioning Connect is available in European countries, the United States, Canada, and Latin America now and will be available in the Asia Pacific region early this summer.

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