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How HP Products are Helping People with Disabilities

How HP Products are Helping People with Disabilities

Jessica Childres
Reading time: 7 minutes
Over the years, the need for technology in the workplace has increased exponentially. From the doctor's office to the local coffee shop, new technology makes buying goods, communicating, and completing tasks as easy as clicking a button.
These new advances are convenient for many people but leave out a large section of the population. Those with disabilities often have difficulty using standard technologies and, therefore, need modern solutions to provide accessibility in all areas of technology.
A recent study discovered that over 19% of employed persons have some form of disability, meaning inclusive technology in the workplace is imperative. HP’s new integrations, applications, and features offer every workplace the ability to meet the needs of their employees.
HP is all too familiar with these gaps in accessibility and strives to create modern technology solutions for everyone. With the help of organizations like the Aspen Institute2, HP is not only bringing technology to underdeveloped areas, but also enhancing current technology for those with disabilities.

HP product accessibility features

The increasing use of technology in the workplace sparked the need for inclusive options. HP and the Aspen Institute are working to provide access to technology in areas of the world that remain offline, and continue to further current technologies. With features from HP like voice-activated printing, Braille overlay kits, BigKeys LX Keyboards, and built-in accessibility modes, the gap in workplace accessibility is closing.
Whether you work from home or in a large commercial office, HP products have features that can help you achieve accessibility in all forms of technology. These features allow every employee to stay on task, increase productivity, and have confidence when using different devices. Here is a closer look at how these features work, who benefits from them, and where to find them.

HP Accessibility Kit

HP Accessibility Kit keyboard
The three-in-one HP Accessibility Kit eliminates common workplace barriers by adding tools to HP scanners and Enterprise Multifunction printers (MFP). This kit includes a Braille overlay for commonly used buttons and keys, an access handle that helps those in a seated position raise or lower the document feeder lid, and a BigKeys LX Keyboard, which allows employees with limitations in their fine motor skills.
With the unique integration of each part of the kit, all employees can easily use workplace printers and scanners. The Braille overlay helps visually impaired employees by providing a Braille option for the device buttons. The overlay includes the original button icons, allowing all employees to access the functions they need.
The access handle works for those in a wheelchair, as it raises and lowers the feeder lid. This allows all employees to scan documents and access printed pages with ease and confidence.
The BigKeys LX Keyboard connects to HP printers and scanners with a USB cord and includes a full QWERTY keyboard. The buttons are 1-inch x 1-inch, which helps employees with fine motor skill limitations and visual impairments.
The kit breaks down common workplace technology barriers, making it a practical and reliable option for employees with a disability in the workplace.

HP Accessibility Assistant

A great addition to workplace printers and scanners is the HP Accessibility Assistant. The small device acts as an all-in-one accessibility tool, allowing employees to use headphones and listen to the screen reader, use voice commands to print or scan documents, and navigate the printer screen.
In addition to these great features, users can alter the screen contrast and font size, making it easier to see and navigate for visually impaired employees. The accessibility assistant works with existing HP devices and comes with an easy installation guide.
Newer devices also come with features like a tilted screen for those who have difficulty reaching or seeing the screen, and volume controls that read the screen and navigation options.
Anyone in the office can use this technology, and it’s a very useful addition for those with disabilities in the workplace.

HP Accessibility App

HP Accessibility App
With advanced printer and scanner capabilities in modern offices, it’s important to ensure all employees in the workplace can use them. The HP Accessibility App is a function available directly on an HP LaserJet Enterprise or HP PageWide Enterprise MFP. To download, you can access the Embedded Web Server and input your IP Address into the web browser.
Once you enable the app, you’ll have access to unique functions that help all employees use the device. The app includes features like inverting colors on the screen, which is great for those with visual impairments. The color inversion changes from light to dark tones, for minimal glare, and often helps those who are color blind.
You can also change the screen contrast, making the navigation and home screens brighter or darker. In addition to these great functions, you can use a magnifier to zoom in and read smaller text in a larger font. These thoughtful features allow all employees to focus on the tasks at hand and easily tackle all printing and scanning.
After setting up the app, make sure to apply the icon to your home screen so everyone can access these features. It’s a practical and useful way to break down the barriers for those who may have a disability in the workplace.

HP Commercial Display Accessibility

HP Commercial Display Accessibility
Another way HP is removing barriers to accessibility is with built-in monitor features. The HP Commercial Display Accessibility allows employees to use physical buttons displayed on the screen and with easy navigation. You can also enable an on-screen menu, making it simple for all members of the workplace to access the settings they need.
In addition to these features, you can turn the accessibility mode on or off to manage your tasks accordingly. These thoughtfully designed monitors have a button on the back and an on-screen menu page, which allows you to toggle the accessibility mode with ease.
The Speech Access Module (SAM) is a functional addition to any workplace as it provides screen reading for selections, such as selected video input, configured display settings, and adjusted volume levels. It’s a free feature that will make a big difference for employees with a disability in the workplace.
While the built-in accessibility features come with your HP device, you’ll have to install SAM before using the function.

HP Printing Voice Assistant accessory

Whether your printer gets used five times a day or five times an hour, it’s important to have a feature that allows all employees to confidently and accurately print. The HP Printing Voice Assistant is a fantastic workplace option, allowing all users to easily print or scan as needed.
The innovative product can work in a home office or commercial space with many employees. With the inclusive device, you can press a single button and speak various commands, including printing and scanning.
You can set up quick commands for frequently used features, such as double-sided printing, saving you time and helping you focus on other tasks. The voice recognition technology understands English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, and has an easy installation process.
These quick voice commands are helpful to all members of the team and allow you to focus on your work instead of worrying about your printing and scanning.
With built-in security backed by HP, you won’t have to worry about your voice activation device constantly listening in on office chatter. These accessibility features close the gap in common workplace technology barriers, making it a functional addition to any office.


Despite the exponential increase in technology, a large percentage of the population still can’t use certain features or devices. HP strives to include these populations by creating innovative functions and accessories.
The accessibility features mentioned above are just a few ways HP is changing technology standards worldwide. These new features could soon become the norm and appear in most devices throughout all avenues of technology.
Whether you have 20 or 200 employees, providing the right technology for all members of your team can mean the difference between hitting your quarterly numbers or playing catch up throughout the year.
These features can increase workplace productivity, give all workers the confidence to easily complete each task, and set a new standard in inclusive technology.

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