How It Works

  • Register & select a plan

    Register & select a plan

    Pick a plan based on the number of pages you print and not how much ink you use. Plan starts at just $2.99 a month.

  • Easy cartridge return

    Easy cartridge return

    Your empty cartridges can simply be returned and recycled with the included pre-paid shipping satchel.

  • Ready when you need it

    Ready when you need it

    When your ink and toner are low, we’ll have them replaced in little to no time at no extra cost.

  • Print everything you want

    Print everything you want

    Every page counts the same, so you can print high-resolution photos for the same prices as black and colour documents..

  • Simple print tracking

    Simple print tracking

    Keep track of every page you print and monitor your usage. Plus, add extra pages if you print more.

  • Enjoy total flexibility

    Enjoy total flexibility

    You can cancel or change your plan at any time, and add extra pages to your plan subscription.

Get started with HP Instant Ink. Select a plan or shop for eligible printers.

HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink

Save time and money with HP Instant Ink. Get hassle-free delivery, recycling, and flexible plans starting at $2.99/month, with 50% off on ink and toner, for a seamlessly simplified printing experience.

Ink and Toner subscription plan

Choose a plan that’s right for you. Whether you print a little or a lot, there's an option for everyone.

Ink Plan

10 Pages/mth

50 Pages/mth

100 Pages/mth

Recommended for homes

300 Pages/mth

700 Pages/mth

Recommended for small businesses






Additional set of 10 pages

Additional set of 10 pages

Additional set of 10 pages

Additional set of 10 pages

Additional set of 15 pages

Mono Toner Plan

50 Pages/mth

100 Pages/mth

400 Pages/mth

800 Pages/mth

Recommended for small businesses

1,500 Pages/mth






Additional set of 10 pages

Additional set of 10 pages

Additional set of 15 pages

Additional set of 20 pages

Additional set of 50 pages

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Instant Ink work?

    HP Instant Ink plans are based on pages, not cartridges. Choose a plan based on the number of pages you would like to print monthly. Your monthly fee allows you to use our subscription cartridges to print your plan pages and includes ink or toner, delivery and recycling. HP Instant Ink plans are flexible. Your plan can be changed at any time to accommodate your printing needs. We send you HP Instant Ink subscription cartridges when you first sign up. Replacement cartridges are sent when your printer tells HP you need more ink or toner, not by the month.

  • When will I receive my first Instant Ink delivery?

    After enrolling to Instant Ink, you will receive your supplies within 10 days.

  • What do I need to enrol?

    To sign up for HP Instant Ink and make sure the service works as intended, you will need:

    • An HP printer, eligible for the service. Check if your printer model is eligible during printer setup or by selecting Get Started on hpinstantink.com.
    • To keep your printer powered on and continuously connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi.
    • A valid email address and payment method (credit card, debit card, or PayPal) and an always up-to-date shipping address.

    Already a customer and need help? Call our Instant Ink team on 0 800 441 147 or Whatsapp at 64 9884 8268 to help with any issues you might have.

  • What is the difference between HP+ and Instant Ink?

    HP+ is the free upgrade that makes your new printer even Smarter with advance features, automaic updates, enhanced security, and much more.

    Instant ink is a cost-efficient supplies subscription service with no contract. Instead of buying Ink, you choose a plan based on the typical number of pages you print a month. Replacements will be sent as needed, not by the month. Get Started on hpinstantink.com.

  • Is my printer Instant Ink ready?

    Most HP printers manufactured in the last 5 years with a Wi-Fi connection are compatible with Instant Ink. Not sure? You can check your printer compatibility or shop our HP+ printers.

Need an Instant Ink ready printer?

Find the right printer to fit your needs.

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Have questions?

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