HP VR Backpack

The world’s most powerful wearable PC – optimised for free-roam experiences.1

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Built for safer, repeatable simulations and walk-throughs at scale, whether you’re training for high-risk situations or maintenance and manufacturing.



Ideal for large-scale immersive entertainment: quick to set-up, swappable between users, and easy to clean, letting you focus on the experience, not what’s driving it.



A backpack and desktop in one that gives you the freedom to iterate quickly and experience large-scale designs in an interactive way.


Take the heavy lifting out of VR.

Super smooth frame rates. Ultra fast render times. 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA RTX™ GPU lets you fly through VR workloads with 28% better performance.2

Lifelike VR like never before.

The power to run HP Reverb VR Headset at its full resolution for staggering optical clarity.3


Intuitive. Instinctive. Immersive.

Our most natural free-roam VR experience yet.

Optimized cable management for increased range of motion.

Hot-swappable batteries that won’t get in the way.

Updated battery holster design to make swapping even simpler.

Optimized design to stay comfortable longer.

Optimized design to stay comfortable longer.

  • Padded straps

    And adjustable clips help reduce shoulder fatigue.

  • Waist belt

    Helps evenly distribute weight across the back.

  • Angled mounting plate

    Maximizes air flow to help keep you cool.

  • Washable harness

    Easily separates from the base for washing.

Double down on agile VR.

Dock for the full desktop PC experience to complete detailed design work.

Untether to iterate at pace in free-roam review sessions and host fully immersive experiences.

Packed with ports.

Whether docked or mobile, this versatile machine has every port you need.

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The world's most comprehensive commercial VR portfolio. 4

Check out our line of Commercial VR solutions to transform your business.


  1. Based on wearable backpack VR PCs as of March 26, 2019 and power based on processor, graphics and memory.
  2. Based on 3DMark 11 internal testing comparing to HP Z VR Backpack.
  3. HP Reverb VR Headset sold separately.
  4. Based on non-gaming VR ready PCs and accessories as of April 2019.

Product images are for illustration purposes only, product availability and colours may vary by country.