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HP Manageability Services

HP Manageability Services help IT simplify and improve end user device management and deliver a better employee experience across endpoint devices and applications.

Reduce IT workload with actionable multi-OS insights

HP Manageability Services provide multi-vendor, multi-OS device monitoring and management solutions, powered by the HP TechPulse analytics platform.


Identify, predict and address isssues

Our automation and analytics platform uses AI to deliver actionable device, application and usage insights.

Device manageability at scale
Lighten the load on IT staff with tools to monitor, respond, manage and remediate issues.

Focus on employee experience

Improve the EX with a multi-vendor device monitoring and endpoint management service.


Help with maintaining app policies

Service experts can implement deny and allow list policies to control app enablement.

Why HP Manageability Services

Address issues before they affect end users with the HP TechPulse analytics platform

Help with deploying apps and software in a consistent, scalable way

Improve employee experience and engagement

Reduce time spent on arduous tasks

Save money on the expenses of endpoint management software licensing

Manageability Service Offerings

Whether you’re already using cloud-based management at scale or need a bridge to cloud-based management, HP has a service to help your organization.

HP Proactive Insights

HP Proactive Insights reduces the cost and complexity of multi-vendor, multi-OS fleet management.1 Cloud-based, AI-driven, predictive insights delivered by the propriety HP TechPulse analytics platform,2 help IT manage fleet health and performance, while optimizing the employee experience. HP TechPulse helps to proactively identify issues and enable remediation at scale.


HP Proactive Endpoint Management

For IT professionals who want to drive improvements in device performance and the employees’ experience, HP Proactive Endpoint Management provides business insights through experienced service experts who monitor your multi-OS fleet health.1 Gain more time to focus on key priorities by offloading the management of policy settings and OS/application updates with this modern endpoint management solution.


HP Adaptive Endpoint Management

HP Adaptive Endpoint Management provides a patch to cloud-based device management while addressing the complexity of managing on-premises IT infrastructure, legacy apps, and increased security threats. Your IT team benefits while retaining access to existing applications.


Learn how analytics and deep insights can enable your modern management approach to IT

Forrester White Paper – The New Frontier of Endpoint Management

Forrester White Paper – The New Frontier of Endpoint Management

Learn how analytics and security stacks are driving employee experience initiatives.


HP Manageability Services webinar

HP Manageability Services webinar

Learn about HP Proactive Insights and Proactive Endpoint Management.


HP Services Business Cases

HP Services Business Cases

See how HP Services powered by TechPulse helped measure IT success in several business cases.


Discover HP TechPulse

Discover HP TechPulse

Access the power of predictive analytics at your fingertips with HP TechPulse.


Case Studies

386 Systems

HP Partner provides continuity to its customers with proactive monitory and HP TechPulse for predictive analytics.


Volkswagen Japan:Seamless device management

VW Japan streamlines device management with predictive analytics from HP TechPulse and Service Experts.



REDSALUD is transforming technology with AI with HP Proactive Monitoring.

Need a trusted technology advisor?

HP Professional Services helps you get more from your IT investment. With advisors you can trust, we can help you find better ways to introduce new IT strategies and utilize technologies.




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  1. HP Proactive Insights and Proactive Endpoint Management and/or included components may vary by region, by operating system, or by authorized HP service partner. Please contact your local HP representative or authorized partner for specific details in your location. HP services are governed by the applicable HP terms and conditions of service provided or indicated to the customer at time of purchase. Customers may have additional statutory rights according to applicable local laws, and such rights are not in any way affected by the HP terms and conditions of service or the HP limited warranty provided with your HP product.
  2. HP does not track or monitor details that identify which URLs a user visited. The reporting focuses on identifying threats and their source in HP TechPulse. HP TechPulse is GDPR and ISO 27001compliant. Availability of reports varies based on plan, device type, and operating systems. Please check HP TechPulse Reporting Guide for more details.