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The Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), also known as WPRS, aims to promote recycling and proper disposal of WEEE generated in Hong Kong.
It covers eight types of equipment referred to as Regulated Electrical Equipment or REE.

For HP, the product in scope of Regulated Electrical Equipment (REE) are:

  • Computer: personal computer,  desktop  computer, tablet  computer, laptop computer or notebook computer.
  • Printer ( ≤ 30kg)
  • Scanner ( ≤ 30kg)
  • Monitor

Purchasing Regulated Electrical Equipment (REE)

Statutory Free Removal Service

Under the WPRS, when a consumer purchases REE and makes a request for removal service, the seller should arrange the service (in accordance with the plan endorsed by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD)) for disposal of the same type of waste equipment from a premise designated by the consumer.

HP as Sellers will have to notify consumers of the arrangement for the removal service and the relevant terms of service so that consumers can make an informed choice according to their needs.  Apart from choosing the statutory removal service, consumers can also choose to keep the old equipment for continued use, donate to charity or make other arrangements on their own.

In Hong Kong, currently HP appointed ALBA IWS as default Collector and Recycler for removal service. If customer would like to request for removal service, customer should send an email to HP sales contact within three working days after purchase order confirmation, otherwise, will be considered as giving up the service.

If customer requests for removal service on products outside Hong Kong WEEE scope, customer can use HP Planet Partners Program (PPP) for HP Hardware and Original HP supplies.

More on Recycling

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