Join us in giving

back to forests

HP’s goal is to be Forest Positive by 2030—helping to give back more than what you print—through our commitment to forest conservation.

See the forest & the trees

Forests are key in helping combat climate change, but nearly half of the world’s forests are under threat . Our approach to forest conservation goes beyond planting trees—involving partnerships with recognised environmental organisations, designing products and services to reduce environmental impact, and sharing tools for more responsible printing.

Product innovation

We’re making sustainability a key part of our design process, and we’re developing solutions that result in less waste or increase recycled content.


Forest partnerships

We work with recognised non-profit organisations on a science-based approach to forest conservation.


Forest-positive Printing

We’re helping you take action by providing tools to reduce waste, recycle or select products.


With WWF’s help, we calculate the paper footprint for millions of HP printers and commit to giving back to forests in equal measure or more by 20301

Help to put forests first with HP+

Choose an HP+ printer to go a step further. For every page you print with HP+ today, we take action now to protect or restore forests in equal measure.2


Ready to take action with us?

Explore innovative HP products and solutions that give back to forests

HP+ Printers

With HP+, we protect or restore forests for every page you print2. Regardless of paper brand printed using HP+ products, HP invests in forest conservation by collaborating with environmental organisations.


HP Paper

All HP branded paper is responsibly sourced (preferably FSC©-certified3) and sustainably managed or derived from recycled sources.


HP Instant Ink + HP Paper

Never run out of paper or ink again4. Subscribe to HP’s paper delivery service for FSC©-certified paper.5


Carbon neutral MPS

The first comprehensive carbon neutral certified Managed Print Service6. HP helps optimise print behaviours to reduce network-wide carbon emissions and then uses high-quality offsets for programs including forest regeneration.



Low impact, high performance. Lighter weight vs. standard 20-lb paper for increased efficiencies in printing, shipping, storage, and disposal.


Packaging for HP products

Since 2020, HP paper-based packaging for home and office printers and supplies, PCs, and displays has been derived from recycled or certified sources.8


Your guide to forest-positive printing

Here are things to keep in mind when printing at home or in the office.

Use responsibly-sourced paper

Look for well-known forestry management certifications such as the preferred Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). These certifications follow strict standards including chain-of-custody to ensure that paper can be traced back to the forest where it was harvested.

Print double-sided

Print double-sided whenever possible by setting your printers to double-sided printing as the default.

Buy printers with a ‘pull-printing’ feature

Pull-printing for office printers ensures that a print job can only be released when the user is present, reducing the stacks of forgotten print jobs.

Digitise your paper records

Use the free HP Smart mobile app to digitise your paper records and other content. (Apple, Google play)

Don’t waste paper on reprints.

 The outstanding print quality of Original HP Toner Cartridges can help you reduce waste compared with using non-HP toner cartridges.9

Choose certified carbon neutral print services

HP offers the planet’s first comprehensive carbon neutral certified Managed Print Service, helping organisations achieve their sustainability goals to reduce their companies’ carbon footprint.6

We’re in this together

HP works with scientists and experts from global non-profit organisations to help protect and restore forests around the world.

Arbor Day

HP works with the Arbor Day Foundation to help combat the effects of climate change across the world through forest restoration projects.

Conservation International

CI and HP are investing to protect and restore forests in order to ensure a healthy, productive planet for people, nature, and biodiversity.

World Wildlife

WWF and HP are investing in almost 1 million acres of forests—an area equal to 5 times that of New York City—to deliver meaningful results for nature, climate, and communities.

Forest Positive in action

We’re striving to become Forest Positive by going beyond planting trees and sourcing sustainable fibre. Our projects include restoring, protecting, and responsibly managing global forests.


Our aim is to help protect existing forests, strengthen biodiversity, and preserve ecosystem services. This is done by investing in forest conservation and building a more sustainable portfolio of products.


In our approach, we partner with non-profit organisations to reduce impacts to forests by helping manage the balance between the well-being of forests and human activity. This work considers the needs of communities that directly depend on forests.


HP strives to help restore the health, productivity, and biodiversity of forest landscapes around the world and invests in projects to restore streams, improve soil, reconnect wildlife habitats, and replant trees.

Where we’re helping

Together with our partners, we’re working on projects in Brazil, China and other countries. In 2021, these projects addressed 23% of our total fibre footprint for paper used in our products and print services. By 2030, the projects will cover our total footprint.

Want to know

Dive into HP’s commitments and achievements toward Sustainable Impact.


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  2. HP works collaboratively with our partners including WWF and the Arbor Day Foundation to manage, restore, and protect forests in many countries around the world. With HP+, every print—regardless of paper brand—is addressed through HP’s Forest Positive Framework to counteract risks of deforestation. HP brand paper is sourced only from certified responsibly managed forests or from recycled content.  For other brands of paper, HP invests in forest restoration, protection or management projects in key regions sufficient to balance any paper used by HP+ customers that may not have been responsibly sourced. To learn more visit
  3. HP has a preference for offering Forest Steward Council® (FSC®)-certified papers that are sourced from FSC®‑certified forests and other controlled sources.  HP trademark license code FSC®-C017543, see Sylvamo Corporation trademark license codes FSC®-C168336 (North America), FSC®- C101994 (Latin America), FSC®-C101994, FSC®-C084255, and FSC®-CO22974 (Europe and Asia). Not all FSC®-certified products are available in all regions, look for logo on pack.
  4. Based on plan usage, Internet connection to an eligible HP printer, valid credit/debit card/Paypal account, email address, and delivery service in your geographic area. HP only tracks pages printed through your Instant Ink-enabled printer subscribed to this Paper Add-On Service. The paper we send you should only be used for printing purposes. If you use that paper for any other purpose other than printing in your subscribed printer, you run the risk of running out of paper without HP knowing. 
  5. HP has a preference for offering Forest Steward Council® (FSC®)-certified papers that are sourced from FSC®‑certified forests and other controlled sources. HP trademark license code FSC®-C017543, see Sylvamo Corporation trademark license code FSC®-C168336 (North America). Not all FSC®-certified products are available in all regions, look for logo on pack.
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