HP Latex 630 W Printer (171K6A)

Take advantage of exciting new possibilities with the unbeatable white ink printing experience * you get with the HP Latex 630 W Printer. Complete jobs quickly and easily with this effortless device.

  • Udskrivningshastighed: 35 m²/hr - Max Speed (2-pass); 18 m²/hr - Speed (4-pass); 14 m²/hr - Standard (6-pass); 11 m²/hr - Quality (8-pass); 8 m²/hr - High Saturation (12-pass); 7 m²/hr - Standard for Backlits and Textiles (14-pass); 6 m²/hr - White Spot (100%); 3 m²/hr - White Overflood (100%); 2 m²/hr - White Underflood (100%); 1 m²/hr - 3 Layers (160%) *
  • Modelstørrelse: 1.626 mm
  • Printkvalitet farve (bedst): Op til 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Strømforbrug: 1.4-2.1 kW (2.9 kW peak) (average printing), 85 W (ready), <2.5 W * (sleep) (<14 W * with DFE), 0.25 W (off)
  • Udskrivningsteknologi: HP Latex-udskrivningsteknologier
  • Mindste produktmål (B x D x H): 2603 x 844 x 1405 mm
  • Vægt: 236 kg
Printer med dynamiske sikkerhedsfunktioner Denne printer er kun beregnet til at fungere med patroner, der har en ny eller genbrugt HP-chip, og den bruger dynamiske sikkerhedsforanstaltninger til at blokere patroner med en ikke-HP-chip. Regelmæssige firmwareopdateringer opretholder effektiviteten af disse foranstaltninger og blokerer patroner, der tidligere har fungeret. En genbrugt HP-chip muliggør brug af genbrugte, genfremstillede og genopfyldte patroner. Flere oplysninger på: http://www.hp.com/learn/ds
HP Latex 630 W Printer (171K6A)

POSSIBILITIES—The best white ink print experience *

Do more in your shop with the easiest white ink printer * that adapts to your business needs. Produce a wide range of signage and décor jobs, including applications with thin film and papers, that look amazing.

EFFORTLESS—Get it done quickly and easily

Find peace of mind with an effortless printer that enables automatic maintenance processes and user-replaceable printheads, a fast and automated frontloading system. job storage capabilities, and remote monitoring with HP PrintOS.

GO BEYOND—Lead with environmental certifications *

Contribute to a comfortable * working environment with water-based HP Latex Ink technology. Differentiate your business with environmental certifications * and reduce your plastics consumption with carton-based cartridge * and labelless supplies; free recycling via HP Planet Partners. *

Tekniske specifikationer

  • Funktioner:


  • Blæktyper:

    Vandbaseret HP Latex-blæk

  • Udført outputhåndtering:

    Roll feed, take-up reel, automatic horizontal cutter (for vinyl, banner and canvas * , paper-based media, and film)

  • Medietyper:

    Banners, self-adhesive vinyls, films, papers, wallcoverings, canvas, synthetics, (fabrics, mesh, textiles, and any other porous materials require a liner)