HP Workpath

HP Workpath

Transform your office MFP into a platform for continuous innovation with HP Workpath. Simplify document-intensive workflows with customized print and scan solutions.



A wide variety of print apps to choose from

The portfolio of apps developed by HP, ISV developers, and partners helps enable secure and efficient workflows, and they integrate with your existing platforms, such as Google Drive and Microsoft solutions including OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Universal Print.

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Enhance the security1 of existing document workflows

All HP Workpath apps must undergo HP’s stringent security assessment to help ensure that they are secured for use before they are offered in the Solutions Catalog.


Workpath apps empower you

Unlock the full potential of the multifunction printer


No additional infrastructure needed. HP Workpath is a flexible and scalable cloud-based solution


Accelerate your productivity by reducing scanning workflow steps


The HP Workpath ecosystem is protected by strong security features to guard the printers and any network communications that involve apps.


Intuitive app interface delivers stable and seamless experiences

Trusted expert

Collaborate with the global expert in enterprise workflows to overcome traditional paper to digital barriers & scale innovation


Simplify the way you work with more than 100 HP and third-party Workpath apps.

Simplify the way you work with HP Workpath apps

Transition from paper-based workflows to digital. With HP Workpath apps, multi-step document workflows – from expense processing to contract signing – turn into a simple tap and swipe.


HP Workpath printer and scanner apps designed for your workflows

Streamline operational bottlenecks, improve collaboration or have custom apps created for your specific business needs.

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Develop your own app


Request HP to create a custom app


Improve your business agility with print apps that bridge the paper-digital gap

Make information capture and sharing simple with HP Workpath. Deliver better customer experiences with improved team collaboration and business agility.


Contact your Premier Managed Print Specialist or contact your HP Sales representative to learn more.

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  1. HP Workpath: Based on HP review of competitive manufacturer’s published app platform specifications as of April 2019. Only HP Workpath offers a combination of app validation upon submission plus automated re-validation of apps. To enable HP Workpath, some devices may require optional accessory or firmware to be upgraded. Subscription may be required.