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HP mobile

Work smarter, faster and with more freedom with your HP DesignJet large-format printers and plotters.

HP Smart App

Everything all in one place

Quickly access and print your documents and images from your favorite applications and cloud repositories.

Work on-the-go

Print and share from anywhere, anytime⁴ and automate tasks for your day-to-day work.

The power on the palm of your hand

Monitor all your connected printers and manage access to them.









Eligible printers

Direct printing

The HP Print Service Plugin app allows to print from Android™️ and Chrome OS devices

  • Download the plugin app from Google Play2 and the HP Print for Chrome.
  • When using iOS devices, no installation is needed to start printing.



Eligible printers


If you can email it, you can print it

Print remotely by emailing projects to your ePrint-enabled large-format HP DesignJet printer or MFP.³ Simply attach your document to an email and send it directly to the printer.

Eligible printers

Get started with Direct printing and ePrint

Connect your mobile device to the printer.

Print from an Apple or Android™³ mobile device.

Remote printing through email.¹


What's new

What new features does HP mobile printing offer?

HP mobile printing offers the following functionality:
Easily connect your mobile device to your printer.
Connect to the same network as your printer with LAN or wireless network.²
If you don’t have a wireless network, connect using Wi-Fi Direct.⁵
Direct printing from your iOS or Android™³ OS device to your large-format printer.
Email printing when you are in a remote location.²
Scanning and sharing to different repositories such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and more through the HP Smart App.⁴
Same experience as with an HP small-format printer.


Getting connected

If I have my printer connected to the network via LAN, can I still use the HP mobile printing functionality?

Yes, as long as your wired printer and your mobile device are connected to the same network.²


What is the difference between wireless and Wi-Fi Direct?

Wireless describes any computer network where there is no physical, wired connection between the sender and receiver. Instead, with Wi-Fi Direct, the network is connected by radio waves and/or microwaves to maintain communication.⁵


Printing directly from mobile devices

How do I print with HP mobile printing?

There are 3 ways to print, depending on your needs:
Print directly from your iOS, Android™, and Windows mobile devices.
Open the document.
Select the printer and number of copies.
NOTE: For Android™ users, you must download, install, and enable the HP Print Service Plugin app from Google Play before you can print.³

Print from the HP Smart App.⁴
Open the app (previously installed from the Apple® App Store or Google Play).
Select the document.
Select the settings you want.
Select the printer and number of copies.

Print remotely by email printing.²
Compose an email on your computer or mobile device.
Add your printer’s email address in the TO: field.
Attach the document you want to print.
Send the email.


When would I print by email instead of printing from my mobile device?

If your mobile device and your printer are in the same Wi-Fi range, you can send jobs to print directly.⁵ But if you are in a remote location, you can print via email printing.²


What is the HP Print Service Plugin app for Android™³?

This is the app that enables the printing functionality for Android™ devices. Download it from Google Play, install, and enable it; then you can start printing.³


Print from email

What are Web Services?

Web Services is the tool that enables email printing, connecting your printer to the Internet.²


How can I enable Web Services for my printer?

If you have not already done this during the Out of the Box experience, you can go to the Connectivity Wizard in your Front Panel and follow the steps there. You will receive a printer email address that you can rename in HP Connected.²


What type of attachments can I send using email printing?

PDF, TIFF, and JPEG files are supported.²


What is the maximum file size that I can send using email printing?

10 MB.²


HP Smart App

What is the HP Smart App?

This is an HP app that enables scanning and sharing from your mobile device. The HP Smart App also enhances the printing experience.⁴


What features does the HP Smart App provide?

HP Smart App features include:4


Print stored documents or from the cloud.
Scan and share.
Capture documents.
Configure your printer (check ink levels, etc.).


Can the HP Smart App generate multipage PDFs when scanning?

Yes, when scanning with the HP Smart App, you can generate multipage PDF documents.⁴


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  1. Based on a comparison of manufacturer published specifications for large-format printers and MFPs on the market as of July, 2015, HP mobile printing is more comprehensive in terms of capabilities than the mobile printing feature sets on competing printers.
  2. The HP Print Service Plugin app is available for Android™ mobile devices running Android™ v.4.4 or later. The app is free from Google Play.
  3. Email to ePrint-enabled printers. Local printing requires mobile device and printer to be on the same network (usually Wi-Fi access points bridge wireless to wired connections) or have a direct wireless connection. Wireless performance is dependent on physical environment and distance from access point. Wireless operations are compatible with 2.4 GHz operations only. Remote printing requires an Internet connection to an HP web-connected printer. Wireless broadband use requires separately purchased service contract for mobile devices. Check with service provider for coverage and availability in your area. 
  4. The HP Smart App is available for Apple® iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch running iOS v7.0 or later and for Android™ mobile devices running Android™ v4.4 or later. The HP Smart App is available for free from the Apple® App Store for Apple® mobile devices and from the Google Play Store for Android™ mobile devices.
  5. Applicable only to the HP DesignJet T730 plotter, HP DesignJet T830 multifunction plotter, HP DesignJet T850 plotter and HP DesignJet T850 multifunction plotter.