HP Engage 6.6 inch Display (9YH48AA)

HP Engage 6.6 inch Display (9YH48AA)

Elegant minimalism meets sleek, integrated form factor

Simplify and enhance your checkout experience. Easily plug the 6.6” diagonal customer facing display right into the top USB port of the HP Engage One Pro for streamlined, effective customer engagement.

Dynamic text and video display

Display a diverse range of content—everything from useful purchase information and loyalty reward programs to eye-catching promos—supports 2x20, and 3x16 lines of text or engaging videos. Customize your customer checkout experience with ease.

Brightness built to last

Ensure customers can view essential information across a gamut of lighting conditions with this bold, bright display. 400 nits of brightness and a LED half life of ≥ 50,000 hours deliver superb visibility and lasting value.

Display the facts in style

Supported by HP

Rest easy that your IT investment is supported by a three year standard limited warranty.

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    0,25 кг

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    17.14 x 7.62 x 5.63 cm