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The HP Renew EMEA Program offers an extensive portfolio of quality refurbished products as a complement to new HP computing Products.


Through an extensive process of refurbishing, HP Renew offers current, state of the art technology. HP Renew is guaranteed to be the same functional quality and performance you would expect from new.


HP HP Renew products come with the same original base warranty as the equivalent new products. Different levels of cosmetic quality can be proposed.

HP Renew products

All HP computing products from the current or past portfolios are candidates for the HP Renew program. The products come from various sources, for example, from channel returns, cancelled orders or end of life excess.


HP Renew products can be recognised by the addition of an "R" to the HP product number. For example, if the new product number is A1234A, the equivalent HP Renew product number will be A1234AR.