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PC is Essential: HP Business Boost

PC is Essential: HP Business Boost

Jolene Dobbin
Reading time: 7 minutes
When small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) worldwide struggle due to factors beyond their control, like mandatory stay-at-home orders or emergency situations, finding creative new ways to function can mean the difference between shuttering their doors and continuing to operate, even at reduced capacity.
HP Business Boost gives you the tools you need to succeed with trusted technology, services, and security support from HP® at an affordable monthly cost. Support your employees, whether they work from home or the brick-and-mortar office.

A new way of working

HP Business Boost Remote Work
Both traditional and progressive corporate environments are transforming rapidly as work-from-home (WFH) weeks have stretched into months. In fact, 76% of workers are working from home right now and IT decision-makers expect a 58% increase in remote work. [1]

Productivity gains

Employees who regularly work remotely are, on the whole, happier and more productive than their in-office counterparts, staying with their companies longer than onsite employees. Yet, 51% of end-users feel that they are not set up adequately to work from home. Many have ad hoc office spaces at home that, although still evolving, are quickly becoming permanent features.

Privacy and security at the forefront

Making home the new workplace means potential security weaknesses with increasing attacks on home WiFi networks. Managing remote devices and handling increased security risks are the two top concerns of IT decision-makers in a remote working world. In fact, 78% of SMBs believe that more remote employees mean greater security vulnerabilities. [2]

Choosing the right solution

As remote work increases so, too, does the need to find solutions that match the type of work that employees do. One size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Home and office professionals, for instance, have different sets of needs than professional creators and power users. Curated offerings, which meet those specific requirements, are a necessity.

Introducing HP Business Boost

SMBs need to successfully enable remote workers while addressing all of these productivity and security concerns. HP® can help.
HP Business Boost offers businesses a full technology package of IT support at your fingertips with access to trained service professionals. These IT pros can help you with security, device management, and technical support. HP also offers powerful devices that keep your business running, and affordable financing solutions that make IT expenses more predictable.

Addressing key concerns

As SMBs seek to equip employees to work from home, they need to:
  • Choose the right WFH solution set
  • Make WFH affordable
  • Support the home office setup
  • Maximize uptime by preventing software and hardware failures before they happen
  • Access break/fix help at home

HP Business Boost: Offering a number of customer benefits

HP Business Boost Benefits
HP Business Boost tackles these concerns with a number of benefits. Let’s touch on a couple of them.

1. Curated solutions based on customer needs

Having to select the right solution from a sea of complex choices can be daunting. HP Business Boost offers the convenience of a simplified choice with a curated solution set that is based on specific customer segment needs (see below for more on customer segments). You won’t need to spend time and resources browsing different retailers and websites to stitch together myriad pieces of hardware, software, and accessories. We’ve put together the appropriate solution ecosystem that works cohesively and translates into enhanced at-home productivity.

2. Peace of mind

We also offer the right support at home with services that translate into minimum downtime and peace of mind. You can confidently inform your employees that if something breaks, for instance, it can be fixed quickly and easily. And HP Business Boost lets you address security vulnerabilities with endpoint security solutions.

3. Affordability

Nearly 66% of SMBs believe that their revenue will drop by over 30% over the next 6 months. [3] With decreasing profits, it becomes even more important to budget appropriately for the solutions that make the most financial sense for your business. HP Business Boost addresses affordability with a subscription-based solution that provides easy monthly payments.

Supporting specific user requirements

Today’s SMB workforce has different types of users with specific sets of requirements. HP Business Boost was designed with the following two audiences in mind:
  • Home/office navigators and frontline heroes
    • These employees include people working in finance, marketing, legal, inside sales, strategy, and more who are focused on processing, creating, and collaborating across teams.
    • Nearly 80% of employees fall within this category.
    • Such office professionals need versatile devices, processing power, and collaboration tools to adapt to their cross-functional roles.
  • Professional creators and power users
    • These employees work on complex, creative workflows, specialized applications, product design, and engineering.
    • They include designers, developers, engineers, architects, data scientists, and financial analysts.
    • Such professional creators and power users demand high performance and mission-critical reliability for analyzing and visualizing data or for developing solutions.

Solutions for home and office navigators and frontline heroes

HP Business Boost solutions for home and office navigators and frontline heroes offer a good, better, and best scenario of solutions that include devices, displays and accessories, printers, services, and financing.


The “good” solution set gives employees all the essentials to do their job. They can be productive, flexible, and enjoy peace of mind with uncompromised security.


The “better” solution set offers a work setup that is similar to a traditional office. This solution set enhances employee productivity with resilient connectivity that includes WiFi for collaboration, expandability, print quality, and enterprise-grade security and services.


The “best” solution equips users with the ultimate work productivity, security, print, and collaboration experience, including premier LTE connectivity. Everything is integrated for a single cable, “clean desk” solution that includes advanced services and analytics.

Solutions for professional creators and power users


This scenario offers professional creators and power users essential office productivity, application support, and security solutions.


The next level of “better” solution provides enhanced versatility, design, and security as well as better services coverage.


The “best” solution set provides blazing-fast performance for heavy workloads and optimal productivity, as well as the best creative experience with ultimate color accuracy and analytics for advanced security and services.

HP Services

While technology enables new ways of working remotely, it can also generate IT challenges that include ensuring devices remain up and running, monitoring and managing their health, and securing company data. HP Business Boost solutions all include HP Services to meet those needs head-on.
HP Services are available in both Essential and Premium configurations. Essential services are available with every purchase, and Premium services include upgrades to enhance user experiences.
Essential services include:
  • Pick Up & Return or Onsite Repair
    • Make it easy to troubleshoot and repair devices.
    • A courier or technician will come to a remote worker’s home to pick up a PC (delivered back to the employee within three business days), or fix it or replace it during the next business day.
  • HP Proactive Management Standard
    • Proactively identify and mitigate PC-related issues in a multi-OS environment with HP TechPulse platform analytics through the cloud.
    • Ensure that remote devices are functioning properly, monitor mission-critical applications, and minimize downtime with security monitoring.
  • HP Instant Ink delivery service
    • Never run out of ink again.
    • This service delivers ink to remote workers’ homes before they run out of ink supplies for their printers.
    • It includes ink cartridges, shipping, and recycling.
Premium services include:
  • Active Care + Accidental Damage Protection
    • Keep your HP devices up and running and experience optimal uptime, giving you fast resolutions for the way people work – in the office or on the go.
    • Includes automatic case generation, remote technical support, and protection against accidental spills, drops, and electrical surges.

HP financing

HP Integrated Financial Solutions
With HP Integrated Financial Solutions, you can take advantage of flexible financing options that fit your business and technology needs. Deferred payment financing plans are available, as well as various flexible payment structures that include monthly or yearly leasing and rental plans.


More than half of SMBs, 56% in fact, believe that the buying model for WFH solutions is shifting more to IT as a service (IaaS). [4] As SMBs continue looking for ways to meet the needs of remote workers, HP Business Boost provides a PC as a service (PCaaS) solution that will help businesses offer effective remote working options to their employees, giving them the tools that they need to succeed with trusted technology, services, and security support from HP, at an affordable monthly cost.
[1,2,3,4] HP Proprietary Survey in US, UK, and China, May 2020

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