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920 ergonomic mouse review

HP 920 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse: A Complete Review

Jessica Childres
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Whether you’re an expert gamer, a computer programmer, or complete daily work from a computer, you can understand the importance of a good mouse. While things like a reliable trackpad and easy-click buttons are good additions, the shape and feel of a mouse can transform your workspace.
Choosing an ergonomic mouse can keep your wrist and hand comfortable even after hours of data entry, gaming, or anything in between.
The HP 920 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse provides users with a comfortable and sleek design. Here’s a closer look at this incredible tool.

Ergonomic impact

920 ergonomic mouse and hp monitor
If you spend several hours a day at a desk or working on a computer, you’ve probably felt occasional discomfort in your back, shoulders, or wrists. Tools such as the HP 920 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse can reduce these discomforts by providing your hand and wrist with optimal angles and comfort.
In fact, this ergonomic vertical mouse can reduce the amount of work from your muscles by 12%, leading to a more comfortable and pain-free experience. Whether you’re gaming, inputting sensitive data, or creating a new website, your muscles are working hard to achieve your desired output. Switching out your old mouse for this ergonomic option can reduce the stress on your muscles, keeping you comfortable and focused for hours.


This mouse has a very unique design that keeps your hand and wrist comfortable while working. The tilted angle keeps the right and left click buttons as well as the scroll wheel on the side, preventing overuse from your hand and wrist. With supreme comfort in mind, this design allows you to stay focused on your work instead of feeling discomfort.
While this mouse design might take some getting used to, its certification from the US Ergonomics Society ensures that it reduces wrist pronation by 17%. This reduction can be extremely beneficial for those with arthritis, carpel tunnel, or anyone who spends hours a day using a mouse for their computer.
Keeping your wrist and hand in a more natural position can reduce the stress on other muscles around your arm and shoulder, allowing you to get your work accomplished pain-free. The natural angle and design of the vertical mouse also help you move from other tasks to using the mouse with ease. It feels like a natural transition, saving you time and energy when switching from sketching or writing to using the ergonomic mouse.
Another great feature that makes this the best ergonomic mouse is its wireless capability. You’ll no longer have to untangle wires or worry about your vertical mouse falling behind the desk. With a battery lasting up to six months, you don’t have to worry about plugging it in every night before you go to sleep.
One charge can last months, giving you the freedom to play, create, or work as much as you desire. In addition to the hard-working battery, you’ll have the freedom to move around and stay connected. With a range of over 32 feet, you can move around as needed or sit further away while using your computer screen for a presentation.


Those who work with several devices simultaneously can understand the importance of keeping accessories to a minimum. If you have to switch back and forth between two different computers or spend your day working from a laptop and a desktop, you can keep things simple with this ergonomic mouse. With the ability to connect to up to three devices, you can easily switch back and forth with the click of a button.
Once you sync your initial computer to the mouse, you can click the switch button and begin adding additional devices. You can sync up to two other devices and click the designated button each time you need to switch. With the capability to connect to Windows, Chrome, and even Apple devices, you can rest assured that you can seamlessly toggle between every computer, laptop, or tablet that you have.
This feature prevents the need for a specific accessory for each device, making this the best vertical mouse on the market.

Multi-surface sensor

920 ergonomic mouse in use on desk
The ultra-smooth trackpad makes it easy to work on any surface, including hardwood, granite, and even cloth. You can easily go from using a mouse pad to working on the kitchen countertop when life gets busy. While this seems like a trivial feature, it provides flexibility for those who work on the go and can’t always use a mouse pad.
The multi-surface sensor also picks up even the smallest movements, giving gamers precision and lightning-fast tracking speed. Programmers and designers can also benefit from this feature as it provides total control when clicking or dragging items into a specific place.
The mouse allows you to stay focused on work without having to shake out the sensor or spend valuable time searching for the clicker. Using a vertical mouse with a reliable trackpad and multi-surface sensor can improve your gaming or work by keeping you accurate and fast.

Detachable wrist rest

Another unique feature of this ergonomic vertical mouse is the detachable wrist rest. Since not every day looks or feels the same, it’s important to have the ability to change things as needed. The magnetic wrist pad can easily attach or detach based on your specific needs. On days when you’re working extra hours or gaming for a bit longer, you can easily attach it to the base of the vertical mouse and enjoy extra support.
On days when you only have to complete a few tasks, you can take it off and get a more natural feel while using the mouse. This feature lets you use this tool exactly how you want and need it, making it easily customizable.

Environmental impact

In addition to the unique design, seamless trackpad, and advanced connectivity features, this ergonomic mouse keeps the environment in mind. With plastic-free packaging, you can rest assured that purchasing this product will not create a large amount of plastic waste just to stay wrapped up inside the box.
In addition, the mouse itself contains 65% post-consumer plastic, meaning it creates far less of an economic impact than competing brands. With these environmental features, you won’t have to choose between comfort or sustainability. This sleek product offers both, giving you peace of mind while you work, play, or create.
It’s the perfect addition to other HP products, such as the HP 14-inch Laptop Eco Edition. This device boasts features like recycled aluminum, used cooking oil, and post-consumer plastics to create an environmentally conscious and sustainable laptop. The plastics and recycled materials used in this laptop would have ended up in a landfill or the ocean instead, adding trash to areas already causing issues for wildlife and natural habitats.
In addition to the laptop itself, the packaging is made with 100% sustainable materials and does not include any plastics, ensuring that the Eco Edition laptop is environmentally friendly from start to finish. This computer, paired with the 920 Ergonomic Vertical mouse, will give you comfort while working and the knowledge that you’re positively impacting the environment.


Regardless of your occupation or the number of hours you spend on the computer, being comfortable is important. The HP 920 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse keeps your hand and wrist comfortable while you work, keeping you focused on what really matters.
Gamers can benefit from this device and the smooth trackpad, sleek design, and programmable buttons. These features can help you defeat even the toughest opponents and keep you in the game for longer. The long-lasting battery ensures you never miss out on the action and prevents you from getting tangled in a mess of wires.
Other individuals that benefit from this vertical mouse include designers and programmers. The multi-surface sensor makes it easy to work on the go or use different surfaces throughout the day. The detachable wrist rest allows you to choose how you use the mouse and can easily provide extra support when needed.
Even individuals who work from their computers as support or input data throughout the day can benefit from this device. The ergonomic design relieves stress in your muscles and shoulders, giving you the comfort you need to work for hours at a time.
Of course, since it’s an HP product, this invaluable tool comes with a one-year limited warranty. You can confidently use your device and receive customer support as needed, allowing you to focus on the work that really matters.

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