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The 3 Best HP 32-inch Monitors

The 3 Best HP 32-inch Monitors

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 7 minutes
More and more of our lives revolve around visual-heavy tasks. From home to school to the workplace, we’re using screens of some kind to get things done, keep up with the news, or kick back with a favorite game or TV show. And what better way to get the most out of that experience than with a bigger display featuring a higher resolution?
In this article, we’ll take a look at several standout 32-inch computer monitor options from HP®. Each pick has its own unique features, but they all offer an edge when viewing photos, video, and data of any kind. Here are the 3 different displays we’ll review:
  1. HP Pavilion 32 32-inch display
  2. HP OMEN 32 32-inch display
  3. HP Z32 31.5-inch 4K UHD display
These three monitors are among the most popular options in their class or size configurations, and they represent a strong variety when it comes to pricing and features.

Advantages of a larger display

What can you really get from a bigger display? Plenty. There are many reasons to prioritize size when choosing a new display for your computer. Before we review the best 32-inch monitor options from HP®, let’s highlight the ways that a larger display can improve your computing experience.

1. Higher quality video and streaming

These days, the increased prominence of streaming video adds pressure to which display you choose. How footage is shot and how you watch it can make a difference. Lower quality visual output can be distracting or take you out of the experience, which is frustrating when you want deeper immersion from whatever you’re watching. You pay for high-quality content, so why not enjoy it the way its creators intended?
Even if you don’t watch movies or TV on a regular basis, you may deal with multimedia content almost every day, particularly if your job requires spending a lot of time working online. That’s why a big display isn’t just some luxury for specialists and gamers anymore. With so much visual content and effort put into web design today, a big display has equally big advantages for general use as well.

2. Useful for students and professionals

Whether your focus is on schoolwork or managing your business, a good 32-inch monitor can be a massive workflow advantage. You can open more tabs and folders without getting bogged down in the clutter. You can even keep multiple files open for reference or multi-stage projects, making it a boon for administrative or clerical work as much as for visual tasks.
Having said that, if you’re a student or professional working in the visual field in particular, you’ll enjoy the most distinct advantages. With a 32-inch monitor, editing photos and videos or creating detailed designs has never been easier. You’ll be able to fully visualize big projects at once, allowing you to really master your craft and cut back on needless window navigating.

3. Get more out of your games

Of course, movies and shows aren’t the only forms of entertainment meant to be appreciated at higher resolutions. With a booming gaming industry and the rapid evolution of technology, how we play and stay connected is constantly changing. As the average quality of displays on the market improves, so do the ambitions and expectations of game developers.
For an immersive, high-clarity gaming experience, a bigger display with a solid native resolution can definitely help you feel closer to the action. More pixels and a good refresh rate mean more detail and a crisper picture quality during play, making it easier to stay focused on your game.
Some genres and particular titles offer more flexibility than others when it comes to screen space. Even so, a larger display for gaming is still the best way to see more of the details and parts of the world(s) you’re exploring.

The 3 best 32-inch monitors from HP

Now that we know why you can benefit from a larger monitor, let’s now take a look at which HP displays earn top marks in the 32-inch category.

1. HP Pavilion 32 32-inch display

Our list starts with the affordable HP Pavilion 32 32-inch display, a great multipurpose monitor that sets a high-bar for features. It has a stylish design, is well-priced, and offers superior viewing angles. Its simplicity makes it a great choice if you have varied needs and want a robust 32-inch 1440p monitor.

Great price and high-resolution

For many users, the HP Pavilion 32 will stand out for having the lowest starting price on our list. That means you get access to the great dimensions of an HP 32-inch monitor at the least expense to you at checkout. What’s not to like about that?
With the HP Pavilion 32, you’ll enjoy a 2560 x 1440 native resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. Plus, there’s a range of easily accessible ports across the bottom rear of the display. It also comes with a DisplayPort cable, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

Easy adjustability

Do you shudder at the thought of older box displays? Remember how you could barely rotate them and they were always built big in the wrong ways? Fortunately, even larger HP displays are easy and comfortable to adjust. If you don’t like your viewing angle with the HP Pavilion 32, just change it: you’ll find up to 26 degrees of tilt so you can simply adjust it to your comfort.

2. HP OMEN 32 32-inch display

For dedicated gamers and current HP OMEN users, the HP OMEN 32 32-inch display is difficult to beat. Not only does it offer a high native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, but it tops our list with a blazing fast 75 Hz refresh rate. Plus, it features built-in AMD® FreeSync™ technology to reduce visual errors.
That’s a great bedrock of features for gamers who want to avoid the common problems with most displays, like lag and tearing. It’s a great choice whether you want to complement an existing gaming suite or you want to complete your set of HP OMEN gear.

Competitive pricing

One of the most common assumptions about gaming accessories is that they’re expensive. The HP OMEN 32 is actually priced similarly to our first entry from the HP Pavilion line. That makes it well-suited for dedicated gamers and budget shoppers alike, because it’s an easy entry into the world of dedicated gaming equipment.

High ratings for energy efficiency

Another common assumption about gaming equipment is that it’s not energy efficient because it’s been designed to use more power. The reality is that with the HP OMEN 32, you get both ENERGY STAR 7.0 certification and an EPEAT® Silver rating.
When it comes to costs over time, energy consumption is a big factor to keep in mind. Efficient accessories as part of a dedicated gaming setup are important if you want to avoid paying extra on your power bill.

Another 32-inch gaming monitor option

While the HP OMEN series is our signature gaming line, you can find a great balance of price and features with our HP Pavilion Gaming 32 HDR display. It offers similar features like the same resolution, built-in AMD FreeSync tech, and a 60 Hz refresh rate.

3. HP Z32 31.5-inch 4K UHD display

At the top of the line with impeccable 4K, we have the HP Z32 31.5-inch 4K UHD display. With a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, it offers the best possible clarity and performance on our list.
It’s also up-to-date in terms of port access, because it has high-efficiency USB-C™ and USB 3.0 available. You’re even backed up by our Zero Bright Dot Guarantee, so you can get a replacement quickly when just 1 sub-pixel fails. The HP Z32 is a great place to start your search for the best 32-inch 4K monitor.

The most ergonomic design available

It’s also the most ergonomic model on our list, with a range of easy-to-use adjustability features. You can adjust the tilt 25 degrees to compensate for different users or seating arrangements. Plus, the height is adjustable up to 120 mm, and it can swivel across a 90-degree range.
Want an ultra-compact setup for your workspace? Use the integrated VESA unit or wall-mounting. Or go even more streamlined by pairing this display with a mini workstation, which can be easily mounted behind your monitor.

Upgrade to cinema-quality with 4K HP DreamColor display

Still a big fan of watching your favorite films in widescreen? For most consumers, the 4K standard is defined as 3840 x 2160 pixels, but the film industry uses a slightly higher standard with a wider horizontal axis. For professionals working in the industry or anyone who loves the world of film, the HP DreamColor Z31x studio display offers crystal clarity in true cinematic 4K.

Shop the full selection at the HP Store

Ultimately the choice is yours, and it requires a thoughtful inspection of your priorities and needs. Not everyone who wants more screen real estate has the same interests, so it’s important to determine which features are most important for your routine.
The thing is, if you’re still unsure which display is right for you, your options don’t end with this list. You can always look for the perfect device by checking out the full range of 32-inch computer monitors at the HP Store. While we covered the best, highest-performing models here, you have plenty of other options to consider, where you can determine the perfect monitor for your individual needs.

About the Author

Dwight Pavlovic is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Dwight is a music and technology writer based out of West Virginia.

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