Printer Ink

HP 564 Magenta Original Ink Cartridge, CB319WN#140

Choose the #1 brand for the #1 valueUp to 300 pages

Engineered for Sustainability

HP 564 Yellow Original Ink Cartridge, CB320WN#140

Choose the #1 brand for the #1 valueUp to 300 pages

Engineered for Sustainability

HP 60 Black Original Ink Cartridge, CC640WN#140

Choose the #1 brand for the #1 valueUp to 200 pages

HP 910 Yellow Original Ink Cartridge, 3YL60AN#140

Choose the #1 brand for the #1 valueUp to 315 pages

HP 64 Black Original Ink Cartridge, N9J90AN#140

Choose the #1 brand for the #1 valueUp to 200 pages

HP 962 Black Original Ink Cartridge, 3HZ99AN#140

Choose the #1 brand for the #1 valueUp to 1,000 pages

HP 67 Black Original Ink Cartridge, 3YM56AN#140

Choose the #1 brand for the #1 valueUp to 120 pages

Recent Printer Ink Reviews

HP 64 Black Original Ink Cartridge, N9J90AN#140

Lighting fast delivery and less expensive than the big box office supply store. I will definitely order again!

HP 727 130-ml Cyan DesignJet Ink Cartridge, B3P19A

I have bought many for my T 2500 scanner and never had a problem. The price is equal to what you find online with any other company and was delivered fast to my front door.

HP 727 300-ml Gray DesignJet Ink Cartridge, F9J80A

I am submitting this review in exchange for a Sweepstakes entry, but the opinions are my own. My Printer cartridge works well.

HP 727 300-ml Cyan DesignJet Ink Cartridge, F9J76A

I work for an architect firm and we do a lot of printing for our projects and we found the HP 727 300-ml last a long time and the colors are very sharp.

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More about these products
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An HP ink cartridge isn’t just any ink. Years of science and testing have gone into each Original HP ink cartridge so you can enjoy a quality printout, every single time. Say goodbye to inferior inks and welcome in inks by HP® that perform reliably and produce results you can take pride in.

Flawless printing on every page

From bottom to top, an HP ink cartridge is built to work flawlessly with HP printers. The result? A well-oiled machine ready to take on any print job you throw its way. With an HP printer and HP ink cartridge, the sky is the limit when it comes to your creative projects. Posters, photos, handouts, books reports - HP ink cartridges can do it all without smudges or smears.

Science in each drop

Engineered at a microscopic level, each drop of HP ink adds depth, contrast, and color so your documents and photos vibrantly jump off the page. Original HP ink reaches your paper 2,000 times faster than the blink of an eye - and why would you settle for anything slower?

Choices for your workflow or home requirements

You can choose from standard cartridges which are the ideal choice for everyday printing to photo cartridges capable of producing rich arrays of colors and tones.

Standard cartridges

When you need to print out your concert tickets, deliver a document, or print out tonight’s dinner recipe, the quality of your ink matters. HP’s standard cartridges deliver on every front that matters most to you: consistency, cost-efficiency, and reliability.


If you print regularly, you can invest in multi-packs so you can shop less often instead of constantly replenishing your sole ink cartridge. Nobody wants to be caught without an extra ink cartridge as the clock runs down for an impending assignment or work project.

High-yield cartridges

Print more pages and reduce how often you replace cartridges with HP high-yield ink cartridges. You can save more money and divert your extra time to other tasks.

Photo value pack

Get everything you need to print out amazing, lab-quality photos from home with HP’s photo value pack. Your family memories should be preserved in lifelike color not relegated to muddled tones and smudged lines. Honor those moments with a quality HP ink cartridge designed to breathe life into your prints.

Green features

If you’re worried about your environmental impact, you can rest assured you’re making an ethical consumer decision with HP ink cartridges. These products are manufactured with the planet in mind. They’re recyclable so you can reduce your waste and close the loop of recycling.

Anti-fraud features

Original HP ink means you’re getting the quality and performance you expect from an HP product. Unfortunately, not all ink sellers are as scrupulous. Counterfeit HP cartridges are typically refilled print cartridges packed in fake HP packaging.
Don’t be fooled by lesser inks. Here are four ways to spot a fraudulent HP ink cartridge and authenticate a real one:
  1. Authenticate your cartridge using your phone
    1. Find the HP security seal and open your QR code scanner app. If you don’t have that app, you can use the HP SureSupply app instead.
    2. Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the security seal. If your cartridge is real, you will see a validation screen pop up from HP®.
  2. Security labels
    1. The HP logo and the checkmark move in opposite directions on the security label when the box is tilted back to front.
    2. The HP logo and the checkmark move in the same direction on the security label when the box is moved from left to right.
  3. Tamper evident label
    1. If the lines on the label don’t match up, the label is colored instead of transparent, or the text on the label reads, “seal is void,” those are signs your cartridge may have been tampered with.
  4. The web
    1. You can go to and enter in the serial number from the security label and run an authentication check.
Ensuring you’re using authentic HP inks is important because if you use an inferior ink, you’re risking poor printouts full of flaws and mistakes. And remember, you can always report fraudulent cartridges to HP®.

Printer supplies for all things printing

Whether you need printer paper for your children’s school projects or toner cartridges for your business HP LaserJet printer, HP has printer supplies to keep any operation running smoothly. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or a high school student, the quality of your printed materials matters. HP® is ready to meet your needs.
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