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HP Device Recovery Service

Securely retire your end-of-use devices with expert data erasure services and device repurposing that helps drive a more-sustainable, circular economy.


Secure and sustainable repurposing of devices

HP Device Recovery Service is designed for the responsible collection and processing of end-of-use devices to recover and reuse

as much material as possible to reduce negative impacts on the environment and communities.

Securely preserve your data

Our data security experts will render all data on your devices unreadable using industry-standard erasure processes. Offsite, optional onsite, and other customizable services are available.

Help maintain a circular economy

Return your old devices to HP for a new purpose. We are committed to reducing waste and environmental impact through extensive reuse and recycling.

Device Recovery that pays you back

Start the path to new devices when we give you a fair market valuequote2 on your returned HP and non-HP devices based on hardware features, condition, and location. If there’s no residual value, we will responsibly recycle the device.

Why HP Device Recovery Service

Protect data for your

end-of-use devices 

Help protect your business and personal data with our services that include data erasure, logistics, and reporting.

Return your old devices to HP for

a new purpose

Return your devices to HP for refurbishment and reuse or responsible recycling. Receive a Sustainability Benefit Report that details the environmental benefits of the devices we recover. 

Receive money for your returned

multi-vendor devices¹  

Receive a return on your investment for the returned multi-vendor devices¹ and make device refreshes more affordable. If there’s no residual value, we will responsibly recycle the device.

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