HP E27u G5 QHD USB-C Monitor (6N4D3AA)

HP E27u G5 QHD USB-C Monitor (6N4D3AA): All features
Ergonomic Setup Guide Achieve all-day comfort when you apply the best practices from the Ergonomic Setup Guide.
Enhanced Viewing Comfort with HP Eye Ease HP Eye Ease, an always-on, low-blue light filter, helps keep your eyes comfortable throughout the day by reducing blue light without impacting color--now enhanced with a 75Hz refresh rate.
IPS Panel No matter where you stand, IPS technology ensures image accuracy and consistency across wide 178-degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angles.
Daisy Chain a Second Monitor Display even more with DisplayPort™ by daisy chaining a second monitor for the ultimate dual-display setup.
99% sRGB Color Space Ideal color reproduction with minimal effort.
Endless Adjustability Work effortlessly with 4-way ergonomics that help keep your neck, shoulders, and back comfortable throughout the day. Customize pivot, tilt,150 mm height adjust, and swivel settings to fit you, your desk, and your needs.
More Ports. More Flexibility. More ports means more capabilities. With an HDMI, DisplayPort™, USB-C® plus 3 additional USB ports and 1 downstream 15W USB-C®, you can connect or charge multiple devices like a keyboard and mouse.
USB-C® Connectivity Keep your set up simple and seamless with a display that has everything built in. Connect a keyboard and mouse to the ports on the back of this monitor and only one USB-C® cable to your notebook for data, video, and up to 65W of charging.
Dependable Internet Connectivity High speed internet connection and remote IT manageability.
Single Power On Instantly turn on your display and laptop.
HP Display Manager HP Display Manager makes remote management of the monitor easy. Simplify deployment, asset tracking, and remotely control your monitor settings, like turning the power off.
HP Display Center Customize your display with easy, intuitive HP Display Center software.
Effortless Joypad OSD Button It's never been easier to configure your displays settings right from the monitor. Simply navigate the on-screen menu with the joypad OSD button to adjust brightness, contrast, and color.
3-Sided Micro-Edge Bezel See and do more on your screen with a 3-sided micro-edge bezel that maximizes your viewing area for a sleek design and virtually seamless dual-monitor setups.
Materials that Matter This monitor’s enclosure consists of 90% recycled and renewable material.
Mindful Metals Engineered to contain 30% recycled metals.
Thoughtful Product Packaging 100% recyclable packaging that can stay out of landfills.
Increased Energy Efficiency Reaching highest energy-saving standards with an ENERGY STAR® rating and EPEAT® Registration.
Matching Accessories Customize your desk to fit your work needs with the matching accessory ecosystem.
Boosted Manageability With MAC address pass-through, PXE Boot, and Wake-on-LAN built in, easily manage your monitor fleet. Out-of-band manageability available with supported HP notebooks.