HP Site Flow
End-to-End Workflow and Production Automation

Workflow automation for any size or segment

Workflow automation for any size or segment

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Increase profits by growing, optimizing, and controlling your print shop from pre-press to post press. Gain the reliability and redundancy of cloud computing.

Enable Double Digit Growth

Handle hundreds to thousands of orders a day. End-to-end capabilities ideal for managing high quantities of low item counts.

Maximize Factory Throughput with Automated Workflows

Optimize your production workflows to utilize more of your current investments. Help cut implementation time and reduce waste.

Accelerate Customer Onboarding

Set-up accounts in hours not weeks, using APIs and SDKs. Or create a custom ordering webpage with HP Site Flow Printstore.

Never Miss an SLA

Conquer any volume with fully automated, dynamic scheduling to handle variable SLAs or seasonality. Trigger reprints automatically.

Minimize IT Effort

Integrate ordering, billing, shipping, and custom systems with ease. Scale without adding infrastructure or additional headcount. 

End-to-End Visibility

Create reports and custom dashboards. Identify bottlenecks and know how your business is delivering on customer demand.


Prime Group

"Site Flow has made it easier for us to onboard customers and provide customers faster production, processing, and delivery time.”


Adrian Tolley, Operations Director, Prime Group

Superior Packaging

“Site Flow is a game changer at Superior Packaging and Finishing. It has enabled us to secure new business, cutting project implementation timelines in half.”


Toby McManus, CTO, Superior Packaging and Finishing.


“The business impact is incredible. We’ve grown at least 30 to 40%. InkWorks alone will grow at least one million dollars in sales and we’ve only added one employee in the process.”


John Jensen, Owner & Production Manager, InkWorks Printing

How it Works

See how one solution can streamline your business, from orders to shipment.

Key Features

Reduce waste and time with HP Site Flow workflow automation

  • Integrated Ordering Tools

    Use APIs and SDKs for integrated, cloud-based orders. Integrate with:

    -       Web portals

    -       ERP / MIS

    -       HP Site Flow Printstore  

  • Automated Pre-Press

    Automate complex or tedious file preparations. Optimize pre-flighting

    for due date and cost reduction.


    -           EPM checker

    -           File prep & Imposition

    -           Batching

    -           Pre-flighting …and more

  • Optimized Printing

    Push to Print. Send to any hot folder, HP or non-HP device. Dynamic, automated scheduling keeps your press running longer and stopping less.

  • Automated Assembly & Finishing

    Track & automate each product’s steps through barcodes & station displays.

  • Order Consolidation & Integrated Shipping

    Consolidate items to help reduce shipping costs. Integrate current major shipping accounts and automate shipping label creation.

    -           DHL

    -           FEDEX

    -           UPS… and more

  • Dashboards for Everything

    Automatically update external and internal systems with automated post backs.  Dashboards and reports to know the status of every item.

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