Expand into value-added applications

With HP Latex R Printer series, you can give your point of sales applications an extra dimension with thermoformed prints, amazing colors, and the glossiest of whites.1 Achieve the same look across rigid and flexible campaigns using one technology and say goodbye to print and mount. Thermoformed prints are designed to resist color density loss.
There is increasing demand for customized and digitally printed applications. Latex Inks bring considerable advantages to printed thermoforming applications due to its flexibility and temperature resistance. It can provide thermoformed prints with rich, deep colors that don’t fade when stretched into deep-draw forms. A wide range of substrate can be used in thermoforming, and the end product can range from prototypes, point of sale material, and blister packs to industrial parts.

Indoor POP & backlit gaming

Create brilliant POP displays and backlit gaming consoles that are capable of grabbing customers’ attention with rich, vibrant colors, high-opacity white2, and eye-catching detail.

Outdoor signage

Create stunning large signs with deep draw designed to resist color density loss due to stretching of the media, and high-opacity white2 for backlit signs.

Plastics manufacturing

Create high-quality plastic manufacturing and a deep draw, with reduced iterations. Flexible HP Latex Inks resist color density loss and are designed to better resist cracking during production, and chipping during finishing, compared to UV ink based technologies.

The right media for you

HP provides a comprehensive list of all compatible media for its printers along with finished color profiles and printer settings.

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Related products

HP Latex R1000 Printer

Easy, automatic printing of high-value rigid jobs, and white


  • Up to 1.6 m (64 inches) wide boards
  • Maximum media thickness: 5 cm / 2 in
  • 3-liter ink cartridges (colors and white)
  • Available only with the HP Latex R1000 Roll Printing Accessory Kit
  • Indoor Production: 28 m2/hr (301 ft2/hr) – 7 boards/hr


HP Latex R1000 Plus Printer

High-value jobs on one device with white, rigid and flexible


  • Up to 1.6 m (64 inches) wide boards
  • Maximum media thickness: 5 cm / 2 in
  • 3 -liter ink cartridges (colors and white)
  • Single roll up to 68 kg / 149.9 lb
  • Indoor Production: 28 m2/hr (301 ft2/hr) – 7 boards/hr


HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer

Unprecedented quality and colors on rigid for sustained production environments


  • Up to 2.5 m (98 in) wide boards
  • Maximum media thickness: 5 cm / 2 in
  • 5-liter ink cartridges colors, 3-liter white
  • Single roll up to 100 kg / 220.4 lb
  • Indoor Production:  43 m2/hr (463 ft2/hr) - 14 boards/hr


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  1. Glossiest white based on internal HP testing in January, 2018 compared to leading competitive printers with CMYK configuration under $350,000 USD. Based on level of gloss at 60 degrees on a rigid material (acrylic). Tested using Glossmeter BYK micro-TRI-gloss (20°, 60°, 85°), compatible with ISO 2813 and ASTM D523 relative to glossiness measure.
  2. High opacity based on internal HP WeatherOmeter testing October, 2017 with 1 dot-per-pixel HP Latex Overcoat, on a range of rigid and flexible unlaminated substrates.