Price Match (Before Purchase)

Price Match (Before Purchase)

If you find a lower-priced HP product "in stock" advertised online or an HP competitor equivalent, we will match the lower advertised price.

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How it works

  • Step 1

    How it works

    Check that the product you want to Price Match is in stock on both the HP Online Store and the other retailer.

  • Step 2

    How it works

    Prepare the relevant links and details of the product and contact us.

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  • Step 3

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our friendly sales team will verify the price.

  • Step 4

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once prices have been validated, you can place an immediate order via our call centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does HP Price Match work?

    HP Online Store will match the advertised online price of any nationally recognised retailer on HP products or competitor products with the same specifications and model.

  • 2. Who will HP price match?

    HP will match a new personal device from recognised brands and retailers that is in-stock on their respective Australia websites. The product must share the same key features and specifications with an HP PC from hp.com/au-en/shop, including but not limited to:

    • Form factor device (i.e. x360 Convertible)
    • Operating system
    • Memory (RAM)
    • Hard disk drive capacity
    • Graphics solution (i.e. GPU)
    • Screen size and resolution
    • Security features (i.e. Biometrics)
    • Touch capability
    • Processor
    • Warranty

    Please note that the price being matched must include delivery fee.

    Who will HP Store Price Match?

    Nationally recognised HP Retailers:

  • 3. When does this HP Online Store Price Match policy not apply?

    This Price Match Policy is limited to one item per customer, only applies to products offered by nationally recognised resellers and the HP Official Online Store.

    The following items are excluded from this Price Match Policy:

    • Products without “Price Match Available" Tag in the Product Page
    • Package deals (eg. printer and computer bundles)
    • Customer special/bespoke orders
    • Contract or Bulk Pricing
    • Competitor clearance products or bulk purchase offers
    • Competitor pricing errors or member/club prices/affiliate discount programs
  • 4. Is Price Match applied before or after a purchase is made?

    Price Match is applied before a purchase is made. Be sure to have the link or details you’ve found of the lower price from a nationally-recognised retailer (advertised online) ready for your Price Match inquiry with the HP Call Centre team. Please call 13 23 47.

  • 5. Are there any exclusions to Price Match?

    The following exclusions apply:

    • Each Price Match request can only be made for one (1) product at a time
    • The products compared must both be available and in stock at the time of inquiry on both HP Online Store and the nationally-recognised retailer’s store
    • Only products with ‘Price Match Available’ tagging are eligible
    • Price Match requests can only be completed using any of our available payment methods.

    The following products from HP Online Store are eligible:

    • Regular-pricing products
    • Products part of seasonal sales and coupon offers

    The following products from other nationally-recognised retailers are eligible:

    • Regular-pricing products
    • Products part of seasonal sales and coupon offers

    The following products from other nationally-recognised retailers are not eligible:

    • Special/customised/bespoke/commercial/bulk orders
    • Contract-pricing offers for select customer segments
    • Private member/club/affiliate discount programs
    • Trade-in value, or offers on trade-in products
    • “Free with purchase” offers
    • Out of stock products
    • Clearance products
    • Pricing errors
  • 6. Are shipping charges included in the Price Match calculations?

    Yes, shipping charges will be calculated in the price match calculation.

  • 7. Can I apply a coupon after Price Match is applied?

    No, you cannot apply coupons on top of a Price Match offer. Prices after applying Price Match are final.

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